Traveling in Soft Star Shoes


The summer season is finally here! So far this summer our workshop has been busy with the release of the RunAmoc Dash and the Moc3. The warmer months usually mean packing up the family and taking a vacation, even our hardworking elves have to sneak off for some vacation time.

Elf Larkin has already mentioned how great our shoes are for traveling, but the elves have done a lot of travels since then and we wanted to update you on them. While Larkin hiked up Bukit Timha Summit in Singapore, our founder Tim recently traveled to Texas in his favorite pair of blue RunAmoc DASH Smooth (pictured above).

"Flying in my RunAmocs was perfect because they are so easy to slip on and off," Tim says. "They were so comfortable on the plane and kept my feet warm."

Elf Tim took his Ramblers with him on his trip to Brazil last year and recommends the shoe for traveling because it is comfortable and easy to slip on and off.

We know the elves in the workshop are not alone when choosing to travel in Soft Star Shoes. Our Facebook fans and customers have shown us that our shoes have been EVERYWHERE! From across North America, to Italy; Libya to Germany, our shoes have seen more of the world than we ever imagined.

The more places we hear of our shoes going, the more curious we are to see our shoes in these foreign places. So we would like to announce a twist to our regular photo contest. For the month of July we want photos of where you've taken your Soft Star Shoes. Whether it is a famous landmark, a beautiful hiking trail, or a cool city, we want to see your photos!

For information on how to submit your photo, click here. Our favorite photos will be shared at the beginning of August on our blog. The first-place winner will receive a $50 gift certificate. Since we want to share your amazing photos with our community, we will need your permission to post the photo (photo credit will be given).

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