Replacement Sheepskin Innersoles for Sparky Slippers

From $15.00

One fluffy pair of replacement sheepskin innersoles for your child's Sparky slippers! Fleece color may vary slightly between hides.

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The sheepskin innersoles that come with your child's Sparky slippers are adhered to the sole. If you find they wear down over time and would like to replace them, then you can pull them out of the stitching by hand (it takes a little elbow grease) and insert this product into your slipper.

  • Made from genuine sheepskin.
  • Naturally moisture-wicking—keep feet dry!
  • Designed to fit into Softstar Fireside Slippers.
  • Free international shipping when ordered with a shoe.

These unique innersoles are lined with a very thin layer of foam rubber to keep them from bunching up and to help them fit securely along the lining inside your shoes. No gluing or adhesive is necessary—just slip them in and you're ready to go!