Kids Learning to Tie Laces with Moccasins? No Problem!

Kids Learning to Tie Laces with Moccasins? No Problem!

Back-to-school season is a busy time at the Soft Star workshop. The elves work around the clock to make sure all the new school shoes are delivered on time, and our soft-soled moccasins are definitely in high demand.

We're proud that so many schools encourage children to wear our moccasins, and kids love them! Unfortunately, there's one problem we've encountered: some teachers want to teach kids how to tie laces, and you can't do that on a slip-on shoe.

After a quick discussion with our designers, we came up with a solution. We're now proud to introduce a moccasin with laces!

Moccasins with Laces

This lace moccasin, available in our 2013 collection as suede honey, is offered in child and youth sizes. The lace wraps around the ankle (where the elastic normally snugs the foot) and ties at the button in the front.

We're also happy to offer this lace feature as an option when you choose to design-your-own child and youth moccasins. To choose it as a design-your-own feature, just select "Laces" from our button motif dropdown menu:

Laces Option

Have fun learning to tie!

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