Extra Wide Shoes for Kids

Extra Wide Shoes for Kids

Most babies and toddlers have adorable, pudgy feet with fat pads that make them irresistibly kissable. Unlike other shoe manufactureres, which just scaled-down adult shoes for kids, Softstar shoes are designed specifically for children with extra width and height to accommodate the flat "potato-like" shape of young children's feet.

  • Our standard size baby or toddler shoe is comparable to a Stride Rite Wide.
  • Our standard wide baby shoe is comparable to Stride Rite's Double Wide.

However, some babies and toddlers have tootsies that are fabulously large, thick, and otherwise unable to fit into any footwear other than Crocs or slippers. if this sounds familiar to you, take heart—the Elves at Softstar can help you design a pair of mocs or shoes for your little one. We understand your frustration of repeated attempts to find something that will fit. We understand that the unique shoe that Stride Rite promises is never in stock and unattractive, to boot. We understand that you have tried wide shoes in several brands and still feel like you are stuffing and jamming them onto your child's foot. No worries, we can help get your child into a quality pair of light-weight, flexible and healthy shoes because we will cut the patterns to fit their needs. In the scenarios described above, it is unlikely that even our Softstar wide will be big enough, so you may need to request a custom double wide or double large upper. For children, we do this at no extra cost on our custom shoes, which are still fully returnable if you still feel they do not work out. Because we make them per your order we are never out of stock and you can choose exactly the colors you like.

A commonly misunderstood fact about "wide" feet in children is that the child's foot is usually not very wide, but thick, meaning they need more vertical space rather than wider soles. Take heart—bythe time your child is 3 or 4, he or she will likely have grown into their feet and you won't be troubled by footwear frustration anymore. Click here for more tips on healthy development of growing feet.

How to Order:

Please see our sizing video for directions to measure your child's foot. We will need your child's foot length, width and instep measurement when you place your order. Be sure to request a special "double wide" or "double large upper" if you think they are necessary (contact our customer service elves if you are unsure). If you don't, then it is likely that you will receive a regular wide, as we often receive many requests for extra wide feet that fit beautifully in our regular wide shoes (see the Stride Rite comparison above). Double wide or double large uppers are necessary for less than 1% of children, but those of you who have kids with these extra loveable feet know who you are! Turnaround may be longer than our standard times.

These are the styles we can make in either a Double-Wide or a Double-Large Upper:

  • Moccasins
  • Ramblers

The double wide are only available in sizes 4 thru 2 Youth.

Unfortunately these styles CANNOT be made in the Double-Wide or Double-Large upper method:

  • Classics
  • Mary Janes
  • Boots