Minimal Running and Athletic Shoes

Our RunAmoc line of minimal running shoes provide maximum groundfeel and freedom of movement to build a strong foundation for your body. They feature zero-drop soles, flexible materials, high-quality leather, and a wide toe box for natural toe splay. Beyond runners, these shoes are for hikers, walkers, bikers, adventurers and those living lives rich with everyday movement. The Primal, our newest style, has the widest toe box out of all athletic footwear on the market today. All styles are made in the USA by our team of artisans. Browse our blog for tips on transitioning to barefoot running shoes.

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4 Products

  1. Adult Primal RunAmoc
    Adult PRIMAL RunAmoc
    Featuring an extra wide toe box for the ultimate in free movement and natural toe splay.
  2. Brown Leather Minimalist Shoes
    Adult DASH RunAmoc
    A versatile minimal shoe that will take you from the sidewalk to the trails
  3. Adult Megagrip PRIMAL RunAmoc
    Adult Megagrip PRIMAL RunAmoc
    An extra-wide toe box with an extra-tough sole for extreme trails
  4. Moc3 RunAmoc - Barefoot Running Shoes
    Adult Moc3 RunAmoc
    As barefoot as you can get while wearing shoes!
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4 Products