We're Staging a Flip-Flop Intervention!

We're Staging a Flip-Flop Intervention!

Our Solstice sandal brings health and style back to summer footwear

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Softstar followers know that we care deeply about sustainability. Over the course of our 30 years in business, the company has committed itself to promoting the health and well-being of the planet and all its inhabitants.

However, there is one species Softstar hopes to drive to extinction: the flip-flop.

While barefoot-lovers worldwide have long looked to flip-flops for no-frills, warm-weather footwear, research indicates that the toe clenching, side-to-side rocking motion needed to keep them on one’s foot can lead to lasting joint damage and pain. In her most recent book, Whole Body Barefoot, biomechanist Katy Bowman cautions that when we wear non-secured shoes like flip-flops, slides, and backless slippers, we must “work our muscles unnaturally to keep them on”. This “clenching” habit inhibits natural gait, shortens toe muscles, and can lead to deformities like hammertoe over time.

Yes, we know you love your old foam-and-rubber friends...but they probably aren't loving you back!

Happily, we offer an irresistible alternative designed to help customers kick the habit. Our top-selling adult “Solstice” sandal debuted last April to an enthusiastic reception from our customers, who have found it to be stylish, durable, and so comfortable that it “feels like wearing slippers.” As with all of Softstar’s handcrafted shoes, the Solstice’s sleek design taps into with a rising worldwide demand for healthier, more minimal footwear.

Three Flora Solstices

This year, we put a fresh twist on the Solstice by re-releasing it with a new Flora motif, a flower-petal detail on the shoe’s upper available in pre-selected or Design-Your-Own colors. We wanted to share our new design with the world, so we sent out some pairs to some lovely and talented blogger/product testers; you can check out the reviews at This West Coast Mommy and Happy Strong Home!

The Solstice is available in colors ranging from earth tones to bright turquoise. With free First-Class USPS shipping to the US and Canada, you can start enjoying a beautiful, healthful pair of sandals just in time for your next summer adventure!

Already rocking a pair? We'd love to hear about your experience!

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  1. Jane Hart
    Hello, I hope the picture of those sandals doesn't do them justice because on this picture, and on the pictures on the website, it looks like the person's big toe is being pushed inwards. Is there room for people with straight big toes?
  2. Allison
    Those sandals look pretty constricting. Look at the big toes on those ladies, they're turned inward and smooshed together with the other toes. At least flip flops give your toes a lot of width room.
  3. Elf Martin
    Actually, the Softstar employee wearing the lilac sandals has a bunion and her toes are fixed inward due to years of constricting shoes. She's currently trying to undo that damage with Correct Toes. Our Solstice sandals do a great job of stretching to take the shape of your foot, not the other way around.
  4. Michael
    When are you coming out with a men's sandal? There are so few options without a toe post, I'd love to see a men's version of this.
  5. Elf Martin
    Hi Michael. One of our designers is working on a men's sandal now!
  6. Chantal
    Hmmm. I second the comment that they look constricting at the toes--and not just the lilac ones, either. Nearly all my toes don't even touch each other, and I don't see enough room in the toebox to accommodate that. Has this been an issue with people who've worn the actual sandal?
    1. Elf Jana
      Hi Chantal! Actually, we have received almost no feedback about the Solstice sandals being constricting in the front. We do offer this sandal in a wide (not pictured in this post), so customers with extra space between their toes can usually find a comfortable size. Of course, a sandal with any significant coverage isn't for everyone, but with so many near barefoot sandals already available (Luna Sandals, Xero Shoes, etc.), we wanted to offer a minimal sandal with just a bit more substance, so that every person can find a minimal summer shoe option that fits his or her needs. We think the Solstice fits this niche nicely :)
  7. Anna
    These are very comfortable sandals and not constricting to me. I did buy the wide version, but I have had to buy wide width shoes for many years. I went sandal shopping before getting these and every style I tried on in other stores were way too tight in the size that fit the length of my foot (even wide). These were super comfy from the first moment I put them on. I am fortunate to live near Softstar so I was able to go in and try on before buying, but they fix me exactly as advertised on their website.
    1. Elf Martin
      Thanks Anna! We're so glad you like them!
  8. Sarah Hernandez
    Sarah Hernandez
    I've had these sandals 2 summers now, and have never found them the least bit constricting at the toes. In fact, after working hard for several years to reverse my plantar fascitis and undo the crowding at my toes due to "traditional" shoes, these are my most comfortable sandals especially at the toe. Lots of space!
  9. Amy Puls
    I have the Solstice in shiny pewter. I agree the buttery soft leather softly conforms to your foot, so you don't feel "squished". However the shape of the sole really is unfortunate. It would be much better if it went straight to the end, like healthy toes do, rather than turn inward. Shoes only turn inward because they once had to slide through a horse stirrup. Most of us don't need that anymore. That said, it is still a great minimal shoe, and very pretty.
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