What's Up with That Giant Green Corkscrew? New Workshop Update - October 2016

What's Up with That Giant Green Corkscrew? New Workshop Update - October 2016

On a chilly Oregon morning last week, moments after we opened up the shop, we received an urgent phone call. A long-awaited delivery truck had just arrived at the new workshop location and several hands were needed immediately to unload its contents. All non-essential elves rose to the challenge, left their sewing machines and hopped in carpools to nearby Philomath.

The truck was customized for our delivery and held only one item. At first glance, it looked like a giant green disc.



Sure enough, about a dozen people were needed to unload the payload and carefully carry it into the shop. Although it was made of metal, we were warned it would dent easily.


At one point, when the device was lowered to the ground to prepare the doorway, poor Elf Austin found himself trapped inside. Always considerate, we poked some air holes into the plastic for him.


We're happy to say that Austin was freed and the goods were transported successfully, without damage. It's full corkscrew shape was now apparent.


Have you guessed what it is yet?




Soft Star owners Tricia and Larkin make it a priority to give their workers a fun and creative workplace, and they were very adamant in making sure a giant slide was part of the floor plan for our new shop. With the mezzanine in place, it's now up to foreman Alan to tilt up and install the slide so our elves will have a fast and fun trip downstairs.

In the midst of our upcoming busy holiday season, we decided to push our move date back until January 2017. This is a big relief to our hardworking shoemakers, who are already feeling the pressure of seasonal moccasin and boot orders. We expect that moving after the holidays will be a much less stressful event, and a great way to kick off the new year.

Stay tuned for more updates and photos of our new shop!


The strong, brave elves who helped move the slide into our new workshop, undented.

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  1. Erica
    What fun! I love this!
  2. Veronica Stork
    It's wonderful. I want one for our nature preserve in California. Will it withstand outdoor life?
    We are always looking for fun things to make nature an enjoyable experience for people that don't understand why it is so important.
    Veronica Stork, CEO
    California Nature Preserve
  3. Jen
    I love it!!!
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