Extra Wide Shoes for Kids

Extra Wide Shoes for Kids

Most babies and toddlers have adorable, pudgy feet with fat pads that make them irresistibly kissable. Though most children are able to wear our regular or wide width shoes with no problems, some have fabulously large, thick feet that need more room. If this sounds like your little one, you know how difficult it can be to fit them into footwear other than Crocs, slippers, or socks. We are here to help!

We have designed an extra wide (XWIDE) version for two of our most popular child shoe styles to accommodate thick, extra-lovable feet. If you have tried wide shoes in several brands for your little one and still feel like you are stuffing them onto your child's foot, our lightweight and flexible XWIDE shoes might be the solution. Unlike other shoe manufacturers that just scale down adult shoes for kids, Softstar shoes are designed with roomy width and ample volume to encourage a wide, healthy toe splay.

The XWIDE width is available in children's Roo moccasins and Ramblers in sizes 4-12 for a small additional cost. These custom wide shoes are offered in the current year's collection colors, and are still fully returnable according to the terms of our return policy if you find that they do not fit quite right.

For Reference:

  • See our tips on healthy development of growing feet
  • Our standard regular width kids shoe is comparable to Stride Rite Wide
  • Our standard wide kids shoe is comparable to Stride Rite's Double Wide.
  • Our Extra Wide kids shoe is comparable to a roomy Croc style shoe.

How to Order XWIDE Shoes:

1.) Determine if your child needs XWIDE.

Our standard Wide width shoes are generally wider than other brands, so you might consider trying that size before moving up to our XWIDE. If you are not sure whether or not XWIDE is right for your child then we encourage you to take measurements of your child's feet and send them to our customer service elves ([email protected]). We will need your child's foot length, width and instep measurement in order to give the best sizing recommendation possible. See the image below for tips on how to take these measurements.


2.) Place your order

Once you know your child's size and have confirmed that XWIDE shoes are the best option, you are ready to place your order! Please note that there is an additional $10 charge for XWIDE shoes due to additional labor for hand-cutting the wide patterns.

Sorry, but we are unable to make other shoe styles in the XWIDE width.


3.) Try the shoes on when they arrive

Once you receive the shoes, have your little one try them on indoors on a clean, dry surface. The shoes should have a bit of growing room in length, but should not look extremely large on your child's feet. If you have any sizing questions, please contact our customer service elves at [email protected] or (541) 753-5845. The Ramblers and Roos are excellent shoes for growing feet and we hope they work our beautifully for your little one!