New Workshop Update: Elves Rock Out in the New Space

New Workshop Update: Elves Rock Out in the New Space


It's the end of the year, holidays are fast approaching and our new workshop is sooooo close to completion! Utilities are up and running, the new showroom is ready to greet customers and our fancy green slide is mounted in place. We're all ready to move, but we're waiting for our holiday rush to be over to maintain the sanity of our hardworking shoemakers.

We decided to take advantage of the empty new workshop last weekend with our annual Soft Star holiday party. Normally, our annual party is a small event held at a separate venue, but this will be the last time we see the spacious new shop with an open floor before we fill it up with workbenches and sewing machines. How could we pass up the opportunity to open the doors and get down and boogie with our closest friends?

Complete with a photo booth, craft table, face painting, dance floor and music from local band All Rights Reserved, we invited everyone in the community who has collaborated with Soft Star over the years and gave our new shop its first official event–definitely a night to remember!


View from the mezzanine.


Soft Star owners Tricia Salcido and Larkin Holavarri take the stage to thank everyone for all of their hard work helping the company get where we are today.


The slide is in place! A trusty slide monitor sat at the top during the party to make sure everyone rode down safely.


Festive beats from All Rights Reserved.

Plans are in place to move into the new shop in early January 2017, although our official grand opening won't happen until several weeks later. If you're in the Philomath, Oregon area then you won't want to miss it!

Keep tabs on us for more news about the new workshop, and for another big announcement in January...

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  1. Ettie
    The party was wonderful. I love the new space. I am so proud of all of you!
  2. Nancy Lee
    Congratulations and Best Wishes on your new headquarters in Philomath.
    Wishing you and The Elves many happy years. Whistle while you work!
    1. Elf Martin
      Thanks Nancy!
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