Primal Shoes with Extra Wide Toe Boxes

Primal Barefoot Shoes

Searching for the ultimate minimalist shoe? Look no further! Our Primal shoes feature extra wide toe boxes to allow natural toe splay and/or comfortable use of toe spacers, like Correct Toes. With flexible, zero-drop soles and lightweight designs, these extra wide fit shoes check all the boxes for a truly barefoot experience.

What are “Primal” shoes all about?

Shoes in our Primal line are made with a unique sole shape that features an extra wide toe box. This allows toes to spread out naturally.

Primal RunAmoc Sole Shapes

Got it, wide toe area… but why?

At Softstar, we believe barefoot is best for natural and healthy foot development, so we make shoes that let your feet function as close to barefoot as possible. An increasing number of medical studies suggest that shoes that are heavily cushioned and constrain feet in tight spaces actually lead to many of the foot problems people experience as they grow older, including bunions, hammertoes, neuromas and more.

One of the leading causes of these foot ailments is tight or tapered toe boxes. Shoes with pointy toe shapes may be fashionable to some people, but they wreak havoc on feet! Years of cramming toes into tight spaces may lead to a deformed foot structure and decades of pain.

Softstar’s shoes already featured wider toe boxes than most conventional shoes on the market. While our standard sole shape worked well for many people, we still had a large fan base of customers who needed more. These customers either had a naturally wide toe splay or were using toe spacers like Correct Toes to restore their feet to a natural shape. When we refer to a “natural” foot shape, we mean feet that are widest at the toes, not at the ball of the foot. This shape is considered natural because it is how feet look within cultures of people who do not grow up wearing shoes. In such cultures, foot problems like bunions and hammertoes are virtually nonexistent.

Primal Sole Shape Comparison

How was the Primal sole shape created?

After hearing demand from our customers, our talented shoe designers went to work creating a sole shape that would allow toes to truly spread without constraint. Several months of research and development followed and we were fortunate to receive feedback from experts in natural foot health, including Correct Toes inventor Dr. Ray McClanahan DPM and biomechanist Katy Bowman. Each received prototypes of our first Primal shoes and gave us valuable feedback that led to the final design.

In 2017 we released the first shoe of this new line, the Primal RunAmoc. It was an instant success among fans who showered us with gratitude for making the first shoe that truly fit their naturally-shaped feet. Users of Correct Toes and similar corrective devices were likewise thrilled that they finally found a shoe that comfortably fit around their spacers. Dr. McClanahan’s staff declared it the “widest toe box on the shoe market”… take that as you will, we consider it a compliment.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out the reviews on our Primal shoes to see for yourself what our customers think!

Primal Sawyer Minimalist Shoes

Will there be more Primal shoe styles in the future?

We hope so! On the heels of the Primal RunAmoc’s success (pun intended), we have received many requests for more shoes made with this unique sole shape. We have since added the Primal Sawyer casual shoe and the Primal Merry Jane to this collection. Our shoe designers are now considering other styles to be made with the Primal shape.

  • "These shoes are absolute perfection… The toe box finally allows my pinky toe and big toe to splay naturally and has taken away all previous foot pain… My feet will accept nothing less now."

    Primal Sawyer
  • "I am loving these shoes! They are just lovely to have on the feet. And I am not easily impressed... There's nothing on the market that I know of that allows full toe splay! To me, it's a beautiful thing to let the toes move with absolute freedom in the shoe. I cannot do that with ANY OTHER of the barefoot shoes."

    Megagrip Primal RunAmoc
  • "I spent SO MANY years searching for a shoe to fit my feet. At last, you have given me such a shoe! I am convinced that had I met this shoe 30 years ago, I would not have the deformed feet I have now, nor would I have had surgery done on one of them. Abundant thanks for this design that honors my feet."

    Primal Sawyer
  • "Blown away. These should be the standard. I work at a physio clinic and see multiple people come in with foot pain (bunions, flat feet, plantar fasciitis) and it's mostly because of the effects of improper footwear over time... These shoes are the perfect solution."

    Primal RunAmoc
  • "These are the best shoes I've ever owned. FINALLY A TOE BOX SHAPED LIKE A HEALTHY FOOT… I can wear my toe separators in these without any squishing or pressure against the sides of the shoe. Finally, finally, finally... someone prioritized function over form in creating a shoe that feels great to wear."

    Primal RunAmoc
  • "These are fantastic. Softstar showed themselves as the best minimal shoe company on the market with these. Functionally, they are the best fitting shoes I own, and they are the most stylish."

    Primal Merry Jane
  • "Finally something I will wear to work that is truly foot shaped… I usually take my shoes off as soon as I arrive home. I was so comfortable in these that I didn't think about it, and I left them on for hours into the evening."

    Primal Merry Jane
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  1. Adult Sawyer Minimalist Shoe Sale
    Adult Primal Sawyer
    Lightweight and casual with our wide Primal toe box
    $145.00 $116.00
  2. Adult Primal Merry Jane
    Adult Primal Merry Jane
    Comfortable, classy and foot-friendly
  3. Adult Primal RunAmoc
    Adult PRIMAL RunAmoc
    Featuring an extra wide toe box for the ultimate in free movement and natural toe splay.
  4. Adult Megagrip PRIMAL RunAmoc
    Adult Megagrip PRIMAL RunAmoc
    An extra-wide toe box with an extra-tough sole for extreme trails
  5. Youth Primal RunAmoc Shoe - Brown
    Youth PRIMAL RunAmoc
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5 Products