Find answers to questions about Softstar shipping policies and delivery times.

When will my order be ready to ship?

It is our goal to ship our handmade shoes within one week of receiving your order, but it could take up to three weeks during busy times of the year, especially during the holiday season.

We do our best to keep our collection shoes in stock and ready to ship immediately, but it is always possible we will run out of the size and color you want to order. In that case, we will need to make the shoe before we can ship your order. Customized shoes made with your own color choices always require time to be made. Some shoes take longer to make than others. For example, RunAmocs take more time for us to prepare because we need an additional day to glue soles to the shoes.

If you are in a hurry and need your order to ship immediately then please contact our friendly customer service team. They can check to see which shoes are available to ship right away. Also, shoes in our clearance categories are always ready to ship within three business days.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to almost every country in the world!

If you are shipping outside the USA then click the flag icon in the header of our website to select your destination country:

Select Destination Country

Once a non-USA country is selected, our prices will automatically convert to your local currency based on current exchange rates. When you checkout you will see shipping options and fees specific to your country.

Returns & exchanges are easy for international customers! Please see our return policy for details and return shipping labels. 

Customers are responsible for paying all required duties and taxes required by the destination country. You may be given the choice to either prepay duties and taxes upon checkout or pay them when the package arrives. For some countries, the cost of duties and taxes will automatically be included in the total cost of the order. These options will vary depending on the destination country.

How are duties and taxes handled?

For destinations within USA:

Some states require us to charge sales tax for online purchases shipping to locations within their borders. The tax amount varies between states, cities and counties. After you enter your shipping address in our online checkout process, our website will automatically determine if sales tax is required for your destination and will add that amount, if any, to your final cost. This tax will be paid to your state government. 

For all other countries:

It depends on the destination country! For many countries, the cost of duties and taxes will automatically be included in the total cost of the order. If duties and taxes are NOT included in the total cost of the order, you will see them appear as a separate line item in your cart. If duties and taxes are owed, you may be given the choice to either prepay duties and taxes upon checkout or pay them when the package arrives. Refer to the table below to see whether taxes and duties are included or if they are added at checkout for your country. You can change your destination country and convert prices to your local currency by clicking on the flag icon at the top of our website.

Canada: Duty Free! Taxes Added at Checkout
Duties and Taxes Included: Duties and Taxes Added at Checkout:
United Kingdom
New Zealand
Hong Kong
Korea (South)
Ireland (Republic of)
Czech Republic
Slovak Republic
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
South Africa
Costa Rica
Can my order be rushed for faster delivery?

Call us if you need your order by a certain date and we will see what we can do to get your shoes made and shipped in time. We do not have a standard rush order service as we try to make everyone's shoes as quickly as possible and in the order received, but if you have a special occasion coming up then we'll do our best to help.

Please understand that during certain times of the year, such as busy holiday seasons, we cannot give special treatment to any orders since there are so many that need to ship out quickly.

We do our best to keep an inventory of our annual collection shoes in stock and ready to ship immediately, but we cannot guarantee we will have them in the size and width you need. If you would like to order our collection shoes for quick delivery then you may contact us to find out which colors and sizes are currently available. Alternatively, all shoes in our clearance categories are already made and ready for immediate shipping.


What should I do if my package doesn't arrive?

Fortunately, this is extremely rare. If you do think your package was lost in the mail, please contact us. When possible, we will verify the shipping address and trace tracking information. If the package does not show up after the appropriate wait time (after the shipment date) then we will file an insurance claim. Once filed, we will send a new order to you.

These are the times we are required to wait before filing insurance claims for missing or stolen packages:

  • USPS First Class shipments to USA locations: 20 days
  • USPS Priority Mail shipments to USA locations: 15 days
  • USPS Priority Mail shipments to APO/FPO/DPO addresses: 45 days
  • First Class International Destinations: 40 days

Depending on the shipping service used, the customer may need to return a signed affidavit before a replacement order or refund can be initiated.