Resale and Reuse

Reuse Repurpose Resell

Do you have a pair of Softstars you don't need anymore, but are still in great shape? With your help, we can create a community to support each other in getting the most miles out of our shoes. We're excited to offer these options to help you buy and sell secondhand Softstars:

1. Softstar Shoe Lovers Chat & B/S/T

This Facebook group, created by Softstar's devoted fans, connects people who are looking to buy, sell or trade secondhand Softstar shoes with each other. This is a wonderful community group with regular updates. Please keep in mind that it operates independently from Softstar Shoes and we have no interactions with any agreements made there. A Facebook account is required to join.

2. Buy & Sell on Ebay

We created the search tool below to help people buy and sell Softstar shoes via Ebay. Please note that you will need an active Ebay account to either post a listing or to make a purchase.

To Buy:

Click on any of the listings below to see more details or to place a bid. A new window will open showing that item's Ebay page. If there are no search results, then there are no current listings with the words Softstar Shoes in the title. Note that while we do our best to filter non-Softstar shoes from this page, sometimes a few end up appearing in the list.

To Sell:

Simply post your shoes on Ebay and be sure to include the words Softstar Shoes in the title (not case sensitive, but make sure Softstar is one word). Your auction listing will automatically appear in the window below so people can find it on this page. It may take a couple hours after posting on Ebay for new listings to appear here.

Note to International Users (outside USA): Ebay operates different sites for other countries, as identified by the URL address. For example, Ebay Canada is, Ebay Australia is, Ebay United Kingdom is, etc. The window below will only show listings posted to the primary USA Ebay site, Quick check: if prices on the site are listed in US dollars then you should be good!

Click here to open search results in Ebay.