Special Request Shoe Policies

Thank you for your interest in our shoes! Since we handcraft every pair, we have the ability to do some special requests for you. Before requesting such work, please read the following explanations of what we can and cannot do.

Special Requests

    • Unique motif color or thread color on custom shoes

      If you would a motif color or thread color that is not listed in the custom shoe design options, then let us know in your order notes. In most cases we will be happy to do it for you, but we will contact you if there is a reason it is not possible. Please note that this only applies to custom shoes—we cannot change motif or thread colors on our standard collection shoes since they are made in advance. We accept returns and exchanges on these shoes.

    • Longer or shorter elastic closures, velcro straps or buckle straps

      Please contact our Customer Service elves to place orders with longer or shorter closures. No returns or exchanges.

    • Make a single shoe instead of a pair

      Please contact our Customer Service elves to place single shoe orders. Cost is half the cost of the pair. No returns or exchanges.

    • Split sizing

      We can make a left and right shoe in different sizes for you. You will first need to purchase two pairs of our current collection shoes (non-custom) in the two sizes to verify fit and then return the shoes to us in new condition. You are responsible for return shipping charges. They will be refunded and if you approve the fit we will then make you a non-refundable pair in the custom colors of your choice, one in each of the sizes.

      We will not make differently-sized shoes from a tracing or measurements. You must try them on first—no exceptions. If you complete this process and find a size that works well, then you may order the same style in alternate sizes in the future without repeating the process. If you want to switch to a different shoe style in the future, then you must go through the process again. Please contact our Customer Service elves to place split size orders when you are ready.

      PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to accommodate split sizing requests for Camino Sandals, Switchback Boots, and Oxfords. We apologize for any inconvenience!

Services Not Available

Sorry, but we do not offer the following special made shoe services:

  • Half sizes
  • A tailored shoe pattern for your foot based on measurements or tracings you send us. If we request measurements then they will be used to determine which of our existing sizes and width options will fit you best.
  • We do not make special made shoes to accommodate orthotics or lifts.
  • Shoes for children's AFO and DAFO orthotics.
  • Shoes in double wide width for adults. If you are looking for a shoe with extra space in the toe area then please check out our Primal RunAmoc or Primal Sawyer styles.
  • We will not make any of our shoe styles using materials you send us.
  • We cannot create new custom shoe designs that are not offered on our website. This includes dance shoes, platform heels, steel-toed boots, footwear for historical reenactments and flip flops. We are flattered you ask and our shoe designers always appreciate suggestions, but this is not the type of work we do on request.