Comfortable Wedding Shoes: A Must!

Comfortable Wedding Shoes: A Must!

Spring is right around the corner here in Oregon! This is such a special time of year. The sun starts to peek out from behind the clouds, flowers bloom, and everything feels fresh and new again. Something else that always rolls in this time of year is wedding season. Whether you are getting married or you know someone who is, there’s bound to be excitement in the air.

I married my now husband in August 2017 and it was such a beautiful day. Everything went smoothly and all of the planning in the months prior definitely paid off. With so much involved in the preparation process and so many decisions to make, it was easy to get overwhelmed by it all. Luckily there was one thing I didn’t have to worry about… uncomfortable shoes!

As I was planning all of the details from bridesmaid dresses to a playlist of songs, one thing I knew for sure is that I would be wearing Softstar shoes on my wedding day. I chose Ballerines, and here are the top 3 reasons why they were the best bridal shoes I could have hoped for:

What to Look for in Wedding Shoes


1. Comfort

Because weddings involve so much walking and dancing, comfortable wedding shoes should be a top priority for any bride, groom, or guest. The last thing you want is for sore feet to keep you from enjoying yourself! I chose to wear ballet flats with my wedding dress because in the end, I knew that pointy high heels would have made me and my feet miserable the entire night. The Ballerines’ buttery soft leather, memory foam innersoles, and wide toe box freed me to dance the night away without worrying about my feet at all. On another note, wedding guests deserve to have happy feet too! Depending on the venue, high heels and constricting dress shoes are not always practical for traversing grassy lawns, gravel roads, or slippery dance floors. Plus, minimal shoes and flats are much better for overall foot health and are a great option for formal or casual events.

2. Style

Because many of Softstar’s styles are customizable, you can choose your own colors to match the look and feel of the wedding. For my pair, I chose Shiny Platinum for the body and heel, and Pearl for the trim color. This combination was absolutely perfect and matched my dress so well. Another option could be to design bright wedding shoes to switch up your look! A pop of purple to match your bridesmaids dresses, or maybe your wedding flats could be your something blue? The possibilities are endless!

3. Versatility

I love my Ballerines because of how versatile they are. Not only were they amazing on my wedding day, but I can still wear them again and again now that the wedding is over. They are lightweight and easy to pack so they are ideal travel shoes, and the classic style pairs well with a variety of casual and professional outfits. So instead of purchasing an expensive pair of heels that I would have worn for one day, the Ballerines were a much more practical choice for me.

Other Comfortable Wedding Shoe Styles


The Ballerines are great, but they aren’t the only minimal shoe style that works well for weddings. Our very own Elf Molly also got married last year, and she chose Solstice Sandals for her wedding shoes. She even handcrafted a pair of colorful sandals for each of her bridesmaids with an added motif to match their dresses. Aren’t they beautiful?

Molly’s husband wore Dash RunAmocs, and my husband wore Hawthorne Chukkas in Onyx. Both of these styles have flexible, minimal soles and soft leather uppers that look stylish and formal for the occasion, yet still functioned well as comfortable dress shoes. Molly’s husband even designed his own custom colors to match his suit!


All in all, comfy shoes are a must-have for any wedding whether you are getting married or attending as a guest. Your feet will thank you!

Are you planning an upcoming wedding, or planning to attend one? What do you look for in a good pair of shoes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. Maria Moustakas Fleishman
    Maria Moustakas Fleishman
    I will be going to a fall wedding and I am looking forward to wearing my shiny pewter sandals- those and a half dozen other Soft Star pairs (or more) will be traveling with me- the wedding is 3000 miles away.
  2. Lorelei
    Great post Ali! Going to order some of these up for next year!
  3. Jana
    Great post, I fall in love with the cute sandals!
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