NO the Band Rocks Out in Shiny Soft Star Shoes

NO the Band Rocks Out in Shiny Soft Star Shoes

NO the Band Rocks Out in Shiny Soft Star Shoes

Who can say NO to Bono? 

True story: a handful of talented young musicians ran into U2's Bono one day, handed him a demo CD and an hour later received a phone call from him saying he liked their music and thought the word "NO" would be a great band name.

Hence, NO the band was formed, and they've been on a great ride ever since. Started by three brothers, the band has performed on ABC, CBS, FOX and AXS TV, scored the Lion's Gate movie The Mooring and developed a following of devoted "NOldiers." Now consisting of five members, they just finished a tour to promote their latest single, Meet Me After Dark, and are currently recording their next album.

We were thrilled one day to receive a phone call from drummer Tim Jarzabek telling us how much all the band members loved our shoes. He also added that their lead vocalist/guitarist, brother Nick Jarzabek, could be seen wearing a pair of shiny violet Soft Star RunAmocs on their latest ABC performance for Valley View Live!

No the Band Rocks Out in Shiny Soft Star Shoes

Partial to our shiny leather, each member of the band now sports a pair of shiny Dash RunAmocs in a different color (shown at the top of this page with their album Roll). They've also kept in touch with us, sending photos and updates on the band's activities. Here's the latest news:

"Wrapped our photo shoot today and headed back to the studio to relax with our new Soft Soft Shoes. Our producer loves them too! Time to finish recording the album. Thanks 4 keepin us comfortable and oh so stylish!"

NO the Band Rocks Out in Shiny Soft Star Shoes

We can't wait to hear the new album, and to see where the band ends up next. You can check out NO's music yourself and browse all their albums on their website, or follow them online:

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And a little factoid for all you hardcore NOldiers out there: all the band members wear size 10 and prefer leather shoelaces.

LIFELINE official music video, by NO:

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