Placing Orders Online

Find answers to common questions about ordering Softstar shoes from our website.

What should I do if my login doesn't work?

If your password is not working, please select the option "Forgot your password?" under our sign in form to have a new password emailed to you.

Alternatively, you can try logging in with Google or Facebook using the buttons under our sign in form. If the email address from your social account matches the email address on your Softstar account then you will automatically be logged into your existing Softstar account. If the email addresses do not match, then a new Softstar account will be created.

If you continue to have problems logging in then you can contact us directly for assistance.

What should I do if I experience website errors while trying to check out?

We certainly don't want to keep you away from your new shoes! If you experience website errors then please contact us to let us know right away and we will do our best to resolve the problem quickly. You can also try the tip below for refreshing your browser cache to see if that solves the problem.

If we can't find an immediate solution to the error then we can place your order for you and leave it in pending status until we receive payment. In that case, you can pay by either giving us your credit card information over the phone or we can email you a link to a Paypal invoice (requires a Paypal account). Once your payment is received we will proceed with your order.

For security reasons, do not send credit card information through email.

Tip: Try Refreshing Your Browser Cache

Many website errors result from browser caches that needs to be refreshed. Sometimes, after major website updates are applied, your browser will retain information from a previous visit to the site and have trouble processing the new code. In this case, the browser cache needs to be refreshed to fix the problem.

The good news is that this refresh will eventually happen automatically, but this could take days or weeks depending on your browser settings. You can make this refresh happen right away by following a few simple steps. As a side effect, this might also help your device run a little faster, too.

Click here for instructions to refresh browsers on desktop computers:

Click here for instructions to refresh browsers on Apple IOS mobile devices (iPads & iPhones):

Click here for instructions to refresh browsers on Android mobile devices:

Does Softstar have sales, coupons or group discounts?

Yes, we periodically host sales and offer promo code discounts for our shoes. Most of our discounts are shared through our monthly email newsletter. Our newsletter followers receive exclusive promo codes, although sometimes we offer exclusive deals through our social media accounts, especially Instagram and Facebook.

Our biggest sales of the year are our biannual clearance sales. Twice a year, usually in the spring and winter, all of our one-of-a-kind clearance shoes are heavily discounted. Followers of our newsletter receive early notice of these sale dates.

We also discount classroom shoes during back-to-school season suitable for Waldorf and Montessori schools.

Sorry, but we do not offer group or bulk discounts.