Grounding Shoes for Adults

Many customers want to know which of our shoes have natural leather soles for grounding/earthing. This category shows all the adult shoes we make that contain only leather soling and no rubber or synthetic layers between your feet and the ground.

What is Grounding?

Since the publication of the book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever, many customers have contacted us looking for shoes that allow conductivity with the Earth. The theory behind earthing, commonly known as grounding, is that energy from the Earth is a vital part of a healthy life. Separation from the earth through synthetic materials such as rubber or vinyl can lead to a multitude of health problems, including chronic pain, fatigue, and poor sleep. On the other hand, connecting with the Earth's energy may promote healing, injury prevention and mental health.

Are Softstars Grounding?

Since our products are made from natural materials, many people ask if our shoes will provide the benefits of grounding. The answer is YES!

We do not claim to be experts about grounding, but several of our customers have tested our leather-soled shoes for conductivity and reported successful results. We have consistently heard that while our shoes show a weak connect when new, they developed strong conductivity after a few days of wear (presumably because the leather absorbs moisture over time). This applies to two kinds of soles we offer: the bullhide leather sole available on some of the adult shoes listed below and the soft suede sole use on all of our cozy Roo moccasins.

Shop for Grounding Shoes

The following Softstar shoes have leather soles that allow for grounding/earthing conductivity. Please note that because only our natural leather soles qualify, we do not offer options for vegan or rubber-soled grounding shoes at this time.

If you select a custom adult shoe with multiple soling options, be sure to select the Bullhide Leather Sole for grounding properties.

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6 Products

  1. Grounding Ballerine
    Adult Ballerine Flat - Leather Sole
    Classy, versatile, and now with a natural leather sole!
  2. Handmade Leather Grounding Earthing Shoe
    Adult DASH RunAmoc - Leather Sole
    A versatile minimal shoe that will take you from the sidewalk to the trails
  3. Adult Hawthorne Chukka Grounding Ankle Boot
    Adult Hawthorne Chukka - Leather Sole
    Our popular classy design with a flexible leather sole
  4. Fireside Slipper in Stonytip Sheepskin
    Adult Fireside Sheepskin Slipper
    Feather light and impossibly cozy!
  5. Adult Nubuck Leather Moccasin
    Adult Roo Moccasin - Nubuck Leather
    A treat for your feet with luxurious nubuck leather and soft sheepskin innersoles
  6. Adult Full Grain Roo Moccasins
    Adult Roo Moccasin - Smooth Leather
    Featuring smooth full grain leather and cozy sheepskin innersoles
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6 Products