1. Gift Wrapping

    Gift Wrapping

    Prices start at $4.00

    Soft Star makes gift giving easy with our premium gift wrapping service. Let our Elves give you a leg up on your holiday shopping. Include your personal note in the gift card section when you check out.

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  2. Shiny Leather Star Ornaments

    Shiny Leather Star Ornament

    Prices start at $7.95

    Just in time for the holidays! We are excited to offer our signature handmade star ornaments to brighten your season. Each padded 5" ornament features two colors of our popular shiny leather sewn together by our talented leather artisans. Kids love the look and feel of these decorations, and they're guaranteed to add some sparkle to your home!

    You can choose the primary color of your choice, but the inner star color may vary from the pictures shown. Free shipping with shoe purchase!

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  3. Patagonia Wicking Shirts with Soft Star RunAmoc Logo

    RunAmoc T-Shirt by Patagonia

    Prices start at $25.00

    Now you can Soft Star RunAmoc gear with our favorite Patagonia t-shirts!

    Stay cool, dry and protected from sun and salt with this the silky Patagonia Capilene® 1 T-Shirt from Soft Star Shoes. It's quick to wick, ultra breathable and fast to dry. The rib-knit collar is soft against skin, and the generous hem is long enough to tuck in. Made from 3.7oz 100% all-recycled polyester with 15-UPF sun protection and Gladiodor® odor control for the garment. The Soft Star logo is on the front with the RunAmoc name printed across the shoulders on the back. Available in white or papaya. Papaya shirts are shaped for women.

    Free shipping on this item when ordered with a shoe!

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  4. Free Leather Scraps

    Leather Scraps

    Prices start at $7.00

    Leather scraps are fun for crafters and kids alike. Help yourself to a bag of colorful leather scraps to make your artwork pop!

    We give away our leather scraps for free at our Corvallis workshop, and if you order them here you only pay the cost of shipping ($7 per pound, no other shipping charges apply). Each bag of scraps includes approximately one pound of suede or smooth leather. To give you an idea of how much leather this includes, see the photo above with the 12" ruler. The size of the scraps vary, but most are only a couple inches in width and length. Sorry, but we cannot guarantee specific colors of scraps.

    We'd also love to see photos of any projects you create with our leather and share them on our website! Please email photos to

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  5. Playful Pancake Cat Toys for Charity

    Playful Pancakes - Cat Toys for Charity

    Prices start at $4.50

    Playful Pancakes are catnip-filled toys for your feline friends—inspired by our friend Cassidy. For each toy purchased, Soft Star Shoes donates 100% of the proceeds to Kids For Kids, an organization that combats hunger in Darfur, Sudan. Grab a few for you and your kitty friends and help provide kids in Sudan with nourishing goat (kid) milk at the same time.

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  6. Black Laces for Original RunAmocs

    Replacement Laces for Original RunAmocs

    Prices start at $4.25

    Now you can order replacement laces for your Original RunAmocs!

    Our Original RunAmoc uses a special lace that has a small strip of elastic sewn into the center portion. This elastic stays hidden under the cuff of your shoe and helps keep your running moccasin snug around the ankle. Available in black, brown or white.

    Note: If you replace your Original RunAmoc laces, we strongly recommend tying one end of the new lace to the old lace before pulling it out. This will thread the new lace into place through the ankle of the shoe and save you much hassle.

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  7. Tyless Laces for Soft Star Shoes RunAmoc Dash

    Tyless Elastic Laces for Dash RunAmocs and Portlanders

    Prices start at $6.00

    Love your RunAmoc Dashes or Portladers but hate tying your shoelaces every day? Try these Tyless® elastic laces with adjustable locks for quick on/off and ease of adjustability throughout the day. Available in black or white.

    Made in Eugene, Oregon—just down the road from our Corvallis workshop!

    Recommended Sizes

    • Large: For Dash RunAmocs in sizes 5U–11U.
    • X-Large: For Dash RunAmocs in sizes 12U and larger. Also ALL Portlander sizes.

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  8. Correct Toes - Silicone Toe Spacers

    Correct Toes - Toe Spacers

    Prices start at $65.00

    Free shipping on this item when ordered with a shoe!

    Dr. Ray McClanahan, DPM created and clinically tested Correct Toes to position the foot in the alignment nature intended. According to Dr. McClanahan, by allowing the foot to funciton naturally, foot and joint problems may be treated and avoided.

    These flexible silicone toe spacers are a simple, comfortable, and affordable alternative to more complicated and expensive options for treating foot pain, including orthotics and surgery. Correct Toes are purported to reduce injury rates, improve athletic performance, enhance foot and toe strength and flexibility and decrease the likelihood of lower extremity osteoarthritis. This toe-spacing device may also improves proprioception and balance.

    Correct Toes Treat Foot Problems Without Surgery

    Common foot and leg problems that may benefit from the use of Correct Toes include bunions, tailor's bunions, hammertoes, heel pain, ingrown toenails, Morton's neuroma, capsulitis, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, runner's knee... and more!

    Each box of Correct Toes contains two toe spacers. Correct Toes toe spacers are best used with wide toe box shoes, including almost all Soft Star styles.

    Correct Toes and Soft Star Shoes

    We're proud to say that Correct Toes inventor Dr. McClanahan has been recommending Soft Star shoes to his patients for many years!

    The following chart shows our recommendations for ordering Soft Star shoes to use with Correct Toes. Please note that these are general guidelines based on our customer feedback—the fit and comfort of Correct Toes may vary depending on the width and unique shape of your foot.

    Soft Star Shoes Correct Toes Guide

    More Info

    Please note: Correct Toes are a third-party medical product created by Dr. Ray McClanahan at Nortwest Foot and Ankle. The staff at Soft Star Shoes is not qualified to give medical advice regarding their use or results.

    If you have any medical questions about Correct Toes or foot problems, we recommend contacting Dr. McClanahan's staff at Northwest Foot and Ankle directly: 503-243-2699 or

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  9. Leather Color Swatch Page

    Color Swatches

    Prices start at $5.00

    Are you having trouble visualizing exactly what our leather colors look like? Now you can have a sample of our swatches mailed directly to you!

    You can select up to six colors from the selection below. Just write the names of the colors into the fields to the right. Be sure to include the type of leather when you type the names (e.g., SUEDE, SMOOTH, LITE, etc.). Shipping is free to the USA and Canada.

    Smooth Leathers

     SMOOTH White Leather SMOOTH White
     SMOOTH Black Leather SMOOTH Black
     SMOOTH Chocolate Leather SMOOTH Chocolate
     SMOOTH Nutmeg Leather SMOOTH Nutmeg
     SMOOTH Caramel Leather SMOOTH Caramel
     SMOOTH Buckskin Leather SMOOTH Buckskin
     SMOOTH Burgundy Leather SMOOTH Burgundy
     SMOOTH Red Leather SMOOTH Red
     SMOOTH Fuchsia Leather SMOOTH Fuchsia
     SMOOTH Pink Leather SMOOTH Pink
     SMOOTH Orange Leather SMOOTH Orange
     SMOOTH Yellow Leather SMOOTH Yellow
     SMOOTH Forest Green Leather SMOOTH Forest Green
     SMOOTH Grass Green Leather SMOOTH Grass Green
     SMOOTH Kiwi Leather SMOOTH Kiwi
     SMOOTH Turquoise Leather SMOOTH Turquoise
     SMOOTH Navy Leather SMOOTH Navy
     SMOOTH Ocean Leather SMOOTH Ocean
     SMOOTH Ultra Blue Leather SMOOTH Ultra Blue
     SMOOTH Dark Purple Leather SMOOTH Dark Purple
     SMOOTH Lilac Leather SMOOTH Lilac
     SMOOTH Camo Leather SMOOTH Camo
     SMOOTH Pink Camo Leather SMOOTH Pink Camo
     Cork Leather Cork
     SMOOTH Aged Black Leather SMOOTH Aged Black
     SMOOTH Aged Walnut Leather SMOOTH Aged Walnut
     SMOOTH Aged Oak Leather SMOOTH Aged Oak
     SHINY Platinum Leather SHINY Platinum
     SHINY Gold Leather SHINY Gold
     SHINY Silver Leather SHINY Silver
     SHINY Pewter Leather SHINY Pewter
     SHINY Bronze Leather SHINY Bronze
     SHINY Ruby Leather SHINY Ruby
     SHINY Lime Leather SHINY Lime
     SHINY Sapphire Leather SHINY Sapphire
     SHINY Violet Leather SHINY Violet

    Buttercup Leathers
    (for Baby Buttercups and Adult Ballerine Trim)

     White Leather White
     Black Leather Black
     Dark Hazelnut Leather Dark Hazelnut
     Cream Leather Cream (for Ballerines only)
     Tan Leather Tan
     Fuchsia Leather Red
     Fuchsia Leather Fuchsia
     Pink Leather Pink
     Mint Leather Mint
     Lime Leather Lime
     Royal Blue Leather Royal Blue
     Robin Egg Blue Leather Robin Egg Blue
     Lavender Leather Lavender

    Suede Leathers

     SUEDE Black Leather SUEDE Black
     SUEDE Chocolate Leather SUEDE Chocolate
     SUEDE Honey Leather SUEDE Honey
     SUEDE Tan Leather SUEDE Tan
     SUEDE Burgundy Leather SUEDE Burgundy
     SUEDE Red Leather SUEDE Red
     SUEDE Watermelon Leather SUEDE Watermelon
     SUEDE Pink Leather SUEDE Pink
     SUEDE Orange Leather SUEDE Orange
     SUEDE Gold Leather SUEDE Gold
     SUEDE Forest Green Leather SUEDE Forest Green
     SUEDE Moss Leather SUEDE Moss
     SUEDE Emerald Leather SUEDE Emerald
     SUEDE Navy Leather SUEDE Navy
     SUEDE Royal Leather SUEDE Royal
     SUEDE Medium Blue Leather SUEDE Medium Blue
     SUEDE Turquoise Leather SUEDE Turquoise
     SUEDE Purple Leather SUEDE Purple
     SUEDE Fuchsia Leather SUEDE Fuchsia
     SUEDE Lavender Leather SUEDE Lavender
     SUEDE Baby Leopard Leather SUEDE Baby Leopard
     SUEDE Cream with Shiny Gold Stars Leather SUEDE Cream with Stars
     SUEDE Black with Glossy White Stars Leather SUEDE Black with Stars

    LITE Leathers

     LITE White Leather LITE White
     LITE Black Leather LITE Black
     LITE Chocolate Leather LITE Chocolate
     LITE Red Leather LITE Red
     LITE Turquoise Leather LITE Turquoise
     LITE Blue Leather LITE Blue

    Vegan ULTRASUEDE Leathers

     ULTRASUEDE White Leather ULTRASUEDE White
     ULTRASUEDE Black Leather ULTRASUEDE Black
     ULTRASUEDE Cocoa Leather ULTRASUEDE Cocoa
     ULTRASUEDE Ginger Snap Leather ULTRASUEDE Ginger Snap
     ULTRASUEDE Green Apple Leather ULTRASUEDE Green Apple
     ULTRASUEDE Royal Blue Leather ULTRASUEDE Royal Blue


    Elastic/Sport Closures (fabric, not leather)

     White Leather White
     Black Leather Black
     Brown Leather Brown
     Beige Leather Beige
     Red Leather Red
     Fuchsia Leather Fuchsia
     Gold Leather Gold
     Green Leather Green
     Teal Leather Teal
     Royal Blue Leather Royal Blue
     Purple Leather Purple
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  10. Soft Star Gift Certificate Voucher Card

    Soft Star Gift Card

    From $5.00

    Can't decide? Give your loved ones a gift card and let them choose!

    Soft Star gift cards make the perfect present for birthdays, holidays or anytime you want someone to feel special. A gift code will automatically be sent via email to the address you provide. You can include a personal note in the email by typing it into the MESSAGE field.

    Mailed Gift Cards:
    If you would like a real, tangible gift card—as shown in image above—then please place your order over the phone by calling our friendly customer service elves at 866-763-2525 anytime between 9am–5pm Pacific Time (check here for holiday hours).

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