Barefoot in Bukit Timha

I recently had the opportunity to hike to the highest peak in Singapore... Bukit Timha Summit. To get out and experience nature in Singapore, my family spent a day hiking around the Bukit Timha Nature Preserve that makes up a large portion of this island nation.

I was proud that all four of us donned Soft Stars... kids in Ramblers and Playtimes, husband in RunAmocs, and I in the new RunAmoc Dash... after all aren't minimal shoes the best way to enjoy nature?  I must say I looked down a little at all the high tech boots and running shoes I saw clomping around. But my snobbery was quickly replaced by awe and humility when I saw people that had surpassed my minimalism. There were no less than three barefooters out enjoying the beautiful day.


At the summit we saw another set of critters that skipped the footwear and opted for nude toes...


-Posted by Larkin


  1. Becky L.
    This was so fun to read since my family hasn't owned a pair of technical hiking boots in years and we hike all the time. I like wearing both my Ramblers and RunAmocs to hike locally (except in really wet situations, when I just throw on some aqua socks). Barefoot hiking is great in the right conditions, but my feet haven't gotten used to gravel yet! I feel I have better footing with less on my feet, so Soft Stars are perfect! Even a bad ankle I have from my teenage years does better with less "ankle support." And when you consider that most of the world does fine in flip flops, why do you need all that extra weight and bulk? I'm trying to convince my husband to try out some Ramblers. I bet he'd love 'em as much as the rest of us do! Thanks for making great minimal shoes for active feet!
  2. Destin
    Where can I get a pair of softstar runamocs in Singapore? Thank you.
    1. larkinelf
      Hi Destin, Love for Earth use to carry our baby products but I don't know how much stock they have left. Other than that, you have to order directly from our website. We ship to Singapore regularly!
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