UFC Champion Carlos Condit Tries Soft Star Shoes

UFC Champion Carlos Condit Tries Soft Star Shoes

We were excited this week to learn that UFC champion Carlos Condit wears our shoes!

UFC Champion Carlos Condit Works Out in Soft Star Shoes!

Carlos Condit in Soft Star Moc3 RunAmocs

Condit is an American mixed martial artist competing in the welterweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He is the former interim UFC Welterweight Champion and a former WEC Welterweight Champion, and he uses MovNat primal workouts to stay in shape.

MovNat is a physical education and fitness system that is entirely based on natural movement skills and strongly encourages natural barefoot movement. MovNat founder Erwan Le Corre, also a Soft Star fan, recently introduced our Moc3 RunAmocs to Condit and sent us these photos and videos showing them in action.


Our Moc3 RunAmoc, often called our "running sock," was designed for us by veteran Nike shoe designer Mike Friton, who wanted to make an ultra-lightweight slip-on shoe that allowed feet to move as naturally as possible. It's unique elastic structure stretches across the foot like a glove and a unique minimally-cut sole gives traction just where you need it to stay protected. The Moc3 has always been a favorite among barefooters, crossfitters and anyone seeking natural, primal fitness routines. We're thrilled that Condit and Le Corre approve!

UFC Champion Carlos Condit Works Out in Soft Star Shoes

Condit's next fight is scheduled for May 30, 2015, when he faces Thiago Alves in San Paulo, Brazil. We wish him the best!

On a media tour this week in Brazil. Can't wait till May 30 to face Thiago Alves. UFC Fight Night 67

Posted by Carlos Condit on Wednesday, April 8, 2015


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  1. Mats
    The Moc3 is a great shoe, but unfortunately a bit on the narrow side. Too narrow for my foot. Several years ago I wrote and asked if you had a wide option in the pipeline.
    The answer was that you had thought about it, but had no idea when it would happen. Are you still considering this option?

    Also, in the process of trying to make my Moc3s a tiny bit wider, I cut out the liner in the front of the shoe. It made them maybe half a size larger, but also a lot cooler and breathable. More suitable for summer running.
    I much preferred them without the liner. Have you thought about making a (partly) unlined version as well?
  2. Ashton of Dressu
    Ashton of Dressu
    That's really nice to see a famous personality wearing your shoes! Kudos for being his chosen footwear!
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