Progress Update on New Soft Star Workshop - August 2016

Progress Update on New Soft Star Workshop - August 2016

We're happy to announce that construction on the new Soft Star workshop is right on schedule!

Last weekend, owners Tricia and Larkin hosted the first annual Soft Star staff picnic at Mary's River Park, located only a couple blocks from the new shop in Philomath, Oregon (about 6 miles west of our current Corvallis, workshop). Although we're leaving our scenic view of the Willamette River at our Corvallis location, we're thrilled to know we'll be a 5 minute walk away from this beautiful park with the smaller, but more isolated Mary's River beach. It's also a great swimming hole for hot summer days!


Elf Casey got creative by carving the Soft Star logo into a watermelon for the picnic.

After a fun afternoon of lawn games, growlers and potluck goodies, we took a stroll to the construction site to see how the shop is coming along. For most of us, this was the first time we've seen the shop since our Rebar work party last May, and a lot has happened since then. Our heated concrete floors are now finished, shoe storage shelves are in place and the new mezzanine is up! Granted, there's no railing on the mezzanine yet, but it's a start :)

We're right on schedule to move in mid-October, less than 2 months away!

UPDATE Sept 15: Well, not anymore... our move date has been pushed back to January 2017!

Here are some photos and video of our staff visiting the site:


View from our customer showroom. The showroom is elevated so visitors will have a good view of our shoemakers at work.



View from the front of the mezzanine. Our offices will be located up her, with a great launch point for paper airplanes.



View from the back of the mezzanine. No railing yet, but the first pillar is in place.


And here's a video view from the mezzanine. You can tell Elf Hava's dog Gus loves exploring the new space! He liked the floor so much he... "claimed" part of it for himself:


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