Pumpkin Shoes for Harvest Season

Pumpkin Shoes for Harvest Season


Elf Katie is at it again! Our talented seamstress has always impressed us with her handcut shoe motifs, and she just unveiled her latest creation: pumpkin shoes!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, she came up with this design on a pair of child Classics to celebrate our current harvest season. Our workshop is surrounded by an active farming community, so she really nailed the vibe of the neighborhood.

We hope you enjoy these shoes, which are currently on display at the Soft Star workshop. If you'd like a custom-made pair for yourself, then please contact our customer service elves directly to discuss: 541-753-5845 or elves@softstarshoes.com

pumpkin-shoes-front pumpkin-shoes-sidepumpkin-shoes-front-closeup pumpkin-shoes-strap-closeup

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