Moving Day at the Softstar Workshop [VIDEO]

Moving Day at the Softstar Workshop [VIDEO]

We've settled into our new workshop very well over the past couple weeks. Everything is now unpacked and the shop is running like a well-oiled machine (though Tim's red stapler is still MIA).

It was actually a little surprising how quickly and smoothly the move went. We were preparing for unforeseen delays and kept waiting for some big disaster to strike, but it never came. Our awesome staff gets big kudos for organizing and executing the move more flawlessly then we could have imagined.

Now that it's all done, we had time to piece together footage we filmed as it was all happening. Enjoy this inside look at our move into the new Softstar workshop!

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  1. Lil Sister
    This is amazing! The space is fantastic! Congrats to ALL of you on the move!
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