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Long Description:

The Original was the first shoe we introduced into our best-selling RunAmoc line. Softstar got its start making ridiculously comfortable moccasins, and by 2009, we thought we’d perfected our game. But when our customers started telling us they were wearing-out their mocs by logging serious mileage during their track and trail-running, we figured it was time to put a new twist on our classic design. Voila! The Original was born!

Combining the forgiving fit of a moccasin with the secure, lace-up closure of a running shoe, this sports moc hybrid is well-loved not only by runners, but also by people looking for a comfortable everyday shoe. The wide toe box and spacious instep make it a favorite for those who prefer to run or walk barefoot. Lightweight, cool, and ventilated, the Original is the free-and-easy, ready-for-anything running buddy you need to take you from weekend hikes to ultramarathons, and anywhere else the trail may lead!

  • Zero drop sole between toe and heel.
  • Choose your VibramTM rubber sole: 5mm Trail sole or 2mm Street sole
  • Smooth leather upper suited for colder climates when extra warmth is desired, and LITE leathers offer greater ventilation
  • Wide toe box, so your toes can grip, spread & grip away!
  • Special Wide XL Width option available for bigfooters. The same width as our normal wide option, wide XL adds extra material to the front upper (vamp) of the shoe for thick feet
  • Lightweight: between 5.6 oz to 8.7 oz depending on sole type and shoe size
  • Integrated Lace/Elastic ankle closure - for adjustable tension
  • Designed and made in Oregon using US-sourced raw materials
  • Premium, responsibly-sourced leathers
  • Custom shoes in like-new condition are fully returnable/exchangeable according to the terms of our return policy.

Customer Reviews

First pair and love them Review by Caron
Well I live in Canada (BC - the warm part) and have been wearing my first pair of Soft Stars for several months now. I purchased the custom original runamocs with sublime black and flint leather uppers and the bullhide leather soles for grounding purposes. Love the smell of them. Initially they were a little snug across the centre of the foot (instep) but I placed a rolled up towel in that area for a day and it stretched them and now they fit perfect. We have very rainy winters here so we’ll see how the leather bottoms work out but so far they have only gotten a little damp feeling unless I step in a puddle then a little more gets through the seams. I just prop them near the heater overnight if needed and they are dry by morning. They look pretty good with all my clothes and I feel like I’m wearing my slippers to work. I live in the woods and have a gravel driveway and walking over that is not uncomfortable. Looking forward to trying out the Mary Janes but too bad they don’t come with leather bottoms also. Thanks Softstar for a great pair of shoes and introducing me to barefoot footwear! (Posted on 11/4/17)
Works Great for Grounding Review by Richard
great show for grounding, fits snug, looks nice...all-around great product! (Posted on 7/21/17)
Rocks in my socks Review by chris of burbank
Not good that the 14U extra wide shoes have that over-layer separation between the middle & front part. This lets, all the round & sharp seeds, gravel, debris etc get into the shoe and I have to pull it out and stop every so often. Also I still don't get why they went with the shoe lace wrapped around the ankle. These flaws give the shoe an odd design, which attracts (positive) comments wherever I go. I still don't get why this wide size is not available in the boots. Another weird thing is that after a year a hole will grow by my bunion(big toe), but so-called shoe-repair people have no idea how to properly sow it. If you pick black, it will get hot, and the minimalist 2 mm sole will feel HOT on sidewalks, where I wait for the bus. I've had 2 people start buying from you already, which I didn't expect. (Posted on 7/14/17)
Run amok vs roo Review by Desert girl
I dont know if theyll let me post question. I know elves are super helpful but would also like to hear from customers who have worn them for a while. For anyone who has had both these and Roos in the identical size, can you please comment on how they fit compared to roos.? How does widt of toebox compare? If turn shoe upside down is the sole the same width? Length? Shape? Does length feel same on or naybe they run shorter or longer than roos? How does this seeming one part construction compare ie feel on feet to roos that have two pieces that are only joined at the button.? does the elastic /lace keep shoe on foot better than roo elastic? Am having trouble getting a good fit in Roos (smallkength foot with wide forefoot) and highish arch and instep, and usualky wear a half size) and dont know if i should switch to tbese instead and if so how to select size compared to roos where i seem to be in berween a 4 and a 5 in youth). Thanks

Note from the Elves: Thanks Desert Girl for your review! Unfortunately our website does not have the capability for other users to comment on your review - but you might want to check out this review / user forum: https://birthdayshoes.com/soft-star-shoes-runamoc-dash-business-casual-barefoot-shoes or do a search for Soft Star Roos and RunAmoc reviews. (Posted on 6/6/17)
I love these shoes! Review by Marissa
After many weeks of deliberation over which shoe style and color to buy, I settled on these. I have to say, I absolutely love them. I'm convinced they're the most beautiful shoes I've ever seen. I love how many color choices there are, even though it made it so tough to decide what to get! The shoes are superbly comfortable. I want to wear them all the time. For the first few days I didn't want to take them off at all even though I'd normally be barefoot indoors. Wearing them without socks is awesome, and wearing them with socks is extra cozy! I chose suede uppers with a leather sole, and they're holding up really well so far. They got some mud on them the other day, but when it dried I just used the suede brush and it came right off. Seems like it'll be pretty easy to keep them looking nice. They really do look a lot nicer on my feet than it seemed like they would from reviews -- some people described them as not being very pretty, but I honestly love the way they look. They're not as awkward or baggy as I thought they might be. They are beautiful, practical, and made with love! (Posted on 5/27/17)
Exellent Review by Samuli
The shoes are amazing. I forget that i even have shoes on. I first bought DASH RunAmocs but they were a little too tight because of my very tall feet so i asked some advice from the elves and i got plenty of advice and options what i could do. One of those options was changing to these and it was the perfect choice. Exellent customer service and i will bought another pair later. (Posted on 4/27/17)
Great shoes! Review by Kim
This was a new style for me - I have the Roos and the Dash, but wanted to try something new. The Original RunAmocs are very comfortable, and I like that I can adjust the ankle tightness, as opposed to the elastic on the Roos. Sometimes in the heat of the summer my feel swell (even though I have small ankles, and I think this will be perhaps a bit more comfortable for that reason. I got smooth chocolate all over, and I love the way they look. They can be both dressy and casual, and have a sort of elfish look to them that fits my style. Highly recommend them, and Soft Star in general - great products, great ethics, great customer service. I sure hope they stay in business a long time! (Posted on 3/17/17)
Fits my ultra-wide feet (4E/5E) Review by Cameron
It's hard for me to find any shoes that fit, but I was having NO luck at all finding zero-drop shoes. These shoes with the wide sole option fit my feet wonderfully, and the thin sole option feels almost like I'm walking barefoot. It's winter here in the PNW and I don't want to get them wet/muddy inside so I've only worn them indoors so far. I may buy a second pair with the thicker sole for wearing outside in the wet PNW weather. (Posted on 3/14/17)
Good in the cold. Review by Winter Runner
I bought a solid leather pair with trail sole for winter running. I went up one size and width to fit in thick wool socks for when it hits around -35 to -40. I have already run in -13 F (- 25 C) and I can tell they will be good when "real" winter hits. The traction is fine for packed trails, but not aggressive so I used Micro-spikes once when it was really slippery and icy. Great minimal feel, a good winter compliment for the sandals I use in summer. (Posted on 11/22/16)
Suede Quality Declined Review by Shoshana E.
I'm so disappointed! You've changed the quality of the suede. It's not as thick. It even wrinkles across the top of the shoe. It doesn't have the aesthetic appeal, it's not as warm, and I expect they won't last as long. Did the thickness of the leather sole decrease as well?? I wish I'd known, I would have stocked up before the quality declined.

Note from the Elves: Thanks for your review Shoshana. Please note we still use the same high quality of leathers as we have over the last 30 years. Leather is a natural material and variations of thickness occur across a single hide, and from hide to hide. If you are unhappy with your shoes upon arrival, please know you can return and exchange them with a note letting us know your preferences. (Posted on 11/21/16)
Love the Original RunAmoc Review by Happy Wife
This is my husbands first pair of Soft Star Shoes. He normally wears a size 9.5 triple-wide so I wasn't sure if a U10 XL would be wide enough, but after stuffing the toe area with dry cloth for two or three days, it was a perfect fit...even with his bunions! He was amazed with their softness and comfort and that there was no "break-in" time needed. Thank you, Elves :) (Posted on 11/11/16)
Original Original RunAmocs Review by Thomas
Love my original Original RunAmocs. I also love Soft Star for making them. Back in the day I ordered them in Lite Black leather front and back. The old sole shape was very wide and rounded. I have come close to begging Soft Star with numerous emails to please bring back the original shape. That, or I offered to pay for a custom sole shape that they once made but to no avail. To Frog Feet-I don't understand the slant either. The original style was a broad last without any slant. I still enjoy my original pair very much and thank Soft Star. If I would have known that they were going to change the style I would have ordered 5 pairs. I can only hope that one day they will reconsider bringing back the original shape to the RunAmocs. (Posted on 11/6/16)
P.S. Review by Frog Feet
Forgot to specify in my earlier review that all the Softstar sizes I tried were wide. These really are nice shoes and I am enjoying my pair, I just don't understand why they slant in at the big toe. (Posted on 7/23/16)
Love the width but not the pointy toe Review by Frog Feet
Here are my notes on my Softstar experience so far. I hope this will help other shoppers with sizing, and add another voice to those who are concerned about the toe box shape.

I have wide, triangular shaped feet. I have been picky about shoes my whole life so my feet have remained healthy and flexible, not squeezed by narrow shoes. The downside is it is extremely difficult for me to find comfortable shoes. I have been hoping to find that comfort in minimalist shoes, but so far what I have tried is either not wide enough or not cushioned enough (I like flexible soles, but need at least a little cushioning on pavement and rocky trails).

Softstars have a little cushioning but are still very flexible. The wide size is also genuinely wide. The 7U is the correct length for my feet, but I often have to size up because my toes do not taper as much as average (they are a bit straighter across from big toe to little toe. When I get my feet measured at the shoe store they come up with women's 7 1/2 D, but I find that way to small. I have never worn narrower than 2E, and I wore New Balance 8 1/2 4E for years, but even that doesn't have quite enough toe width.)

I first tried a Dash in 8U with trail soles. They were too loose in the heel and I was worried about the extra length in the toe, so I exchanged them for a 7U. The 7U was too small, especially in the toes. The pointed shape of the toe was constricting and pushed in my big toe, which is intolerable.

So I returned those and tried the Portlander in 8U. They fit a little bigger than the 7U Dash. I thought they were going to work, but when I wore them for more than a few hours, my feet hurt, again because of the pointed toe box. I stretched them as much as I could (stuffed with rags while wet and walked in them while wet), but it wasn't enough, I had to give up on them and just give them away.

I would have given up on Softstar, but I was desperate for running shoes, so I tried the Original in 8U with trail soles. The heel stays on better with this style. Most of the pointed area is in front of my toes, but the extra length isn't bothering me. The width of the sole is generous, so I figured the upper would break in and allow enough space for my toes.

I had a hard time getting them to stretch enough, though. I almost gave up on them because the uppers were still too tight at my big toes and I could not spread my toes properly. But my Dad gave me some spray-on leather stretcher (liquid that relaxes leather fibers and helps the shoes stretch while you wear the them - it smells like rubbing alcohol), and that helped them loosen enough so they are comfortable now.

I use them for running (the Originals are great for that since you can cinch in the heel) and I am wearing them frequently now. I worried the leather would be too thin to be compatible with the trail sole, but it seems fine on my pair. I like the extra protection and tread of the trails soles, and I still get an excellent barefoot freedom feel.

I want to love my Softstars, and I do love the concept and features, but the pointed toe box ruins it for me. I would be excited about them if they were more foot shaped, with a more rounded toe and straighter edge at the big toe. Of course everyone has different shaped feet, but I think having a foot shape that narrows to a point at the toes is usually a result of wearing constricting shoes. (Posted on 7/23/16)
Great quality Review by Toby
I've been trying to find good shoes for my martial arts training for a while now, I've tried like five different types of shoes and they all could be used but none felt good. I bought these a year ago and they lasted for a while, but the bullhide soles are starting to wear from training on rough concrete. For regular use and even training on smoother surfaces they would probably last much longer. Also for what i do this design is a bit loose, but for running and walking these are great. I'm definitely buying another pair of shoes from here, these are the best I've found so far. (Posted on 6/20/16)
Perfect for feet that swell ! Review by fran
My feet swell due to circulation problems and I have heel spurs. The back of my heel and the ankle bone area is always swollen, but there are times when my whole foot swells up and finding a shoe that fits when that happens has been impossible. The top of my feet swell up and all of the shoes I've bought in the past barely allow me to get a shoe on. They cut into the top of my foot and are extremely uncomfortable to keep on for any length of time. I've taken them off when I have to drive and driven with just socks on and then put the shoes back on when I arrive at my destination.

The Soft Star Shoes eliminate these problems by coming in the extra wide width and having extra fabric in the area that covers the top of my foot. I am so happy to finally have a shoe that I can put on and wear for hours and that I don't have to take off when I drive. I also love the thin sole on these shoes. I'm 84 years old and that barefoot feel makes me feel much more stable on my feet.

If you have feet that swell - you will love these shoes ! (Posted on 6/9/16)
Great shoes...fun to design Review by Nana
I purchased/designed my RunAmoc. Never did that before. It was a lot of fun picking out colors and types of leathers. When the shoes arrived I put them on within minutes. They remained on my feet for hours. Great comfort. I am so glad to have all the elves working overtime. My granddaughter also got some new shoes. Before she left the store (wearing her new shoes), she was deciding on the colors for her next pair of new shoes. Thanks again. (Posted on 5/22/16)
Love 'em! So comfy Review by Tyler
I got the solid navy suede shoes.These are my second pair of Soft Stars. My first were a pair of the normal Roos. These are tied with laces instead of elastic which can be a bit inconvenient if you're wanting a shoe that just slips on. You have to tie and untie them every time. However since these are for running the laces are necessary. It took me a few days to break these in and realize you have to be firm when tightening the laces to get them secure on your feet, because the leather is tough and doesn't want to bend at first. I was also worried they were too small and almost sent back for a larger size but I'm glad I didn't because they stretched and formed to my feet perfectly after a few days. These are great quality shoes and when worn with a nice thick pair of socks are unbelievably comfortable. I really doubt there's a more comfortable shoe experience. Without socks is good too, but they can feel a little loose. You have to make sure you tie the laces tight enough. They are, however, surprisingly breathable. Your feet stay cool. I haven't yet used them for running so I can't comment on that, however, for an around town shoe that is stylishly understated they are perfect. If you're wearing with pants definitely put some thick comfy socks on, trust me. They look great with jeans or shorts and I've gotten several questions about them despite the quiet look and design. Thanks Soft Star for making such great shoes! (Posted on 5/18/16)
Even better than the Dash Review by Kerstin
I just purchased these a few months ago during the sale. I enjoy the Dash, but don't like that with socks, my feet slip. This Original model I love because, like another reader mentioned, I can cinch the laces to the desired tightness and, because they are higher on my foot, the shoe feels like it fits better. I haven't worn them with socks yet, but feel this will also work better because my heel won't feel like it is about to slip over the shoe. And best of all, the design lets me slip them on and off without needing to retie them overtime! Love these and my moccasins, both absolutely lovely! Thanks! (Posted on 4/29/16)
Outstanding as always Review by Bob
This was my second pair of shoes I have purchased and the quality and fit was as always,excellent. I have limited mobility due to muscular dystrophy and these shoes are the best product I have found. (Posted on 4/19/16)
tea tree oil for odor Review by Art B
I meant to mention this a long time ago, but better late than never. I love my original RunAmocs in suede chocolate, but I wore them so much in the beginning without socks on, and without allowing them to dry completely, that one side developed an odor. I tried different things, like baking soda, and vinegar, but the only thing that successfully eliminated the odor was tea tree oil. I don't remember exactly how much I used, but I was generous with it, and also let them soak in water so the tea tree oil was somewhat diluted. Afterwards, they smelled like tea tree oil for a week or two, which I didn't mind, and now there is no odor whatsoever, and it's 2 years later. Since then, I've only worn them with socks on since my feet sweat easily. (Posted on 2/3/16)
favorite shoes ever Review by bethany
I've been a die hard barefooter for years, and love minimalist shoes when i need to wear any at all. I swore by my Vibram 5-fingers, and ran several pairs into oblivion, including training for and running a marathon. I always found them a bit irritating to get on and off, but otherwise loved them. These are 3x better in my opinion ... they're looser, have a much better ground-feel (bullhide soles on mine) and they're simply a delight to wear. Exactly the right amount of leather, they don't feel too big or too small, they're Just Right. I've worn them in rain, light snow too, and there's no damp seepage at all. Favorite shoes ever, without question. (Posted on 1/26/16)
So comfortable! Review by karl
I've had these for about a month now and I wear them every day for almost every occasion - work, casual, date, hiking, you name it! The best part, if I HAD to choose one would be the grip on the Trail Sole version. It grips pavement, dirt, rocks, snow and pretty much everything else. You lose a little bit of ground feel with this sole but it's worth it in my opinion if you, you guessed it, hike or run on trails! I hope these shoes last me a year or two and I will probably buy them again... (Posted on 1/25/16)
I was almost in tears. Review by Peter from England
of JOY!

For three years I've not been able to get my size 15 feet XL fit into any shoes following a serious spider bite infection.

Two weeks ago, I ordered these wonderful shoes and they arrived yesterday, on my birthday. Even with the strapping on my feet, there is still plenty of room inside the shoes. So the next pair I order will only need to be size 14 in a wide fit.

You have no idea what it means to me in being able to walk outdoors again...thank you my little Elves...you made my birthday dream come true. (Posted on 11/24/15)
The best shoes ever made in the history of humankind Review by Lal Beral
I think this is my second review of the Original RunAmocs, because I bought a second pair. I've been wearing them since July 2015, so three full months. Haven't worn them through a New England winter yet.

I have the Bullhide soles.

I love these shoes. Soft Star better stay in business forever, because I never want to wear anything else on a daily basis.

What do I love? The ground-feel with the bullhide is unlike anything else. The shoes breathe really well, even in hot weather. The shoes are totally unrestrictive and really like being barefoot. Better, actually, when you don't need to worry about stepping on bad things.

Downside: The only downside with the bullhide soles is they absorb moisture. This means if you walk on wet ground (even after it rained), some water soaks through. The feeling on your feet is not wet, but slightly damp. My solution... buy a second pair, so if my feet get wet one day, I'll wear the second pair the next in order to give the first pair time to dry. The leather soles are so good, I'm not willing to get a backup pair with street soles for wet weather. "Once you go bullhide, you can't go back," I say.

One of my solutions to rainy days was to get Neos Villager overshoes. I can wear my Original RunAmocs inside them when I walk to work.

As to the slipperiness of the leather soles... I find the traction to be very good, even, for example, hiking over rocky terrain. The only surface I have noticed a problem with so far is plastic lumber (e.g. Trex), like the kind they use on trails to cover wet spots. That stuff is super slippery. But natural surfaces, concrete, etc... not a problem at all.

I love these shoes. (Posted on 11/7/15)
Can't live without these Review by Karin
This is my baseline shoe for everything. Comfortable, light, and versatile. I wear them with everything. I have had quite a few different color combinations. I like a smooth leather front and a coordinating shiny color on the back for fun. Currently I have bright pink on the front and saddle and shiny rose on the back, with black laces.

These make a good all-season shoe for indoors, and most of 3 seasons for outdoors (Chicago area). Surprisingly, they keep my feet pretty dry in wet weather. I like the thinner rubber sole - the shoes conform to my foot better, with enough traction in most situations. I tried the bullhide soles, and I love wearing that pair indoors, but they are too slippery outdoors.

They are perfect for travel since they are light and pack flat. They are also perfect if you need to carry a pair of shoes when you're wearing snow boots outdoors.

I have extremely wide feet and a bunion joint that gets aggravated by conventional shoes. For most of my life, I never had a pair of comfortable shoes except for the occasional pair of sneakers. Soft Star changed everything for me. (Posted on 10/31/15)
Worth Every Penny . :-) Review by Code
The Custom Original RunAmoc's were my first purchase made here from Soft Star and they have been fulfilling their intended purpose of trail running beautifully & have become my everyday go to shoe . I used them in a 5k the other week and the trail was very technical . They allowed me to basically dance the course while other runners unfortunately stumbled and rolled their ankles a couple times , allowing me further realise how much of a difference minimalist shoes do make compared to traditional running shoes . I switch between these and my Luna Mono huaraches , only because the 5mm soles do not offer enough protection for my feet on my daily 6+ mile trail runs . You will indefinitely improve your running form and strengthen your body as they naturally influence fore foot striking . Besides their wonderful functionality , they are aesthetically pleasing . I have received numerous looks , compliments and questions regarding them . Try to not hesitate getting a pair , they are a bit pricey but the elves craftsmanship is second to none , you will not regret your decision of purchase. And if you're prone to smelly feet ruining your shoes , the pleasant aroma of the leather will mask anything your feet throw at them . I still smell my pair just to take in the scent of fresh leather . Not sure if I should admit to that . Haha . Enjoy . & thank you elves so much for all the work you are doing for the minimalist community . You are all appreciated . (Posted on 9/27/15)
Classic + Comfy Review by (-!-)v
The leather soles give more than expected. Comfort is supreme, especially 'off-road', but fine in the city. These are great shoes. (Posted on 8/30/15)
Best shoes I've ever had Review by Lal Beral
I got the Original RunAmoc with black leather tops and the bullhide soles. I decided on the Originals instead of the Dash because the Soft Star chart suggested that if you really like to be barefoot and hate shoes, the RunAmoc Originals are the best choice. They are.

I love these shoes. Even though the bullhide is technically a little thicker than the street sole, I have never had such ground feel in a shoe before, and I have worn a number of minimalist brands, some with sole thickness of 3 mm (like Vivo Barefoot).

The Run Amoc Originals are amazing. I can feel everything, and the soles are shaping to my foot wonderfully. My feet have tons of room to stretch out, and I can move my toes freely. I happened to get these in the middle of summer, and have been wearing them without socks on some very hot days. Surprisingly, they breathe very well and do not get too hot. I think it is because they are 100% leather, and the sole breathes / absorbs moisture. They are not nearly as hot as "regular" shoes with synthetic soles would be.

I have avoided wearing these on rainy days so far, so I can't comment on how water resistant they are (I did waterproof the uppers, though).

I haven't had problems with slippery-ness either, though I did walk on a trail with plastic boards covering wet areas of the trail, and the shoes were a little slippery on that surface. So, with the bullhide soles, caution is advised, but slipping doesn't seem like anything to be overly worried about on most surfaces.

I don't ever want to wear any other shoes than these. I wish they were suitable for all weather, but I'll settle for wearing them whenever it is reasonably dry and not icy. (Posted on 8/29/15)
Nice feel! Review by Jia Jo
2 days of use and they have embraced my feet really nicely. Nice craftsmanship! (Posted on 8/18/15)
Absolutely Perfect Review by Katerina
I have had this shoe for over a year now, and I don't ever want to go back to regular shoes again. This shoe has been incredible for me when walking to class in the heafty winters in Colorado, keeping my feet so comfortable and warm. Pairing these shoes with a pair of thick hiking socks is my favorite thing to wear in the winter. Running in these is a breeze as well. I feel like I can truly run comfortably and lightly. Thank you Soft Star! (Posted on 7/7/15)
comfort - original and beautiful design - feel the earth under my feet! Review by Christiana Leys
As I have a hallux valgus at both feet. this kind of shoes make me walk for hours without painfull pressing. (Posted on 5/31/15)
super roomy, love the "protected" barefoot feel Review by Nik
Wear these every day, they are VERY comfortable. Go ahead and pull the laces tight, I didn't realize they actually worked and for the first 10 minutes my heel was slipping out. :) Super roomy throughout the shoe, and definitely unlike the "normal" very tight toe/heel box you might be used to. Great shoe for your toes to spread out in, I went with the leather sole because I'm a "grounding" hippie, very comfortable and great ground feel. These ain't Manolo Blahniks, I think "footbags" is a good description, but highly recommend if you're looking for functional shoes! (Posted on 5/26/15)
most versatile soft star shoe Review by karin
This is the design I keep coming back to. I love the roomy feeling. I think they are better looking than Ramblers. I wear them with everything, for everything. I like the thin vibram sole much better than the trail sole - I think the heavier sole doesn't work well with such a light upper. I have also tried a pair with leather soles, and they feel incredibly good, but they are slippery, especially on wet pavement. (Posted on 4/12/15)
they have served me well Review by scedastic
I bought the suede version a few years ago. They are not pretty. I call them my "footbags." Yet, to this day, I take them in snow and slush and cold, on rough or muddy trail, wear them with thin wool socks in the dead of midwestern winters, and they have been loyal, durable, and have suffered my lack of maintenance and cleaning in no way except cosmetic. (Posted on 3/22/15)
Fantastic, Fits Looser Than Dash Review by Adam
After liking the Dash so much I wanted to try the Original. Got them same size, same materials, even got the same sheepskin insole that's been keeping my feet warm on these cold northeast days.

The shoe fits the same in the front but is definitely looser in the ankle and heel. This is more noticeable with the sheepskin insoles fitted. My heel does slide a bit if my gait is lazy whereas this doesn't happen with the Dash. Cinching the lace tight does help a bit.

I think I'll get more use out of them in the non-freezing weather when I take the warm insole out so there is a firmer base.

As for the sole I got the 2mm Street version again. With the sheepskin insole and warm socks I don't feel the cold streets on either these or the Dash.

I did also get the Bee Snow and Water Proofing which helps a lot in wet weather but with such a thin sole I did have water soak through the base of the heel on these on a recent rainy day. Perhaps the Trail sole would be better for wet weather wear. (Posted on 1/15/15)
Love them Review by Maren
I'm wearing these lovely shoes right now on night duty. Boy are they comfy! And they're quiet too, which is so important at night. My feet are so happy. Thanks Elves XX (Posted on 7/4/14)
Fantastic shoe! Review by Molly
Absolutely the best shoe I've ever worn-for running, hiking, relaxing and just looking cool! Strangers are always saying "Wow, cool shoes!"
I can run so much farther in these, and finally I'm pain free. (Posted on 5/20/14)
First pair of Original Runamocs = Greatness! Review by Dewey
I have 2 pair of DYO Dashes that are great and I wanted to try the Originals. Went with a smooth black front, buckskin saddle and lite chocolate back. Excellent with khaki or black pants and the Originals are so comfortable! Super for casual / casual business wear. (Posted on 3/15/14)
Versatile Footwear Review by Wallowa Tony
As long as it's not too wet or too cold, these shoes are up to the task. They are great for hiking and backpacking because they are lightweight and the flexible soles give surprising traction. I also used them for stealth in early season big game hunting with great success. Now it's winter and I'm getting back in to running after struggling with IT band problems. Guess what? I don't have any pain from running, and again the flexible soles provide about as much traction as regular running shoes in snowy conditions. They're also great for horseback riding because they slip out of the stirrup better than lug soled hiking boots and the arch of your foot prevents your foot from sliding forward out of the stirrup. These shoes make you realize that you don't really need all the bracing, supporting, and cushioning of modern footwear. Love 'em! (Posted on 2/4/14)
I couldn't be happier Review by mtiff
I was able to run more miles in these than with any other shoes I have tried. By mile two I would begin to get knee cramps in other shoes. With these I was able to go five miles without knee problems ever occuring! They are comfortable, like a soft blanket being worn as a glove over the feet. They allow me lots of natural movement and they stay on my feet. My husband applied mink oil to them. I live in Oregon so I got these because they are water resistant, however rain does eventually soak through. mink oil helps water proff them better :) (Posted on 10/3/13)
amazing shoe Review by soft star fan
I bought this shoe after having a friend rave about Soft Star products. This was my first Soft Star purchase and I couldn't be happier. My feet have actually spread out at the toes and previous foot/ankle pain has gone away. This is after wearing top brand shoes. :)
No break in period and not a single blister (with or without socks). I have since gotten rid of all my other shoes! (Posted on 5/20/13)
Just what I wanted Review by Bmur
After reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall and being a casual runner, held back by frequent stress injuries, I started running barefoot in May 2012. I was trying to increase my miles without injury and would do my usual 4 miles and then go barefoot. I started at a few hundred yards and worked up to 1.5 miles before the weather got cold. My poor circulation wouldn't allow me to continue in the cold. I got these shoes with a 6mm sole for Christmas and picked up right where I left off and have now completed 3 miles with my Saucony Kinvara, followed by 3 in my RunAmocs. I've done this run a few times and feel great afterward. They fit true to size and, although they feel like they're just hanging on my feet like slippers, they don't flop around at all and I get a perfect stride every time. 6mm is MORE than thick enough for the roads, but I haven't made it to the trails yet. (Posted on 1/29/13)
warm and wonderful winter running shoes (Suede) Review by scedastic
I have the suede version, which I guess you don't make right now?
This is my second winter with them. They are very warm with a pair of thin socks, and remain warm even in slushy snow.
I run barefoot in the summer and whenever conditions are nice, in huaraches otherwise, but when the temperatures dip, I have abandoned the idea of all other "minimal" shoes except soft stars.
A year ago, I adjusted the laces, tied them and haven't changed them since.
They do well on snow, in light rain, on trails, on pavement.
I have worn them in single digit F temps.
In fact, I just ordered the MOC3s to be lighter weight for those times when I don't need so much warmth.
The shoes are well constructed and show very little signs of wear.
One of the few types of minimal shoes on the market that I would consider truly minimal and worth every penny. (Posted on 1/17/13)
Good shoes Review by William
I have had hallux limitus for years in that there is pain and stiffness in my toes while walking. These shoes have removed almost any last trace of stiffness, and I can walk for miles all day, and I walk barefoot in the woods when it's warm, whereas before a few mile walk in any other normal shoe would have left pain.

I wore a 12.5 in athletic shoes and ordered the 12U, the largest size. It's the correct length, and the width is good, but I think it could be wider in the area around the toes, because one foot, the pinky toe presses against the edge, although this shoe is far and above in width than normal shoes. Also, the curve in the shoe is alright, but there is a space near the big toe, but it is a bit tight in one foot in terms of width, and I don't wear an E or wide shoe but just a normal size 13 in athletic shoes, so I am wondering if a flat shoe needs such a curve. But I am glad I have found this shoe, and it is a god-send, but my criticism is just that, constructive, because perfection is a target that always should be attempted. Oh and my toes can splay and are not near as cramped as my kigo shoes, which feel like ballerina slippers in terms of width. (Posted on 1/3/13)
Great shoes! Review by Marie
I bought a pair of Original RunAmocs Lite with the trail sole in February of 2011, my first pair of barefoot shoes. I wore them to work, waiting tables at a restaurant, 5 nights a week. I LOVE these shoes. The sole is not non-slip, but with the greater ground feel, I adapted without any falls. My feet definitely feel stronger now. I probably should've replaced the shoes after about a year or year and a half because the heel wore out on the right shoe (driving?), but I wanted to squeeze every bit of life out of them. It's time now to reorder, and I'm going to replace them with another exact pair. (Posted on 12/31/12)
Great minimal shoe! Review by Laurel
I bought the RunAmoc Lite (in red) in April 2011. They were my first minimalist running shoe. This year I competed in my first Ironman 70.3... in my RunAmocs! I rotate through these shoes and Luna sandals (in summer), Vivo Barefoot Breathos (gnarlier trails) and Saucony Hattoris (winter) but the RA's are still going strong. Obviously the tread is wearing down but where else can you get a running shoe that still looks and runs great almost 2 years later. I will definately buy from Soft Star again! (Posted on 12/1/12)
Not bad for rain Review by Megi
I was looking for a shoe for days when it's just wet out but I don't need tall boots. Frankenstorm just passed through and I tried these out today in the wet and rain and they did wonderfully. Feet stayed dry. Didn't slip and fall. I really like that I can sinch them around my ankle. They look looser than they feel when I wear them so I'm okay with the fit. They don't look like a traditional shoe, in fact think regular soft star mocs look more "normal" with pants but for wet winter these are perfect. (Posted on 11/1/12)

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Note: we no longer recommend tracing your feet because it usually gives a larger measurement than the method described below. Our sizing charts work in accordance with the following method.

To measure your feet:

  1. 1. Remove shoes and socks and place the bare foot so that the heel is barely touching a wall.
  2. 2. Place a book in on the floor, parallel to the wall, so that it is barely touching the front of the longest toe.
  3. 3. Step away carefully and measure the distance from the book to the wall.
  4. 4. Scroll down and look for this measurement on the sizing charts below to find the recommended shoe size.


Once you find your length measurement, you can use table below to best find your corresponding size.


Wide/Narrow: Trouble deciding your width? Our best recommendation is to order a wide or narrow only if you have found you need those custom widths in other brands for your feet to be comfortable. If you have never found you needed wide or narrow shoes before then we suggest sticking with our regular width.

Style notes:

If you find yourself between two shoe sizes, we recommend ordering the larger size. This is especially true of our adult Phoenix Boots and Rogue casual shoes, which run a bit small.

The following list shows all of the leather colors used in our workshop.

You will notice that our smooth, full grain leathers come in a variety of grades and styles. We've found some of these to work well on certain shoes, but not on others. For this reason, when you choose to custom design a shoe with smooth leather you will only see certain types available.

Discontinued leather colors are in a separate chart further down on this page. You will no longer find these colors as custom options for new shoes, but you may find them among our Sole Mate or clearance sale shoes.

Click here or scroll to the bottom of this page to read descriptions of our different leather varieties.

Smooth Leathers
(full grain)

 NOVA White Leather NOVA White
 NOVA Black Leather NOVA Black
 NOVA Slate Leather NOVA Slate
 NOVA Chocolate Leather NOVA Chocolate
 NOVA Nutmeg Leather NOVA Nutmeg
 NOVA Red Leather NOVA Red
 NOVA Flamingo Leather NOVA Flamingo
 NOVA Orange Leather NOVA Orange
 NOVA Yellow Leather NOVA Yellow
 NOVA Capers Leather NOVA Capers
 NOVA Grass Green Leather NOVA Grass Green
 NOVA Peacock Leather NOVA Peacock
 NOVA Turquoise Leather NOVA Turquoise
 NOVA Cerulean Leather NOVA Cerulean
 NOVA Ocean Leather NOVA Ocean
 NOVA Purple Leather NOVA Purple
 SUBLIME Flint Leather SUBLIME Flint
 SUBLIME Black Leather SUBLIME Black
 SUBLIME Chocolate Leather SUBLIME Chocolate
 SUBLIME Sienna Leather SUBLIME Sienna
 SUBLIME Hazelnut Leather SUBLIME Hazelnut
 SUBLIME Latte Leather SUBLIME Latte
 SUBLIME Cream Leather SUBLIME Cream
 SUBLIME Eggshell Leather SUBLIME Eggshell
 SUBLIME Oxblood Leather SUBLIME Oxblood
Sublime Blaze Leather SUBLIME Blaze
 SUBLIME Tangerine Leather SUBLIME Tangerine
 SUBLIME Sunflower Leather SUBLIME Sunflower
Sublime Avocado Leather SUBLIME Avocado
 SUBLIME Olive Leather SUBLIME Olive
 SUBLIME Fern Leather SUBLIME Fern
 SUBLIME Pacific Leather SUBLIME Pacific
 SUBLIME Deep Blue Sea SUBLIME Deep Blue Sea
 SUBLIME Azure Leather SUBLIME Azure
 SUBLIME Sky Blue Leather SUBLIME Sky Blue
 SUBLIME Fuchsia Leather SUBLIME Fuchsia
 SUBLIME Purple Leather SUBLIME Purple
 Elk Leather Wildharvested Elk
 SMOOTH Aged Black Leather AGED Aged Black
 SMOOTH Aged Walnut Leather AGED Walnut
 SMOOTH Aged Whiskey Leather AGED Whiskey
 Green Cork with Gold Speckles Green Cork with Gold Speckles
 SHINY Platinum Leather SHINY Platinum
 SHINY Gold Leather SHINY Gold
 SHINY Pewter Leather SHINY Pewter
 SHINY Ruby Leather SHINY Ruby
 SHINY Pink Leather SHINY Pink
 SHINY Royal Leather SHINY Royal

Plonge Leathers

 White Leather PLONGE White
 Plonge Graphite PLONGE Graphite
 Black Leather PLONGE Black
 Dark Hazelnut Leather PLONGE Dark Hazelnut
 Dark Hazelnut Leather PLONGE Taupe
 Tan Leather PLONGE Tan
 Plonge Pearl PLONGE Pearl
 Fuchsia Leather PLONGE Red
 Fuchsia Leather PLONGE Fuchsia
 Pink Leather PLONGE Pink
 Mint Leather PLONGE Mint
 Lime Leather PLONGE Lime
 Plonge Kelp PLONGE Kelp
 Plonge Turquoise PLONGE Turquoise
Plonge Teal PLONGE Teal
 Royal Blue Leather PLONGE Royal Blue
 Robin's Egg Blue Leather PLONGE Robin's Egg Blue
Plonge Purple PLONGE Purple
 Lavender Leather PLONGE Lavender
Dark Cedar Leather RUSTIC Dark Cedar
Light Cedar Leather RUSTIC Light Cedar
Plonge Rustic Crimson RUSTIC Crimson

Suede Leathers

 SUEDE Black Leather SUEDE Black
 SUEDE Chocolate Leather SUEDE Chocolate
 SUEDE Honey Leather SUEDE Honey
 SUEDE Tan Leather SUEDE Tan
 SUEDE Burgundy Leather SUEDE Burgundy
 SUEDE Red Leather SUEDE Red
 SUEDE Watermelon Leather SUEDE Watermelon
 SUEDE Pink Leather SUEDE Pink
 SUEDE Orange Leather SUEDE Orange
 SUEDE Mustard Leather SUEDE Mustard
 SUEDE Forest Green Leather SUEDE Forest Green
 SUEDE Moss Leather SUEDE Moss
 SUEDE Emerald Leather SUEDE Emerald
 SUEDE Royal Leather SUEDE Royal
 SUEDE Medium Blue Leather SUEDE Medium Blue
 SUEDE Turquoise Leather SUEDE Turquoise
 SUEDE Purple Leather SUEDE Purple
 SUEDE Fuchsia Leather SUEDE Fuchsia
 SUEDE Lavender Leather SUEDE Lavender
 SUEDE Zebra Leather SUEDE Zebra
 SUEDE Black with Glossy White Stars Leather SUEDE Black with Stars
 SUEDE Cream with Shiny Gold Stars Leather SUEDE Cream with Gold Stars

Nubuck Leathers 

NUBUCK Pebble Leather NUBUCK Pebble
Nubuck Black Leather NUBUCK Black
Nubuck Coffee Leather NUBUCK Coffee
Nubuck Scotch Leather NUBUCK Scotch
Nubuck Khaki Leather NUBUCK Khaki
Nubuck Loden Leather NUBUCK Loden

LITE Leathers

 LITE White Leather LITE White
 LITE Black Leather LITE Black
 LITE Chocolate Leather LITE Chocolate
 LITE Oxblood Leather LITE Oxblood
 LITE Tangerine Leather LITE Tangerine
 LITE Lime Leather LITE Lime
 LITE Turquoise Leather LITE Turquoise

(animal-free material)

 ULTRASUEDE Royal Blue Leather ULTRASUEDE Royal Blue


Elastic/Sport Closures
(fabric, not leather)

 White Elastic White
 Black Elastic Black
 Brown Elastic Brown
 Beige Elastic Beige
 Red Elastic Red
 Fuchsia Elastic Fuchsia
 Gold Elastic Gold
 Royal Blue Elastic Royal Blue
 Purple Elastic Purple


Discontinued Leathers

These colors are no longer available for new shoes, but you may find them among our pre-made Sole Mate shoes or clearance sale items.
nova-lilac-swatch NOVA Lilac
Sublime Stone Leather SUBLIME Stone
sublime-brandy-swatch SUBLIME Brandy
sublime-cannon-swatch SUBLIME Cannon
sublime-flame-swatch SUBLIME Flame
 SUBLIME Hot Pink Leather SUBLIME Hot Pink
Sublime Terracotta Leather SUBLIME Terracotta
sublime-lime-swatch SUBLIME Lime
sublime-sage-swatch SUBLIME Sage
 SUBLIME Lavender Leather SUBLIME Lavender
 SMOOTH Aged Oak Leather AGED Oak
 Cork Leather Cork (with Gold Speckles)
veggie-thunderhead VEGETABLE TANNED Thunderhead
veggie-dune-swatch VEGETABLE TAN Dune
veggie-chianti VEGETABLE TAN Chianti
veggie-rose-quartz VEGETABLE TAN Rose Quartz
veggie-olive-swatch VEGETABLE TAN Olive
veggie-grey-plum-swatch VEGETABLE TAN Grey Plum
veggie-waikiki VEGETABLE TAN Waikiki
 SHINY Rose Leather SHINY Rose
shiny-sapphire-swatch SHINY Sapphire
shiny-violet SHINY Violet
 SUEDE Grey Leather SUEDE Grey
suede-toast-leather SUEDE Toast
 SUEDE Navy Leather SUEDE Navy
suede-wheat-leather SUEDE Wheat
 LITE Blue Leather LITE Blue
 ULTRASUEDE Ginger Snap Leather ULTRASUEDE Ginger Snap


Nova, Sublime, Plonge... What's the Difference?

  • Smooth NOVA: A durable leather that is slightly stiffer than our other smooth leather options. Used for shoes that need the extra stiffness for proper support. This includes most of our shoes that are stitched directly to the sole, such as our Classics, Sandals, Ramblers and Merry Janes. Texture appearance looks the same as our Sublime and Vegetable Tanned leathers, though grain size can vary throughout every hide.

  • Smooth SUBLIME: A durable smooth leather that is softer than Nova. We use this leather for our "turned" shoes (those that are made inside-out and then turned so the seams are on the inside) because the softer texture wraps around the foot well for a cozy fit. Used for our Roo moccasins, Dash RunAmocs and Primal RunAmocs. Texture appearance looks the same as our Nova and Vegetable Tanned leathers, though grain size can vary throughout every hide.

  • Cork: A very thin fabric lined with cork and gold speckles. This thin material is only available for decorative parts of certain custom shoes, such as Dash RunAmoc sides or Ballerine heels.

  • Smooth Aged Leather: This soft leather has been distressed to give it a rustic look. It is used to make our Rogue shoes and select parts of our other custom shoes.Please note: aged leather peels easily when scuffed.

  • Vegetable-Tanned Leather: The only leather we import from Europe, due to it's highly sustainable properties. While all of our leather meets our sustainable standards (all of our leather is tanned without formaldehyde and colored with non-toxic food grade dye), this leather goes a step further with a purely vegetable-based tanning process using only grass-fed cows raised on controlled sustainable pastures in Germany's Bavarian Alps. Preferred by people with extreme chemical sensitivity. Due to it's high cost, there is an extra surcharge for use of vegetable-tanned leather in custom shoes. Texture appearance looks similar to Nova and Sublime leathers, though grain size can vary throughout every hide. Please note this "naked" leather is likely to show cosmetic flaws and stains easily, even with just water.

  • Shiny Leather: Smooth leather dyed with a glossy finish to give a shiny reflective look. Available for most of our custom shoes that are made from either Nova or Sublime leather. Please note that shiny leather will dull with wear. Here's an example of Shiny Gold toddler moccasins worn for several weeks:


  • Plonge Leather: The softest and lightest leather we could find! Since it is so thin and buttery soft, plonge leather works great for our baby Buttercup moccasins and the decorative trim on our adult Ballerine flats and is only used for these two styles.

  • Suede Leather: Leather made from the lower layers of a hide to give a soft cloth-like texture. Available for select shoes, including kids' moccasins, adult Dash RunAmocs and the heels of our Ballerine flats.

  • Nubuck Leather: A top-grain bovine leather that has been sanded or buffed on the grain side, or outside, to give a slight nap of short protein fibers for a velvet-like surface. Nubuck is unique because it has the durability of a top-grain leather with a soft touch that feels similar to a suede leather. Used for adult Roo moccasins and select special edition shoes.

  • LITE Leather: A thin smooth leather covered in perforation holes to give shoes extra ventilation. LITE leather is a favorite for runners in hot climates as it helps keep feet cool and dry. Used for our RunAmocs and Ballerines.

  • Vegan Ultrasuede Leather: A synthetic animal-free material with a texture similar to suede. Used to make our vegan shoes.