Shoes of the Dead! Celebrating Día de los Muertos in Style

Shoes of the Dead! Celebrating Día de los Muertos in Style

Day of the Dead Shoes

We have a special treat in the workshop for this year's Day of the Dead festivities.

Local artist Diana Rose hand painted the leather pieces for a pair of our Merry Jane shoes before they were sewn together. Her artistry features two caballero skeletons outlined in white stitching and decorated with patterns inspired by the work of Frida Kahlo. The final touch: a red leather rose on the vamp of each shoe.

Sorry, but you won't be finding these very unique Merry Janes for sale on our site. Diana planned to wear them herself, but when she saw the final product she had second thoughts about letting them get dirty.

For now, we're thrilled to have them on display in our workshop for a few days:

Diana Rose Paints Day of the Dead Shoes

Local artist Diana Rose with her work. Elf Katie sews the pieced together

Hand Painted Día de Muertos Handmade Día de Muertos

The finished product.

Día de Muertos Shoes

Just in time for Día de los Muertos!

These very special edition shoes are not for sale, but ou can still personalize your own Merry Janes with our custom colors and motifs!

Diana Rose is not only a local painter and sculptor, but also a professional teacher of children's visual art and adult ceramics. If you like these shoes, be sure to visit her website to see more of her work.

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  1. Sharla
    Please put these on the market! I would buy these in a NY minute.
  2. SuzanneN
    Awwwwhhhh! Wish I could have my own pair
  3. Lucinda
    Beautiful! We wish these were being sold! 4 Pairs would be purchased and loved! :-)
  4. Acupuncture Lady
    Acupuncture Lady
    I urge Ms. Rose to consider selling her incredible Día de Los Muertos Mocs. They are fantastico!!!!!
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