Softstar's 2022 Year in Review

Softstar's 2022 Year in Review

As we head into 2023, all of us here at Softstar want to thank you for a terrific year! Here a few highlights looking back.

New Shoes

The Elves are always designing new styles and improving old ones based on customer input, and 2022 was no different. Due to supply chain disruptions, we had to adjust our expectations a little, but we were still proud to launch an all-leather version of the Switchback Boot and a limited edition of a new Oxford dress shoe.

Oxford Dress Shoe

Finding Our Way Back to "Normal"

2022 was all about finding our way back to normal post-COVID. Putting the pandemic behind us meant learning to interact as a team again. Just moving our sewing machines closer together again and taking down plastic sheeting didn’t make everything “right”. We actually had to consciously work on talking, sharing and problem solving together after 24 months of working masked and separately. Our team invested in a month-long series of LEAN teamwork training, play-day, and several communication classes. Additionally, a return to fun-filled employee gatherings helped us get back in the swing of things.

March 2022 Play Day
Play Day 2022: Elves Deb, Mark, Hava and Kat getting ready for their dance routine 

In 2022 our family members were also free to start visiting the workshop again. Having our work place integrated with our families and communities is one of our core values, and it felt like new life here again!

Elf Kenna with Charlotte
Elf Kenna with adorable Charlotte! 

Passing the Torch / Team Growth

When C.Elf.O. emeritus Larkin left this summer for adventures in Malaysia, she left huge boots to fill in terms of project management, metrics, IT and all things data. Marketing Warlord Martin and Professional Money Spender Patty, each with over a decade of devotion to Softstar, also moved onto new opportunities. We miss them all dearly. 

This summer we hired nine new elves—the biggest batch of training Softstar has ever undertaken.

All this change was hard, but it also meant a lot of internal growth and skill building. We end the year feeling strong and competent.

Trish, Larkin, and Tim
Celebrating Elf Larkin, pictured here with C.Elf.O Trish and Softstar Founder Tim

It has been a good year, and we would not be here without you. We are fortunate to be able to craft our made-in-USA leather shoes for such incredible customers. From the Elves, big thanks and cheers to you!


  1. Roger Sargent
    I just bought a pair of Primal Sawyer in gray color. I live part time I Oregon . Most of the time in Lucerne Switzerland..
    I told my friends in I'll buy a pair . They want to see them.
    Please make sure there are no issues.
    Thank you
    1. Elf Benjamin
      Hi Roger, it may take 1-2 weeks to make the shoes before shipping them. Otherwise, we are still making the gray Sawyers so there will be no issues fulfilling your order.
      Elf Benjamin

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