Happy Feet Guarantee

Happy Feet Guarantee

At Softstar, we want you to have happy feet! That means we 100% guarantee:

  • Fit and comfort
  • Shoes free of defects in materials or workmanship
  • Amazing customer service from our workshop elves

Please continue reading below for details about what is covered by our guarantee. To submit a warranty request, please visit our contact page and select "Happy Feet Guarantee" as your request type.

Fit & Comfort

We always hope for a perfect fit with your shoes, but when they arrive please try them indoors on a clean surface to see if the size will work for you. Only shoes in brand new condition are eligible for returns or exchanges.

We understand that even with the best intentions there may be a fit issue that is not obvious until after the shoes have been worn a few times. Within the first 30 days of light use*, if you find that your shoes are just not the right fit then you can return them to us for a 50% store credit to be applied toward a replacement pair or a different purchase on our site. Limit one credit per style. Please email our customer service team for approval.

*Light use means the shoes are clean with no dirt on the soles or uppers, no scuff marks or stains on the leather, no heavy footprints or “soiled” innersoles. It also means the soles of the shoes are in nearly new condition and free of heavy abrasions. You are welcome to email us photos for evaluation. For shoes that are too worn for return, please check out our resale page for options.


We 100% guarantee we will repair or replace any defects in leather, sheepskin or workmanship free of charge within 30 days of receiving your shoes. This does not cover wear and tear or misuse on behalf of the consumer. Wear and tear is damage that naturally and inevitably occurs as a result of normal use (see examples in Durability section below).

We stand by our product and will send you a return shipping label and either repair or replace your shoes if they fail for durability as described below:

  • Peeling of leather finish or print within the first 6 weeks, excluding our shiny leathers which naturally scuff and/or develop patina appearance with normal wear.
  • Stitching defects within first 3 months.
  • Heel support detachment within 3 months.
  • Innersole bunching, coming loose or developing bald spot within 3 months.
  • Sole separation within 3 months.
  • Motifs coming loose within 6 months.
  • Non-functional closures (VelcroTM, buckles, elastic failures, zippers) within 12 months.


All shoes will eventually wear down with use, but durability can vary greatly from person to person. Softstar shoes can last anywhere from 3 months to 10 years depending on how the shoes are worn and treated. The minimal, glove-like properties of our natural leather shoes promote healthy foot development, balance and body awareness, but our shoes may not be as resistant to abrasion as thickly padded shoes made with multiple layers of dense rubber and synthetic materials.

Wearing sizes that are too big or too small, traversing rough terrain, scraping toes or shuffling feet will cause our shoes to wear down quickly. On the other hand, wearing the proper size, developing a healthy gait and giving your shoes a little care can greatly extend their lifespan. Some of our customers have run over 800 miles with a single pair of RunAmocs and others have passed down their children's shoes 3 or 4 times. Within the shop we even have a few well-loved pairs that are 15 years old and counting!

If the style or materials are obviously not a good match for your durability needs then we will address your current concerns under our comfort and fit guarantee. Limit one repair/replacement per customer per shoe purchase.

Common examples of wear and tear that are not covered include the following:

  • Holes worn through soles.
  • Sole delamination due to heat damage or improper care.
  • Any modifications made by customer without approval from our customer service team.
  • Holes in toes due to dragging.
  • Wear on heels of uppers due to customer pronation or supination.
  • Cracked or dried leather.
  • Damage from exposure to salt water, high heat or extreme use.


Over time, your shoes may need repairs due to natural wear and tear. Some repairs are covered by our workmanship guarantee (see above). For all other issues, we can perform limited repairs under these conditions:

  • Shoes were purchased within 12 months.
  • Shoes were purchased directly from Softstar.
  • Shoes were made by Softstar. We cannot repair third-party footwear like Padraig slippers, Sedona Sandals or Voyager boots. Please contact those companies directly regarding repairs of their products.
  • Customer is located within the United States.
  • The damage is reparable. See below for lists of repairs we can and cannot perform. Contact us if your issue is not on the list.
  • Shoes have been cleaned by the customer, preferably with a vacuum. Read our shoe care tips for more info.

Repairs cost $15 per pair of shoes, payable by check or money order. This charge includes the return shipping fee.

To request a repair, please email us a photo of the shoe(s) with an explanation of the issue before you ship them to us. If it is something we can fix then we will approve the repair and send you instructions with a form to complete and return with your shoes and payment. Do not send shoes to us for repair without first contacting us for approval. Note that it may take up to 10 days for us to repair and ship shoes after receiving them in our shop.

Issues We CAN Repair:

  • Re-sewing leather uppers to rubber soles on for non-bonded, top-stitched shoe styles if stitching comes undone over time.
  • Replacing elastic closure in moccasins or Ramblers.
  • Replacing stars or other inlay motifs that may have fallen out.
  • Replacing or repairing buckles and attached elastic on sandals and Merry Janes.

Issues We CANNOT Repair:

  • Patching holes in leather uppers.
  • Patching holes in soles.
  • Replacing soles on shoes. See below for alternative options to resole your shoes.

Other Repair Options:

While our workshop is equipped to make new shoes, repairing holes worn through soles or uppers is a process that requires a different set of skills and tools. If your shoes require repairs that are beyond our ability to perform then we recommend seeking the help of a local cobbler in your area. Experienced cobblers often know many tricks of the trade and may have skills to patch leather uppers or soles that otherwise seem beyond hope.

VibramTM, who manufactures most of the soling material we use to make Softstar shoes, offers virtual cobbler consultations. These online consultations will help educate you about what repairs are feasible with your shoes and leave you with step-by-step instructions to bring to your local cobbler.

VibramTM also provides a tool to help you find cobblers in your area. This is a wonderful way to help support local skilled craftsmen and craftswomen.

Customer Service

Softstar guarantees you the best customer service experience possible. When you call our customer service team here in beautiful Oregon, your call be answered by a real person who is involved with the everyday happenings of our shoemaking workshop. We are dedicated to ensuring your comfort and satisfaction.


Our workmanship guarantee does not apply to clearance sale shoes labeled as “Irregular” or “Cosmetic Defect,” in which defects have been disclosed prior to purchase.