Softstar Video Gallery

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About Softstar. Learn about our handcrafted shoes.
Primal RunAmocs: Tested on Trails!
Gifts For Your Feet: Gazette Times.
Moving Day! Softstar moves into a new workshop in Philomath, Oregon.
Roof Raising Extravaganza! The New Softstar Workshop
Maker's Wild: Behind the Scenes at Softstar Shoes and Truce Designs
Electrotherapy Fitness Shoes (2016 April Fools Prank)
World's First Hover Shoes (2015 April Fools Prank)
Ballerine Flat Sizing Tips
Sizing Children's Feet for Softstar Shoes
Sizing Adult and Youth Feet for Softstar Shoes
Lincoln School Carolers Visit the Softstar Workshop
Softstar Solstice Sandal Sizing Tips
Mike Friton Interview - Moc3 Creator
Softstar 25th Anniversary Fan Video Contest Compilation