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Boasting a clean, structured look that belies its incredible lightness and flexibility, the ultra-versatile Hawthorne Chukka has the form and function to carry you comfortably through any occasion.

Sizing Note: this shoe fits snugly. If you are between sizes then we recommend ordering the larger size.

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Price $190.00
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This latest addition to our casual footwear line turns you into a barefoot ninja, enabling you to slip in and out of client meetings, date nights, and fine dining establishments without wearing shoes…or at least feeling that way. The Hawthorne adeptly walks the line between rugged and polished, freeing you from ever having to wear stiff, heavy, uncomfortable “dress shoes” again! And since we know you’ll want to wear them forever, we’ve made them out of a rich and supple Dublin leather, featuring a unique waxed finish for added resilience--they can even be resoled! These beautiful Hickory brown boots are handmade, so please allow up to 10 business days for your order to be completed and shipped.

Our Hawthorne Chukkas are now made with a suede innersole.

  • Made in USA: designed and handcrafted in Oregon using US-sourced materials
  • Sustainably designed: resolable by your local cobbler!
  • Breathable and lightweight: approximately 9oz per shoe
  • Flexible zero drop sole between toe and heel with excellent groundfeel
  • Features 8mm Geo sole with 4mm leather midsole. Total outersole: 12mm
  • Suede innersole.
  • Spacious toe box allows feet to stretch comfortably
  • Can be worn with or without socks
  • Premium, responsibly-sourced leathers

Getting cold feet? We also offer sheepskin innersoles specifically designed for the Hawthorne Chukka!

Sorry, but the Hawthorne Chukka is not available as a custom shoe.

Customer Reviews

Fit too tight - terrible customer service Review by Felipe
All right, long story short... these shoes are not true to size. I normally wear 10.5 size and I ordered 11 wide per Sofstar recommendation... they were way too tight I think the right size should be at least 13 wide.

That said,,, the shipping took like 2 months to arrive to Chile and now I have to wait like 2 months more to get my full refund... Soft Star customer service is a Joke !

Dont buy internationally !

Note from the Elves: Felipe we are so sorry this has been so frustrating. We will look into better parcel service to Chile as both your original order and the replacement order took much too long to arrive to you! (Posted on 3/28/18)
They work Review by Brooke
I ordered these for my husband, who is a teacher, so he needs nice looking shoes. I asked him how he would rate them. He said they fit well. They fit well. They work. (Posted on 3/14/18)
These are the best shoes I've ever worn! Review by Jeremiah
I have never spent this much money on a pair of shoes...and I felt a little weird doing so. Until I put them on. Oh my word, these are sooooo comfortable. They feel like butter on my feet. While they're not as minimal as I'd like, knowing that they can be re-soled gives me peace of mind. I find myself wearing these every single day.

They DO run a little tight (I had to send a pair back in exchange for a larger size), so keep that in mind.

Already looking forward to buying another pair soon. (Posted on 1/23/18)
Great shoe! Review by ROB
I now have three of this model: hickory, onyx, and blue. They are super comfortable, better than barefoot. The sizes run *very* small. I typically wear a 10.5 Medium shoe and for these shoes a 12 Narrow fits perfectly (I had to try and return several to get the right size). I go pretty much anywhere, except someplace very formal, with these shoes. The soles can be effectively patched, if worn in spots, with "Shoe Goo" (Posted on 1/15/18)
The fit is awful! Review by Zach
I bought a pair a size up and wide like correct toes recommeded. My big toe was showing and the profile of the shoe and looked ludicrious without the correct toes.
Then I tried them on with correct toes and felt betrayed by correct toes and softstar. They weren't even close to having enough room to accomodate correct toes. I have a narrow foot btw.
Note from the Elves: Thanks for the review Zach. Please know we will help anyway we can to get you a great fit and/or be happy to fully refund you for shoes you have only tried on. We will be sure to pass your feedback along to Correct Toes about their recommendation and sorry they did not work for you. (Posted on 12/22/17)
Will Soon Own In Every Color! Review by Tee
Like reviews have said - these do run on the small side, so i am glad that i sized up one size to a U8 women's regular. But these also stretch fairly easy. And what was important is that I am able to wear my Correct Toes with them - though, if they have not quite stretched enough, can be a little tight. But, like I said, they do stretch.

With that all out of the way, these shoes are beautiful! They are good to look at, very soft to the touch, and are a combo of butter and nothingness on my feet. Never wore such a luxurious comfort short boot in my life like this. I am on a quest for stylish minimalist shoes (we can be honest, most truly foot-healthy shoes lack woefully in that department, especially as it pertains to shoes for women!). I believe that being well put together goes from your head to your shoes. Nothing worse than seeing a nice outfit and some terrible shoes. But, this fall, i reached a crossroads. I was either going to continue to sacrifice my weak, inflexible, chronically fatigued and aching feet for style and "maintaining my reputation", understanding i could very well be functionally crippled in 10 years, or i was going to have to cast vanity to the wind and ruin perfectly good outfits with orthopedic footwear. Well, I had and still have no intention of doing either. Vain I am, and vain I plan to stay (LOL!!!), but without pain and underutilization of my feet. So, i went on a quest to find stylish, minimalist, non-athletic, non-funny looking, footwear to help me to heal and actually strengthen my feet by learning how to use them. So, I bounced from one website to the next (not like there are many), even purchasing several Vibram brand shoes (5 finger CVT wool, CVT linen, cross-training, and Fukoshiki), which are not practical to wear everywhere (though I found some I could work into my work outfits), and a couple of pair of Lems (not my favorite look, though I do kind of like their short boot). But, I was not satisfied. Providentially, I stumbled up on Softstar Shoes.

Now, normally, if I walk into a store and spot a really nice pair of shoes and i see a price over $50 (if that much), I am putting the shoe down and keeping it moving. But, given my desperation for good "normal looking" style incorporable minimalist footwear, I eagerly devoured and redevoured the reviews and sizing tips, ultimately deciding, what the heck. I spent at least $1,800 out of pocket for braces - an investment that has paid off well. It is now time to give my feet a turn. I knew i was taking a big risk though, messing with shoes sight unseen, for my flat, hard to fit feet. If I knew what I now know, I would never have hesitated. I got the suede blue, black and brown pairs. I just turned around and ordered the currant color so that I will now have these in every color (hope they come out with green, tan, burgundy, or customizable flavors).

I am very happy with these shoes and will be trying other SSS styles. Thanks for such a quality product.
(Posted on 12/12/17)
Looks good, great contact with the ground, needed more toe room Review by Ian
Overall I am happy with the shoes. I followed the instructions to go one size up - definitely glad I did so.
Pros - looks good, lightweight, super soft
Cons - Toe box needs more room (They feel cramped and I did not classify as a wide foot)
The color is nice, though I'd like to see a lighter tan color option (Posted on 11/30/17)
Not for extra wide feet Review by Marvin
Really wanted to love this shoe but even after confirming with customer service that my extra wide foot would fit, I had to return them for being too tight.
Be aware that when you return shoes, you need to pay for return shipping. (Posted on 11/29/17)
Great, with a few things to know Review by Josh
These are awesome shoes, they look great and are the only shoes besides my Xero sandals that feel truly minimal. Totally work in a professional or casual environment.

On sizing, like they say they run very true to size, and while they have a nice large toebox, they do slope quite a bit so if your foot is more square you may have to go up a size to accommodate. I did that and they work great.

Also note they are very soft sided, so you aren't going to walk up and slip your foot in without pulling the little loop on the heel with your finger. But once on, wow they are comfy. (Posted on 11/29/17)
The best shoe Review by Helen
I cannot recommend this show enough. It's so comfortable and well fitting - I typically wear a 8.5 sneaker, sized up to a 9 (women's) and can wear two pairs of socks in the fall Chicago weather without anything being too tight. This is the nicest, most comfortable shoe I've ever owned. Softstar will have my business for a long time. (Posted on 11/29/17)
Foot hugging, comfortable and stylish Review by sarhar
I LOVE my Hawthorne Chukka (Hickory). I used the sizing guide to order size 7U (I am usually a women's 8 so this makes sense). But, they were uncomfortably tight at first. This led me to the blog about sizing (, which assured me I had the right size; and I used the suggestion on the blog of stuffing the toes with a dry rag overnight. That trick worked really well to kick start the shoes to stretch to my feet. I AM NOW IN LOVE. I don't think the photos do the shoe justice - they are beautiful and more feminine than they look online. And SoftStar customer service, along with the NAFTA approval for easy duty-free shipping to Canada, is INCREDIBLE. (Posted on 11/19/17)
Great shoes! Review by Ty
These are a great, comfortable minimalist shoe.. The leather is soft and high-quality, the sole is minimal and comfortable. I use mine as my winter "indoor shoes" at work. The sizing was significantly different than other Softstar shoes. I needed to go up a full size and go to a wide width for mine to fit properly. I suggest providing the elves with your foot measurements. I did not reduce the rating due to the sizing inconsistency because they are excellent shoes. (Posted on 11/10/17)
A++ Review by Cece
Love them! Snug fit, barefoot feel (Posted on 11/3/17)
They even fit hobbit feet Review by Faith
I have adorable hobbit feet. They are wide with short stubby toes that spread. I sent the elves an email and they helped me pick the right size, I was sure they would be tight across the top of my foot but nope, the sizing is great. It's a bit roomy but when I use those heavenly wooly inserts it's exactly right.

So, if you want your foot wear to be on point while you chase your kids around, go on nature hikes while working as a pack mule, grab the nteenth cheese stick of the day and still feel up to waiting in line for your favorite coffee, then get these shoes. While your four year old screams on the floor because you asked them to wear pants to library, you can just look at your shoes and smile
(Posted on 10/22/17)
Best Shoe Ever Review by David C
I bought my first pair in early 2016, and wear them every day. At first I babied them, thinking they would not be that durable, but they have held up well with no special consideration other than not wearing them in heavy rain. By far the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. My only suggestion for the elves would be to please consider offering repair services at some point. I had these re-soled recently by a local shoe repair place, and the new soles are not bonding that well. I would happily pay you to restore them to new-ish once in a while! (Posted on 10/18/17)
I wish the toe box was roomier Review by Suzi
I really like these shoes. They have a nice appearance and would be quite comfortable for many other people. I purchased these assuming I could wear the Correct Toes toe spacer with them. Even though I ordered the wide, It is still too snug with the spacer. I feel like the next size up may be too long for me to adjust to walking in (I do still occasionally stumble in the size I have due to the attractive way the leather is stitched to the sole). I was considering whether I wanted to return them to try the next size up, as I wore them around the house, and ended up getting a bit of grease on them so I had to keep them. Happily, they have stretched enough to be comfortable without the spacer, and the grease stain did disappear when I treated them to be water repellent. I am leaving off a star because it was not clear that these are not really made to accommodate the toe spacer. I really wanted to wear these on my on-my-feet-all-day job, but cannot because I need the spacers on my feet while I work. I am very happy with the DASH RunAmoc, which are very accommodating to my strange feet and the toe spacers (the soft leather used for them stretches nicely). I just wanted the thicker leather of the Chukka's to protect my toes a little more on the job. (Posted on 10/12/17)
Awesome exchange policy, lovely service. Review by Rachael
The first pair were slightly too firm and the Mr was not 100% they were the right fit. Not too worry, I sent them back and ordered a wide width and an extra size for good measure. The new shoes arrived and he was 100% happy with the fit. They do run a little snug, so take the advice and go up a size, and don't forget to factor in sock choice as well. If you are a minimal shoe wearer and like room in the toe box, go for a wide width. The Mr has a beautiful pair of dress boots- (Australian) R.M.Williams but I don't think he will ever wear them again as these are classy and much more comfortable. He's never had a pair of dress shoes that a comfortable straight out of the box like these. (Posted on 9/7/17)
Soooo comfortable Review by SNhouston
I love the Hawthorne Chukkas. They are almost like going barefoot (but warmer :). My first pair was currant (red). Saved up and got the hickory--which is a very versatile medium brown color--goes with so much of my wardrobe. Now saving up to get the black. (Posted on 9/5/17)
Wonderful shoes Review by Jo Bell
I love wearing my softstar chukkas. My feet no longer hurt from wearing stiff, narrow shoes. They go with almost any outfit. I know that they were made ethically. They are worth every penny. (Posted on 9/1/17)
Love my Hawthorne Chukkas :) Review by Suzanne
I loved the fit and softness of my currant Hawthorne Chukkas, and needed them in additional colors. The hickory color is beautiful, and the changes SoftStar has made make them even better (sewn in suede lining, color on edges of leather where soles attach). Saving up to buy them in onyx, too. (Posted on 8/14/17)
Favorite footwear! Review by ROB
I have two pair, black and hickory, and I wear one almost every day. They are very comfortable. They run small, my normal size is 10.5 and these are size 12. (Posted on 7/28/17)
Hiking in Iceland Review by Orlando
I took a pair of these on my trip to Iceland for a week with high hopes, and it ended up being a great decision. The shoes were comfortable all through and took on the varied terrain with ease. From walking on black sand beaches to jagged lava caves and snowy mountains, they handled it all in stride. Even when I stood under a glacial waterfall and the leather got soaked through, they dried quickly in the sun and just kept on going. I'm very impressed with the performance and have made these my main hikers. And if they can handle Iceland with comfort and style, then I can pretty much wear them anywhere else with ease.

Only designs note: would like some eyelets in the lace holes in future models for some resilience, especially when they get wet. (Posted on 6/26/17)
Wow! Review by Rory Jamie
Just beautifully crafted boots! The leather is butter soft and once worn in becomes even better. I'm from Australia and there is nothing of this quality here in barefoot footwear. (Posted on 6/22/17)
Best. Ever. Review by Ezekiel
I don't write reviews for products. I delete every single request to give my $0.02. The fact that I'm willing to sit down and espouse my love for these shoes should be enough, but there's more. These are the best shoes ever. Seriously. I don't want to take them off, and I hate wearing shoes. I will never buy another shoe in my life. They are an investment, but hot damn, they're worth it. The SoftStar team have found the magic shoes sauce, and they're willing to share it with you. YES! I waited months before pulling the trigger and buying these, and for that, I apologize to my feet for making them wait. If you are on the fence, do yourself a favor and BUY THESE SHOES. You won't regret it. You might even be called to stand on a soapbox and declare your love. Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy you these shoes, and these shoes will make you really happy.

Note from the Elves: WOW! WOW!! WOW!!! Thanks Ezekiel!! (Posted on 6/20/17)
Cloud 10 Review by Nocona
Forget being on cloud 9, these beauties take it to cloud 10. The comfort is off the charts. The looks are classic and you can travel Europe and the world in style or kick around in them all day in the countryside. Pound the sidewalks, run after buses and trains, float in and out of cafe's. Work in the office in them and then go out to the evening party. No reason to take these off. These babies do it all. Feel the earth under you in comfort. These barefoot shoes will be a go to anytime of the day or night. Don't forget, if the soles happen wear out after a several years, just get 'em resoled. I'm thinking the shoes can last at least 25 years if you put on the leather protection and weatherproofing every now and then. The quality is off the charts. I'm getting the Rogues ASAP and then try the Ramblers. The customer service is the best I've experienced from any company since the 1970's, and that's saying a lot!!! (Posted on 4/23/17)
Great replacement for CDB Review by Seth
Love these things. Bought as minimalist alternative to desert boot and will never go back. Have had them for about 3 months now and wear approx 3 times per week to work. I typically wear a size 10 in most shoes and went with an 11 wide in these. I could have probably gone 11 standard, but I don't mind the extra width, especially with a slightly thicker sock like I normally wear to work. I would consider these the most comfortable pair of shoes I currently own. The leather is pretty soft so my only concern is long term durability. Mind you, I have no reason to question the durability at this point as they are still pretty new--just the one concern I would have for the long haul. I think with intelligent care and occasional treatment of the leather, these should last a while. (Posted on 3/17/17)
The actual perfect shoe Review by Jillaine
I received my chukka boots about 2 weeks ago and have worn them every day since. They fit absolutely perfect, they are the most comfortable shoe I've ever put on my foot, and they keep my feet surprisingly warm. They look fantasic with everything that i wear and can comfortably go anywhere. They've gone through snowy -12+ degrees so far wonderfully and will be taking me all around Europe this summer. I typically wear size 8 or 8 1/2, I ordered a (women's) 9 and they fit perfectly to my foot. No uncomfortable breaking in, no sore feet, just pure shoe bliss. (Posted on 2/3/17)
Soft Review by Jerrie
I buy a pair of minimal shoes every time I run another 1,000 miles barefooted. This helps me feel I am barefooted when I have on shoes.
The Hawthorne Chukka - Hickorys are for my 4,000 mile reward. They are light, soft, comfortable. I am enjoying them and receive questions and compliments each time I wear them. They feel better each time I put them on.

Note from the Elves: WOW Jerrie!! Congrats on all your barefooting miles!! (Posted on 1/17/17)
Best Shoes Review by Colin
I have previously been unable to wear minimalist shoes... which were often to tight, narrow and uncomfortable for me feet. These shoes, ordered in 'wide' were absolutely perfect and are more comfortable by the day. (Posted on 1/13/17)
Ridiculously comfortable and perfect Review by Kevin
I've loved these shoes from the moment I got them. They look great, feel great, have terrific quality, and are truly minimalist. My only advice is to be careful wearing these in wet weather; they don't repel water very well, which might be by design. I'm planning to try some wax on the leather in the future. All in all, a fantastic boot and one that I plan to buy over and over again! (Posted on 1/9/17)
My favorite shoes Review by Nathaniel
I love the classic look of these shoes, it's hard to even tell they are minimalist. They are some of the most comfortable shoes I own and they look great with just about everything. The leather is incredibly soft and they are ready to wear right out of the box, they don't take any time to break in. The thickness of the sole is great, theyre thin enough to feel the ground and have great flexibility, but thick enough so that walking on rough surfaces like gravel is still comfortable.
I only have two minor worries with the shoe. One, there is a small tag on the sole inside each shoe which I can feel poking me through my socks. It makes them slightly annoying to wear without the suede insoles. Two, the eyelets for the laces have no reinforcement and I'm not sure how they will hold up in the long run. These two issues are so small though I don't think they're enough reason to give less than a five star review due to comfort, style, and quality of these shoes! (Posted on 1/2/17)
Great option for minimalist boots Review by Lynette
I've been embracing the barefoot shoe lifestyle since March. However a majority of that time has been warm, dry weather, perfect for sandals and ballet flats. Now that fall weather has arrived, I needed something to keep my feet warm without compromising my sense of style. These boots fit the bill. Comfortable and fashionable enough. It's hard to breakaway from the thought that shoes need a heel to be stylish on a woman, but the comfort and design of these are helping me to be confident in my new style. (Posted on 11/11/16)
Beautiful shoes Review by Sarah
Beautiful, soft, comfortable. My favorite shoes ever. I got them, along with sheepskin inner soles, as the weather cooled here in the Pacific northwest. I treated them with Bee Natural Leathercare to help with the rain. They've kept up pretty well! I wear women's size 12 extra narrow. They fit like a dream and the quality of the materials and craftsmanship speak for themselves. (Posted on 11/6/16)
Exceedingly pleased! Review by Hillbilly
Ive been wearing these boots non-stop since receiving them. They are exactly what I've been looking for. Theyre stylish and functional, suitable for wearing with my Sunday's best, but just as appropriate with jeans and a t shirt. Having worn runamocs for years now I had high expectations for these and they have definitely surpassed my expectations! These even work well for running to catch the bus in the morning! They took a day or so to stretch out but were comfortable right out of the box. I'm almost afraid to scuff them or get them dirty, I don't want them to wear down :( Anyway, im very happy with these. Thanks for another quality offering! (Posted on 10/17/16)
Quite Comfortable Review by Bambi
I have a small foot (men's 5 1/2). How nice it was to find a shoemaker who makes shoes to my size.
The shoes are so comfortable, just the right length and with a wide toe box.
I had to send one pair back b/c, to my amazement, they were too short. There was no hassle at all. I received the right size shoes promptly. Great customer service.
(Posted on 4/28/16)
Just gorgeous Review by Clarissa
I love these shoes so much! They are great for city walking--very flexible, flat, wide toe box, but just a bit springier than other Soft Stars I've tried. And they are quite flattering to my very large (women's size 11) feet. The leather is beautiful, too. (Posted on 2/24/16)
Love my new shoes! Review by Jocelyn
These shoes are so, so soft and wonderful on my feet. I don't want to wear anything else. And they may be comfortable, but they don't look like "comfortable" shoes (which are usually horribly ugly). I'm so happy that I no longer have to sacrifice style for happy feet! The leather is beautiful and is holding up well to winter (I treated them before wearing them outside in the salt and slush). I have a 7U and usually wear a women's 8, and these are a tad big on me, but I never tried the smaller size (I feared that it would be too small). After tripping over the toes a few times my feet have gotten used to the size and I appreciate how much nice space there is for my toes to be free. I will buy another pair of Soft Stars as soon as I can manage it. (Posted on 2/14/16)
My husband's favorite shoes Review by Michigan Minimalist
My husband previously bought another pair of Soft Stars for work... I don't remember what they were called, but he liked them okay. Now, he wants these in black and brown. He says that while he loves his other Soft Stars, these are his favorites and feels they look extremely professional. I agree. During the first week we got these shoes, we got stuck in Chicago during a winter storm and the streets flooded. As we had no other shoes with us, these things were submerged completely in icy/salty water on and off for hours. Though they certainly look worn now, they stood up to the conditions and are still wearable. I am bummed that happened, but we will be buying more of this shoe. (Posted on 1/4/16)
Insanely comfortable Review by MarthaCalifornia
I own several styles of Soft Star shoes and I think these are my favorites. Insanely comfortable right out of the box. Worn the first time for several hours with no break-in at all. The hickory leather is a classic chukka color. The onyx is beautiful too, almost dressy. I wish they came in a nice dark blue! (Posted on 12/11/15)
Yeah! Review by Ann
Really glad to have a minimal shoe with a more rugged tread on the sole. Thrilled that they are available in the wide width!!!!!!! They are comfortable. I do wish for more room around the big toe. I ordered the wide width, as I always do. I have the kind of big toe that sort of sticks up . . . you can almost always see the outline of my big toe nail through my shoes. That is the place my shoes wear out first. I've worn these about 15 times now, for one to several hours each time. There are still tighter than I'd like over the big toe. Other than that these are great shoes. VERY nice looking. I've gotten several compliments on them. Keep up the great work, Soft Star! FYI: I did try a size bigger, but they were too long. (Posted on 12/8/15)
Fabulous! Review by Christine
I adore my new Hickory Chukkas! The color is luscious, the fit is great (Soft Star size 9N, my usual Soft Star size). I love the thicker soles, feel so comfy walking around. I’m so glad I splurged and bought these! They’re fabulous - it's true, these chukkas are just right! (Posted on 12/4/15)
Just right! Review by Becky L.
I'd been searching for a minimalist/barefoot chukka-style shoe for a while now and was thrilled when Soft Star unveiled their latest design. I wear a 5U in Soft Stars (I'm usually a women's size 6) and initially ordered "up" in this style as recommended, but realized that the 6U would be too large once the leather stretched. Now after wearing my 5U's for several weeks, I can say I'm glad I went with my regular size. At first, the toe box area was a little tight, but now the shoe overall is perfect...fits my foot like a soft glove with a more substantial sole. I've worn thinner socks with them, but I imagine they'd be fine barefoot, too. I added sheepskin insoles to mine (after allowing the shoes to stretch out first), making my feet slip less and adding softness and a little warmth. The hickory color is a perfect brown to go with everything! The only thing I'd wish for would be shorter laces...a problem I have with many shoes in my smaller size. I'm hoping these hold out for years to come...they're just what I wanted.

Note from the Elves: Thanks Becky! You might want to try our leather laces as you can trim them to whatever length you would like! Also we might have some shorter laces available for you, but probably not in the same waxed version you have now. (Posted on 12/2/15)
Style AND comfort! Review by Kikki
With or without socks these are hands down the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. I occasionally feel a tiny bit of rubbing from the seam near the instep, but this likely has to do with the fact that my feet are high volume with low arches; regardless, there has so far been no irritation associated with this, it's just something I have noticed. I wish I could justify buying the other two colors right now!! These have instantly become my go-to everyday shoe. The leather softly hugs the feet, and the insole/vibram geo combo feels comfortable without being too squishy. I love my Hawthorne Chukkas! (Posted on 10/29/15)
Classically Cool, CRAZY Comfortable! Review by Jana
I am a Soft Star "Elf" and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to do an advance review of the Hawthorne Chukka. I was SUPER excited to try the shoe, as I really love taking traditional "men's" fashion pieces and putting my own spin on them. I chose the the red, "Currant" color because I thought they would make a bold-yet-classy statement; boy, was I right! I receive compliments every time I wear them, and I wear them constantly! They look great with jeans and a fitted flannel, but my favorite way to show them off is sock-less with a dress or skirt. All of my friends, both men and women, want a pair, especially after I take them off and let them feel how, soft, light, and flexible they are!

The sole has a classic, traditional look while still giving me great ground feel– they are perfect for keeping me out of the puddles now that the rainy Pacific Northwest winter is on its way. The Vibram GEO soles feel great after all day on my feet and walking around town. The innersole is a very beautiful, smooth leather (looks very dressy) but is new and different from my Soft Star experience with suede soles. I tried adding a sheepskin innersole. When the shoes were new, this felt too snug and I took them out – but now that I have been wearing the shoes for a few months they have stretched a little - I added the sheepskin innersoles back in and feel like I have a warm winter boot in the package of a dress shoe. I also like the smooth innersole now – just was different from what I expected. They look great after 2 months of continuous wear. You've GOT to try this shoe :)

(Posted on 10/6/15)

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Care Tips for Full Grain (smooth) Leather Shoes


Softstar Shoes are made from eco-friendly leathers tanned in the USA. Leather is a natural product and some variation in texture and hide markings is to be expected. Because we use leather colored with non-toxic food grade dyes, there will likely be some initial color transfer to your socks or skin if your shoes become damp. This will decrease with use, but we don't recommend wearing your new Softstars with your favorite white socks the first time you take them for a spin. 


If your shoes are a little snug at first in the toe box area, you can gently stretch them by stuffing the toe box with a dry cloth. Push the cloth tightly into the front of the shoe and let sit stuffed overnight to stretch. Do not use a damp cloth as the water can stain the leather or innersole of some leather types, rendering it non-returnable.



Most full grain leather we use is naturally water resistant, but our special vegetable-tanned leather (available only by custom selection on some of our design-your-own shoes) is a "naked" leather and will stain from water alone. You can clean shoes as needed with water dampened cloth and let air dry, but please note if you do this on vegetable-tanned leather then you will need to wet/stain the entire shoe to avoid water marks. Condition the leather as often as desired with any quality leather dressing, but be careful to keep it away from the edges of your rubber soles. Do not use mink oil on your shoes, as it can degrade the adhesion on bonded soles and cause the sole to separate from your shoe over time. We highly recommend Bee Natural Amore for general conditioning or Rain & Snow or Nikwax Full Grain Waterproofing on smooth leather for enhanced water resistance. The color on shiny metallic shoes will eventually patina with use into an antique wear look, which can be accelerated with repeated use to water and high wear (e.g. scuffing toes).



We do not recommend frequent washing of any leather product as it strips the leather of it's natural oils and tends to dry stiffer. For all of our leathers (except vegetable-tanned) you can clean by hand with a damp cloth, or if needed you can hand wash your leather shoes using a gentle shampoo and cool water. Let them air dry. Do not attempt to dry your shoes by exposing them to high heat, such as a clothes dryer, a hair dryer or by leaving them on a radiator or next to a fire. Doing so may damage leather or rubber soles.


We are often asked if our shoes can be washed in a washing machine. While not recommended as a normal course of action, when in dire straits the Elves have been known to toss a pair of shoes in the machine and generally have had good results. Just don't mix them with any other item because of color bleeding. Shoes with sheepskin can take 3-4 days to air dry if fully submerged in water, but you can speed up the drying by stuffing with old newspapers and replacing the paper twice a day.