Survey Response Overwhelming!

Thanks to all of our customers who took time last month to respond to our survey! We were overwhelmed with a response rate of over 70%!! In addition, many of you were very passionate, offering rich, detailed feedback in the open-ended comments. We literally have a "book" of comments that we have been pouring through, and really feel very honored to have such an enthusiastic and impassioned group of customers.

As a result of all the comments, we have decided to make a couple of changes to improve our offerings and service. The changes will include adding some additional color choices (whew!), some dressier shoe styles and improved newsletters/promotions. Also, many people were surprised to learn in the course of the survey that Soft Star is not just for little people-- many comments expressed surprise that we made adult moccasins. We will be working to change our website to make this more prominent.

The interesting thing when reading through stacks and stacks of comments is that three types of comments kept coming through loud and clear:

1. We are passionate about healthy choices for our children
2. We support companies that are environmentally responsible
3. We appreciate unique, hand-crafted products

Customers expressed appreciation for Soft Star's expertise in designing flexible, comfortable shoes that simulate barefoot conditions. Our use of non-toxic and natural materials was also an important selling point to many customers. The ability to design your own shoe was seen as a really fun way to express your own creativity. Although we spend hours each day on the phone with our customers, it was fun to get such a large amount of rich feedback all in one big chunk. We've always enjoyed our customers, but this survey made us take pause and realize what a unique and special group they really are.

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  1. Hello! I am excited to find that you make shoes for adults! I would like to find out more about the leather you use. Where does it come from? What kind of dyes are used?I dont know if this is the best place to place these questions, but I could not find contact info on your site. I would much appreciate more info. thanks!
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