Win an e-Bike Adventure Prize Package Worth $1,500

Win an e-Bike Adventure Prize Package Worth $1,500

This contest has ended.

Congratulations to our winner:
Rachel from Altoona, Pennsylvania!

Thank you to everyone who entered. We'll have another contest soon, so be sure you are subscribed to our newsletter to learn about the next one.

Get excited for one of our biggest giveaways ever—we're going electric!

2021 was another one for the record books, but we made it, and we made it in style. Right now the paths for biking in minimal shoes near our Oregon headquarters are cold and wet, but we're dreaming of spring and dreaming of coasting on two wheels!

This is where you come in. To celebrate the new year, and new beginnings, we're teaming up with Rad Power Bikes and Timbuk2 to bring you a game-changing combo: the Rad Mission 1 e-bike, paired with a customizable Classic Messenger Bag! And of course we're going to equip you with foot-friendly Softstar shoes.

This prize package, worth over $1,500, will go out to one lucky winner after the giveaway ends on January 17th.

  • RadMission 1 Electric Bicycle ($1000)
  • Timbuk2 Custom Classic Messenger Bag ($150)
  • Softstar Gift Card ($350)

About the Prizes

Prize Package for Biking in Minimalist Shoes

RadPower Bike

The RadMission 1 is a sleek, stylish single-speed electric bike for city riders craving more utility than your average fixie. With a 500W high-torque motor, 20-45+ mile battery range, and a mid-step frame, it’s ready to handle any mission.

  • Single-speed drivetrain
  • 27.5" x 1.95" Kenda Kontact tires with K-Shield puncture-resistant liners and reflective sidewalls
  • Integrated headlight and tail light with brake light functionality
  • Half-twist throttle and 4 Intelligent Levels of Pedal Assist
  • LED Control Panel
  • Mid-Size Unisex Model

Timbuk2 Messenger Bag

Design your own Timbuk2 custom classic messenger bag by choosing your style, size, fabric, colors, features & more!

Designed in San Francisco with decades of user testing and consumer feedback in mind, TIMBUK2's updated Custom Laptop Messenger features an updated fit, smarter organization, and improved laptop protection. Just like our customizable shoes, you can tweak the design to suit your needs!

The shoulder strap features an optional curved air-mesh strap pad for increased comfort, finer webbing, and Timbuk2’s new Double-Loop CAM buckle that adjusts quickly and eliminates dangling straps. An optional grab strap makes the messenger easier to grab and go, and SR buckles are partially concealed behind the messenger flap for a more refined but just as secure closure.

Softstar Gift Card

Keep your feet happy and healthy in the new year with a $350 Softstar gift card. Trying to decide which Softstars are best for biking in minimal shoes? Here are some top picks:

Breathable and lightweight, our Quick Dry Dash RunAmoc is a great choice for biking. It's our only Dash model featuring a rubber toe cap protecting the front of the shoe. It also has a zero drop 5mm Vibram Omniflex rubber sole, a great choice for haptic feedback without making pedals too hard on your feet.

Our Primal RunAmoc is a good alternative to the Dash if you prefer a wider toe box. Be aware the width may not be compatible with all pedal straps. All Primal RunAmocs are made with bike tubes for the toe cap. If you customize yours, the Omniflex (5mm Vibram Rubber) sole is great for biking in minimal shoes.

Enter Now!

Entering is super easy. Simply complete the fields for your name and email below. Once you have entered you can scroll down for more options to gain extra entries and increase your chances of winning.

This giveaway closes at midnight on January 17, so enter soon to make sure you're in the running…er, the biking!

This contest has ended.

Congratulations to our winner:
Rachel from Altoona, Pennsylvania!

Thank you to everyone who entered. We'll have another contest soon, so be sure you are subscribed to our newsletter to learn about the next one.

OFFICIAL RULES: No purchase necessary. Open to residents of the USA ages 18 years or older. Void where prohibited by law. Winner will be contacted by email after giveaway ends.

Beware of Fraud

Sadly, we live in a world where fraudulent social media profiles (especially from Instagram) have impersonated Softstar in an attempt to scam our fans by claiming they must use a link to enter credit card/payment info to redeem giveaway prizes. We do our best to report and shut down impersonator profiles when we find them, but if you receive a notice that you won one of our giveaways then please follow these tips to ensure your security:

  • This giveaway does not end until midnight on January 17, 2022. No winner will be selected until after that date. If you are told you won before this date then the message is fraudulent.
  • We will not require any additional registration or credit card/payment information from the winner. We will only ask for a shipping address for delivery of the prizes.
  • The winner will be notified by email, not by social media, and the message will come from an address with a domain of either or Messages from any other address domain are not from us.
  • The winner's first name will be posted on this page after the contest ends. If you are notified that you won then you can check back here to verify that your first name is displayed.


  1. Neil Adams
    I love your shoes so much I get you to ship them to me in the UK
  2. Erica Ekrem
    Thanks for creating beautiful goods!
  3. Diane Leclair
    j'en rêve d'un vélo électrique!
    Thanks - this would be cool.
  5. Alan Burton
    Good luck everyone
  6. Sharon Rose
    This bike would be so amazing for my daughter. She's struggling with driving anxiety but feels comfortable on a bike.
  7. Tyler Bahn
  8. James Dennis Westrick
    James Dennis Westrick
    These 69 year old legs could sure use an electric bicycle!
  9. Laura Ruth
    thanks for these giveaway opportunities!
    If this is the wrong place
    to enter, for the e bike,
    please advise!
  10. Nicole A
    This ebike looks amazing! My husband has been wanting to ride his bike to work, but the distance is a bit too long, and the hills a bit too steep. We've also been cladding our whole family in softstar for more than 8 years. Thank you for offering this amazing giveaway!
  11. Robyn Newell
    Cool !
    thank you for the chance to enter
  13. Gene N Stuckey
  14. Jill Adams
  15. Eldon Steven Dummit III
    Eldon Steven Dummit III
    Loving my Roman sandals!
  16. Christina
    Yay Softstar!
  17. Sarah Poupore
    Your shoes are my all time favorites! Thank you so much. I could never go back to the old standard shoes I was wearing.
  18. Samuel Pacheco
    I want to enter the giveaway
  19. Anna Waller
  20. Susan Ricci
    Thank You
  21. John Cleveland
  22. Jacqueline Robinson
    Jacqueline Robinson
    Yes please
  23. Rebecca
    Thank you for your wonderful shoes!!
  24. heather noble
    I would LOVE to win
  25. Susan Bentley
    I love you shoes-they feel like leather gloves on my hands. I have 4 different pairs and recommend them to everyone who will listen, even strangers. My son hikes the Appalachian trail in Softstar shoes and had NO foot issues, not even blisters. He wore out 2 pair but that is pretty standard for through hiking the AT. Love the elves at Softstar!
  26. Lorena de los Andes
    Lorena de los Andes
    Rest is vital
  27. Jennifer Bilawka
    Jennifer Bilawka
    I love my ballet flats! I get complemented all the time!
  28. Vivian Rieder
    I would love to win this. Thank you!
  29. Rayzer Wire
    I have had the Softstar Adult DASH RunAmoc shoes for exactly one month now and they have become my favorite everyday wear shoes! The real test will be when I use them for when I do my outdoors work! Now to decide whether to get the Adult Rogue, Adult Roo Moccasin or the Sedona Sandal by Nativearth next when the funds become available! Good luck everyone!
  30. Delavigne Alexandre
    Delavigne Alexandre
    Thank U! (I will win!)
  31. Victor M Rodriguez
    Victor M Rodriguez
    Yay! I want to enter the give away. I have purchased three pairs of soft stars and I'm very happy with them.
  32. Eduardo Gutierrez
    Eduardo Gutierrez
    This is so exciting. This giveaway would do wonders for me. I could use such an all in one bike and gear supplies.
  33. Nina Lambert
    I entered the Giveaway hoping I would win a pair of your shoes! I have wanted a pair for what seems forever!! The Bike is a Killer prize!!!
  34. Petra
    I love your shoes and would be thrilled to win. I have stage 4 cancer and my ND says "earthing" helps with healing . . . so I was happy to find your cute shoes in such fun colors. They're so fun to wear. Hoping I win cuz i sure could use something positive in my life right now.
    1. Elf Ian
      All best wishes for you!
  35. Pat Krueger
    tried to enter the ebike contest and I keep getting this message: "This entry has been flagged by our anti-spam system. (31)" btw. I'm a real person.
    1. Elf Ian
      Hello! I'm not sure why it's giving you a hard time, but I entered your email manually. Good luck! :-)
  36. SANDRA lois GUS
  37. Melissa Herzog
    Thank you for giving away an amazing prize!
  38. Stephanie Pietralla
    Stephanie Pietralla
    Awesome contest!! :)
  39. Jarrod Donaldson
    Jarrod Donaldson
    “… Deerslayer was soon on the shore, advancing into the thicket with a moccasined foot, and a caution that prevented the least noise.”
    Nathanael Hawthorne “Deerslayer”
    Describing Natty Bumpo’s movement with Hurry March through the woods of upstate New York

    Happy New Year!!

    Very respectfully,
  40. Jarrod Donaldson
    Jarrod Donaldson
    “But the moccasin may greatly relieve my mind, if you bethought you of bringing it off.”
  41. Salvatore Secondo
    Salvatore Secondo
    Very nice!!
  42. Carlyn McKee
    Cool prizes- thanks!
  43. Marie-Claire Durand
    Marie-Claire Durand
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    fun on the go
  45. Stanley Krasovic
    Stanley Krasovic
    Entering contest!
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    Thank you for the opportunity to let me win!
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    Great contest!

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