New Year, New Shop, New Look

New Year, New Shop, New Look


Changes are afoot at the Softstar workshop!

If you follow us regularly then you know we spent most of 2016 renovating a historic building to be the new home of Softstar Shoes (originally a roller skating rink from 1950 that shut down many years ago). As much as we loved our cozy space in the small town of Corvallis, Oregon, we just didn't fit into it anymore.

After a busy week of moving we are now fully operational at our new location in the neighboring town of Philomath, Oregon!

But the changes don't stop there...

You may have noticed that our website looks a little different, as well as our logo. After 10+ years of our whimsical moon and star we decided it was time to give our brand image an update.

From its inception in 1985, Softstar sold exclusively baby and child shoes for almost 20 years, and our logo was designed to reflect those products. With the introduction—and unexpected popularity—of our adult styles over the past decade, we now cater to a much larger audience that includes office workers, window shoppers and hardcore trail runners. We felt we needed an upgrade that captures the personality of our adult shoes and their audience, but still maintains the fun playfulness that made our business what it is today... after all, kids' shoes are still a big part of our work, and we like to bring out the kid in all of us.

Hence, the new look of Softstar shoes!


Our new circular logo evolved from images of tree rings and fingerprints to represent the natural and individually handcrafted nature of our product. We expect most people will just see it as a fun icon while our shoes help them get moving to be their best selves.

We hope you enjoy the new theme. And if you ever find yourself in our corner of Oregon then we strongly recommend stopping by for a shop tour. Our official grand opening celebration will happen February 20-25, 2017!

In the meantime, enjoy some photos of our move:



The old workshop, before and after moving day. Sad to say goodbye!



Our talented shoemakers decide on the layout for our sewing machines and work benches in the new space.



Softstar founder Tim Oliver was a carpenter before he started making shoes, and he still enjoys tapping into his woodworking skills when we need new tables and shelves.



Elves Elizabeth and Keita arrange the storage system for our leather hides. These shelves will soon be the most colorful in our shop!



Although we've moved in, final renovations on our historic building will continue throughout 2017. It's a good thing foreman Alan isn't afraid of heights!



Elf Elizabeth unpacking all of our leather cutting patterns.



It's a lot of work to set up our sewing stations, but seamstress elves Sarah and Keita are up to the task!



The new Softstar showroom... now open to the public! We preserved as much of the old building as possible, and these refinished floorboards are from the original 1950 roller skating rink lobby.



So excited to have a mezzanine for our offices... not to mention the slide.



The new shop, before and after the move. It didn't take long for us to fill the space! It's a bit of a mystery how we managed to fit all of this into our old workshop.



Softstar founders Tim and Jeanie in our new showroom (January 2017), next to a newspaper photo from when they started the business in 1985. They've come a long way from making shoes in an old school bus! Click here to read the newspaper article shown in this photo.



The outside of the new and improved Softstar workshop. Exterior siding was a lower priority, so it will look like this for a bit longer :)

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  1. Maria Moustakas Fleishman
    Maria Moustakas Fleishman
    Congratulations!!! Everything is so beautiful, and your new logo is perfect.
  2. Mairin
    Congratulations on the move! Looks like an amazing new workshop.
  3. Ikwig
    Wow, the new space looks amazing - I hope it's as much fun to work in as it looks like it would be! Wishing you all the best as you embark on the next part of the Softstar journey! :)

    (I'm afraid I do miss the old website and logo look, though: the old website and logo looked very warm and welcoming and natural - the new look seems rather cold and corporate to me. I won't let that deter me from buying more pairs of Softstar shoes for myself and my daughter, though; no other shoes are as beautifully made or as comfortable, and we're both happier when we're wearing our Softstars!)
  4. Andrea
    Congratulations on the progress you have made. We are so happy to have found you and your shoes. We have been wearing your shoes exclusively since we stopped by to pick up our first order in April on our way to Mexico. The shoes have been fabulous even on the cobbled streets here. We get more feedback in these shoes about where our feet are placed on the ground than in other shoes. This has helped us strengthen our feet and avoid falls. Any and all elves who have assisted us then and by mail order have been completely gracious and helpful...bringing us joy and ease in the process. Thank you for Chuckas, Runamucks, and Rouges. Thank you for your terrific service.
  5. Mia Pisano
    This is definitely the best news of the day! (January 20th...)
    Congratulations. The logo is especially lovely.
  6. Mokihana
    I love seeing how the slide brings up all the joy for me, with my Rogues outside waiting for my feet to trek from here to there. It must be that element of joy that makes the shoes feel so good. Much joy and good fortune In your new shop.
  7. Paul
    Wow! Very impressive! We can hardly wait to see the new building! Keep up the good work.
    Paul & Susan -- Proud wearers of SoftStar Shoes.
  8. Ashli
    How spectacular!
    It's great to see small business thrive, especially ones I love!
    Can't wait to order more shoes from the Elves!
    Congratulations! :))
  9. Emily Fitch
    How very exciting! I'm so glad to see you expanding, we love love love our soft stars and are happy to see we'll have many more in our future.
  10. Tom & Judy
    We are both pleased and proud for you. This is on both a personal and business basis. Only Best wishes to you!
  11. Vicki McKenna
    Congratulations! I can't wait to come in and see your new workshop when I am in the area in May. And get a wonderful pair of red Chukkas! I hope your new shop is full of much happiness. Enjoy!
  12. LauraRose
    Planning on coming up from Eugene to check it out today! I love that we live close enough to come try things on--this will be my second pair of SoftStars! Then dinner at a local brewery. What a great region. Thanks for being part of it!
  13. Amy Puls
    Congratulations! It's beautiful! I will miss the moon and star logo, though, it had more personality. I'm looking forward to your more foot shaped "primal" sole, with a less pointy toe shape. I will add them to my other seven pairs of (adult) SSShoes. You have the other companies beat, hands down, for ground feel, lack of toe spring or heel, and style variety. Keep up the great work!
  14. John Roberts
    I've been buying and wearing a range of your wonderful comfortable shoes since the 1990s - my feet thank you and bless you and wish you well in your wonderful new premises - such lovely wood - how lucky you are to have access to such timber. This aged Englisman thanks you!
  15. MSVCP140
    :-) OK !
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