Plus12 Adult Merino Wool Socks

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Are you tired of socks that press your toes together because they are not shaped like natural feet? So are we! Plus12 socks provide that extra space to allow your big toe to maintain its natural position... and they're made from high performance merino wool!

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Plus12 Socks

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"Why are most socks angled inward at the toe box when toes naturally want to point forward? Why not just make socks the same shape as feet?"

These simple questions led to the creation of Plus12 socks. Shaped like your feet, these wonderfully soft merino wool mid-calf socks are shaped to allow your big toe to stay in line with the rest of your foot. There is still plenty of wiggle room for the rest of your toes, too!

Combined with high-tech fibers, these merino wool socks are breathable, fast drying, temperature regulating and luxuriously soft. This high-performance material is ideal for both warm and cool temperatures. Oeko-tex certified (ensures safety in textiles) and mulesing-free.

  • Content: 40% merino wool, 40% polypropylene, 18% polyamide, 2% elastane
  • Padding: smooth (light and airy)
  • Length: mid-calf
  • Country of Origin: designed and made in Austria.

The red dot on the heel of Plus12 socks will help you determine if you have the right size!

The dot should sit at the top of your heel, where it curves inward:

Plus12 Sizing Tip

Plus12 merino wool socks can be machine washed, but we recommend washing them inside-out using cold water on a delicate washer setting. To prevent damaging the wool fibers, do not bundle with clothes that contain zippers or rivets (such as jeans). For optimal care, wash in a mesh laundry bag.

After washing, stretch gently into shape and hang to dry.

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