Wrap-Up Your Little Ones for the Holidays in Our NEW Very Merry Moccasins!

Wrap-Up Your Little Ones for the Holidays in Our NEW Very Merry Moccasins!


This question is for you, parents: What is the best gift you've ever received?

Exact answers will vary of course, but we'd bet our magical Elf hats that it had something to do with your children. After all, kids are gifts that keep on giving; they are constantly presenting us with new and exciting treasures that enrich our lives, from tangible handmade artwork, to the milestones that reassure us that we've raised good, capable human beings that will contribute positively to the world. Best of all, they dispense these wonderful keepsakes all year long, making life a constant surprise party.




This year, Soft Star is celebrating these ever-generous bundles of joy by giving them the classic holiday treatment; wrapping them in shiny bows! Our new, Special Edition "Merry Mocs" are the PERFECT accessories for all your family's upcoming winter festivities, and beyond!

A fun twist on our classic suede-soled Roo Moccasin, this adorable shoe features a no-tie leather bow (concealing a slip-on elastic closure) and a round top-of-the-foot cutout, creating a Mary-Jane-like look with all the exceptional softness of a slipper. Little ones will sparkle like the season in one of four color options: Shiny Gold, Shiny Royal, Shiny Ruby, or matte Black with Shiny Platinum Bow. The Merry Moc is available in child sizes 2 through 5, now through the holidays. Holiday get-togethers are right around the corner, so order now and get some gift-wrapping done early this year ;)


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  1. Henna
    These are adorable!!!! Could you please make an outdoor version for little girls?? Pretty please!!!
  2. Elf Martin
    Glad you like them Henna! We'll pass on your suggestion to our designers.
  3. jennifer pharaon
    Yes please an outdoor version! These are amazingly adorable!!
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