Mindful Running Interview with Barefoot Guru Michael Sandler

Mindful Running Interview with Barefoot Guru Michael Sandler

If you've been following our blog over the years, then you'll know that we have a long and memorable friendship with Michael Sandler, renowned barefoot runner and bestselling author of the books Barefoot Running and Barefoot Walking, as well as the DVD release Barefoot Running, the Movie. Working alongside his wife, Jessica Lee, Michael has made it his goal to teach healthy running techniques as a part of greater wellness and overall health. He has been a tester of our shoe designs, he has presented educational workshops to our staff and he has been a great friend to everyone at Soft Star.

For his next project, Michael will be launching The Mindful Running Program to combine the latest research in wellness, natural running form and meditation. In preparation for the launch, he is recording a series of interviews with experts in these fields. Soft Star's co-owner Tricia Salcido recently had the privilege of being one of the interviewees, and her recorded session is now available to view!

Check it out for a behind-the-scenes tour of our workshop and to learn about our shoe design philosophies and sustainable practices:


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  1. Debi
    Loved this!!!!!!!! We stopped school to watch this.
    1. C.Elf.O Tricia
      Awesome Debi!

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