Bullhide Leather Sole

Bullhide Leather Sole

We're very proud to offer our bullhide leather sole option for barefoot enthusiasts, currently available as on option when you customize a Dash RunAmoc. After much testing, we have finally found a leather that provides all the qualities we like to see in a shoe. If you believe barefoot is best but have a need for shoes, then you'll love what this sole has to offer:


Our bullhide leather sole is so pliable that it molds to the shape of your feet, giving them the freedom to flex and bend as if they were barefoot.


Designed for outdoor use, the bullhide leather can tolerate rough surfaces like pavement, gravel and rocky trails. We've thoroughly tested this sole with ultramarathon runners and found it's durability to be on par with our 2mm Vibram Street sole. The smooth, full grain nature of this leather is also naturally water resistant.

Note: this sole differs from the suede sole we use on our Roo Moccasins. Our thinner moccasin suede sole, lined with sheepskin, is intended for indoor and light outdoor use. The bullhide leather sole has much higher durability and water resistance, though not waterproof. They may become water-logged if soaked in standing water (i.e., standing in a puddle), but they should be fine when they dry out.



Reconnect with the Earth! Your feet relay information to your brain about what they sense when you walk and run, and your body reacts accordingly. The pliable nature of this sole provides a maximum ground feel, allowing your feet to sense the smallest nuances in the terrain beneath you. Fans of earthing footwear will also be happy to know that this sole has been tested to show high grounding conductivity.

Tired of shoes made from rubber and "pleather?" At Softstar, we're proud to use high quality US-sourced leather for our shoes. When you order a shoe with a leather sole, you're getting a shoe 99% free of synthetic materials! As an added bonus, natural leather has excellent breathability, which makes our shoes significantly more odor resistant than most. So what's on our leather-soled shoes that isn't natural? The metal lacing eyelets on Dash RunAmocs!

A word of caution: like any leather soles, this bullhide material can be very slippery on smooth, wet surfaces.