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Stacking Your Goals with Daily Movement in Mind
Stacking Your Goals with Daily Movement in Mind
Bunion Treatment Without Surgery - It May be Easier Than You Think
Bunion Treatment Without Surgery - It May be Easier Than You Think
Why Do Shoes Smell, and What Can You Do About It?
Why Do Shoes Smell, and What Can You Do About It?

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  1. Grandpa is Visiting!

    Tivi turned 3 this weekend-- and as a special treat, her Grandpa "Yoda" came up from Texas to visit. (Yes, our family is into odd nicknames.... more later.) Today he is here in the workshop helping finish shoes. Tim would normally not relinquish this task to just anyone , but Grandpa Yoda used to be an avid leather crafter. He...
  2. Being an Elf

    Hi , I'm Elf DeAnn, I came to Soft Star Shoes in Oct.2000. When I started we were in the old barn that is now an upcomming condo. We've come along way baby:). But, back to the barn. There was charm , cute little shoes and a very nice crew. This made for a very nice work environment, and then...
  3. Happy Fourth

    It was a pretty successful Fourth of July... lots of family, friends, outdoor fun, and great BBQ's. Summer is definitely in full swing. Kahlil seemed to enjoy spending time with his grandma, grandpa, uncle and other family. He did lots of crawling and flirting and for some reason his naps were a little longer than usual. The special Fourth of...
  4. Waterproof Mocs?

    There has been a lot of excitement lately about two new moccasin styles we just introduced: The Rugged Roo and the Taz. Both moccasins feature our new T-Rex soling - a rubberized, water resistant material. The Taz has the added feature of extra T-Rex on the toes and heels. We've been asked a couple of times over the past week...
  5. Violet Graduates

    My youngest daughter, Violet graduated from high school this week. As with any important milestone in one’s life, it brought back a flood of memories. It is so hard to believe that we started Soft Star Shoes twenty some odd years ago when my middle daughter, Corina, was two years old. Jeanie and I did not want to leave the...
  6. Dear Blog

    Moccasin Musings Dear Blog, Hum—not sure if that’s the right way to start. I really don’t have much to go on since I’m not much of a blog reader, and I’ve never written a blog. I’m not even a ‘journal-er’. Dear Blog feels right, so I’ll go with it for now. I’m Larkin. I’ve been a Soft Star elf for...
  7. Is Barefoot Better?

    Last week a great article came out in the Wall Street Journal about barefoot runners. It covered the growing base of people who content that modern day shoes with their over-designed soling and arch supports are actually creating "lazy" or comparatively "weak" feet. While this article is cashing in on the sensationalism of "extreme" barefoot enthusiasts -- (Those who run...

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