Special Requests for Custom Shoes

Find answers to questions about special custom requests for our handcrafted and bespoke shoes.

Does Softstar customize shoes?

It depends on what you mean...

If you want one of our existing shoe styles made with your own unique color combinations and motifs, then YES! You can choose these custom options for any style that shows the swirly "CUSTOMIZABLE" rainbow icon in the upper right corner. When you are selecting colors for these shoes you will see a "Customize Your Colors" button below our collection color options.

This is part of our everyday fun to see what creations you design as we handcraft each pair for you here in our Oregon workshop. These custom shoes are also fully returnable according to the terms of our return policy.

If you are looking for customization beyond the shoe shoe designs, colors, or sizes available on our website then we do offer limited services for special requests. Special requests such as longer straps, special motif colors, split sizes or single pairs can often be done. Click here for more details.

Can I buy a single left or right shoe?

Uh oh... did Fido enjoyed your moccasin as tasty treat? Now you need a replacement for just one shoe and don't want to buy a whole pair?

We understand, our leather is delicious (and non-toxic). Since we handcraft all of our shoes we can easily make a single shoe for you at half the price of a pair! Contact our customer service elves to place the order. Single shoe orders are non-refundable, but we'll make sure it matches the shoe that was lost.

If you are purchasing from us for the first time and only need one shoe due to a medical condition then we will gladly help you find the right size and style for your needs. Our super friendly customer service team has a lot of experience with this.

Do you make shoes for AFO or DAFO braces?

No, but some of our customers have reported that our XWIDE Ramblers and Moccasins will work with AFO or DAFO braces.

If our shoes do not work for your child's braces or if you prefer shoes made specifically for AFOs or DAFOs then we recommend checking out footwear from these companies:

Can I request special color motifs or thread colors if they are not available on the shoes I want?

In most cases, yes.

When you customize a shoe on our website, you will see dropdown menus that allow you to specify the colors you would like for motifs (e.g., stars, rockets, moons), thread or elastic color. To keep things simple, we do not show options for every part of every custom shoe. For example, we will not show thread color options for some styles if we feel it does not make a significant difference in that shoe's appearance.

If you see a thread or motif color on one of our shoes and would like it on a shoe that does not show it as an option, then feel free to let us know in the "Additional Notes" field when you place your order (found below the size and width options on the product page). We will contact you if we think there is a legitimate reason it will not work well for the shoe you selected.

Please note that we can only do requests like this for custom shoes, not our current collection shoes. Changing the motif or thread color on a collection shoe turns it into a custom shoe and it will be sold at the price of a custom shoe.

If you would like us to make a shoe with a motif that is not from another shoe on our site and not normally used by Softstar then please first contact our customer service elves to see if it is possible.