Progress Update on New Soft Star Workshop - Fall 2015

Progress Update on New Soft Star Workshop - Fall 2015

Our move date is still many months out, but we're seeing a lot of progress happening on our new workshop!

The historic building in neighboring Philomath, Oregon was originally a roller skating rink back in the 1950s, but has turned into a crumbling eyesore over the past few decades. We're thrilled that our new shoemaking workshop will not only give us more space, but will also revive the venue into a beautiful work of architecture.

Soft Star owners Tricia and Larkin recently took our staff on a field trip to the construction site to see the progress (and help foreman Alan move some heavy beams). This was our first group visit to the location since our roof raising party last spring. While there is still a lot of work to be done, we're starting to get an idea of what the finished design will look like.

If you happen to live in the Philomath area then we hope you're enjoying watching this building come back to life. And for everyone else, here are the latest photos:


Co-owner Larkin Holavarri briefs the Soft Star elves on the latest renovations.


The north wall, soon to be our public showroom. The showroom will be elevated to give visitors a good view of the elves making shoes.


This hallway used to be the roller skate rental station... and previously didn't have a floor.


The south wall of the workshop will be our loading door. Founder Tim is very excited he won't have to carry leather hides up and down a flight of stairs any more!


Well, as long as we're here... Several elves help foreman Alan lower support beams leftover from our roof raising party. Glad to know all the walls are strong!



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