One Step Closer to Barefoot

One Step Closer to Barefoot

Shoes for Earthing and Grounding Conductivity

The elves have been tinkering with the shoes again. It could be the fresh spring air, the post-sale high or the sugar rush from Elf Hava’s cookies, but for whatever reason, our staff is feeling creative. The latest innovation is our RunAmoc Dash with a tough leather sole.

We’ve experimented with tough leather soles on our shoes for many years, but with difficulty sourcing a consistent leather material, they have always fallen into our category of specialized custom work. Last year, we found a new source for leather soles and have been so delighted with the quality and consistency that we've decided to bring it to a larger audience—just in time, too, as we’ve seen a spike in interest from customers looking for leather-soled shoes.

RunAmoc Dash with Leather Sole

Our new leather-soled Dash is made with the same upper materials as our existing RunAmoc Dash model, complete with a front-lacing system that allows you to adjust the tightness around your instep to any degree you choose. The sole of the shoe consists of nothing more than our suede innersoles glued to a durable outer layer of leather approximately 2.5mm thick (as natural leather, the thickness can vary slightly). The entire shoe is extremely pliable with no rigid components, allowing your feet to flex, bend and spread any way they like. And our testing shows it to be as durable as our 2mm Vibram™ Street Sole. You can choose this sole with our Design-Your-Own Dash or Orignal RunAmoc options!

Thin and flexible barefoot shoes

Unlike other sneakers that claim to be minimalist or barefoot style, all of our shoes are 100% zero-drop and put as little as possible between you and the earth. With the introduction of this leather sole, we’ve taken a big step further toward simulating barefoot movement with basic protection from the elements. We think this will satisfy many people who want the benefits of going barefoot without the hassle of cuts, scrapes, dirty feet or funny looks. And proponents of Earthing or Grounding will be happy to learn that our new leather soles are made from natural materials and meet their needs.

RunAmoc Dash Leather Sole Grounding Earthing

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  1. Ryan Banfield
    Love my leather bottomed Dash's!
  2. Bonnie K
    THANK YOU for creating leather bottom shoes!!!!!
    1. Elf Martin
      You're welcome!
  3. Chris
    Is it possible to buy it if I live in Europe (Poland)?
    1. Elf Martin
      Hi Chris, and yes! We ship all over the world and sell to customers in Poland frequently.
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