Kick Off 2018 with Our Fit Feet GIVEAWAY!

Kick Off 2018 with Our Fit Feet GIVEAWAY!

Ah, December. The last month of the year (and usually the coldest) always tempts us to hibernate under our cozy covers with hot tea and a cookie or two instead of getting ourselves outside or to the gym. However, the good news is we are quickly approaching 2018 with an amazing opportunity to set new health goals for the New Year.

That’s why we're giving away this fitness-inspired package to help you incorporate more movement and strength into your life... valued over $500!

This prize package includes:

  • 1 Fitbit Ionic Smart Watch ($300 value)
  • 1 Pair of Softstar RunAmocs (up to $175 value)
  • Book: Born to Run by Christopher McDougall ($29 value)
  • Book: The Cool Impossible by Eric Orton ($16 value)
  • Slant Wobble Board ($40 value)
  • Everlast Stability Ball ($30 value)


More about these prizes hand-picked by our staff:

Fitbit Ionic Smart Watch: This new smartwatch is full of awesome features to get you moving. The Fitbit Ionic allows you to track your steps, heart rate, and distance throughout the day. It also features a built-in GPS, complete water resistant swim tracking, long battery life, and more!

1 Pair of Softstar shoes: Choose from our three RunAmoc styles, the Dash, the Moc3, or the Primal. All of these styles are perfect for athletic or casual use, and the flexible materials and minimal zero-drop soles will keep your feet primed and ready for any adventure. You can even choose your own colors!

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall: If you’re looking for some inspiration on your minimal running journey or just a plain interesting read, this book is for you! Born to Run tells the story of a man’s journey to find a tribe of the world’s greatest distance runners and the lessons he learns from them along the way.

The Cool Impossible by Eric Orton: This book, written by running coach and performance expert Eric Orton (also featured in Born to Run), is full of challenging foot strength exercises, a step-by-step strength program, nutrition strategies, and other tips on how to get the most out of your miles... and out of yourself!

Freo Slant Wobble Board and Stability Ball: These fitness tools fit seamlessly with the exercises Eric Orton recommends in his book The Cool Impossible. The slant wobble board is extremely versatile for a wide variety of strengthening foot and calf exercises, and the exercise ball can aid in building core strength and balance.

There you have it... everything you need to start the New Year on the right foot. Entering is super easy—just enter your email address below. Share this contest after entering to increase your chances of winning!

This Contest Has Ended

Congratulations to our winner: Danielle from Pontotac, Mississippi!

Thanks to everyone who entered! We'll have another contest soon, so sign up for our newsletter to learn about the next one.

Open worldwide to anyone 18 years of age or older. Void where prohibited by law. Contest ends at midnight (PT) on Wednesday, January 10, 2018. Winner will be randomly selected and contacted via email.

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  1. Maria
    Having some wonderful pairs of Soft Star shoes, another pair would be awesome! Today I was trying to formulate a good exercise program to help with some medical issues I have, and this contest appeared in my e-mail. Hope I win!
  2. Mike podewell
  3. Jacqueline Kelly
    I hope to make some significant changes in my lifestyle this year and great tools help. I hope I win!
  4. Sharon Ashmore
    Would love to a new year with this great fitness package....Fitness and health is a part of my goals for 2018
  5. Carlos Escobar
    Fit Feet Giveaway 2018
  6. Philip R. Spada
    I am 75 years old and love the comfort of my Soft Star shoes. I’ve worn them all over the world and especially love them onboard ships. They grip the deck on rolling seas and just feel damned good on my feet!
  7. MarBeth
    Love my Softstar shoes!! Would love to win!!
  8. Mary Otis
    Great to kick off 2018 with Our Fit Feet Giveaway.
  9. Elisabeth Boggs
    Thanks for running this give away. All I wear are softstar shoes. I love them. Now both of my boys would like a pair.!
  10. debbie  wilson
    This is What The Doctor Ordered !!!!! Got 2 Get Off the Couch And Work-out !!!
  11. Crystal Wells
    I am so happy I caught this email....i have four little ones and trying to teach them about being fit and healthy this new....this would help mama keep up with them all....grateful if we win
  12. Amber
    I would love to try a pair of these shoes for the first time!
  13. Almuth Koby
    Love this chance to maybe receive a free pair of Soft Star shoes! The other items are fun, too. However, I regret that I will have only once chance to win, since I do not use social media (facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc).
  14. Martin
    I already have two pairs of Softstar Shoes that I like very much. Another pair would be great. Exercise is a big part of my day (I have Parkinson's) so I'd prefer to incorporate the exercise in the best way possible. Softstar Shoes is one very good way.
  15. John
    This is the way to go
  16. Sarah jenkins
    Would love to be the winner! A new watch would help time my workouts better and track my exercise! Would love a good pair of running shoes to be able to better my workout as well as a few books to read on my down time
  17. Sheri O’Brien
    I am getting ready to start daily walking again. I would love to win these! Thank you.
  18. Scott Winchester
    I could REALLY use this to get back into shape some day soon..Really NEED it oo
  19. Angela
    Thank you for promoting healthy feet, healthy environments, and healthy spirits. I don't know what I would do without my bullhide sole dashes. Thank you thank you!
  20. Marcie
    Your shoes are amazing, this a great contest for hettingbiff to a good new year.
  21. Jennifer
    I love these and now need smaller ones because I've lost 90lb
  22. carey
    What a great many goodies!
  23. Erica
    More Softstar shoes? Yes, please! I just had surgery to repair an umbilical hernia (from almost 30 years ago) and am ready to get fit for 2018.
  24. Rita
    Thanks for the sweet giveaway!!
  25. Deedra
    Hurray for healthy feet!
  26. jessica tyack
    Awesome giveaway!
  27. S
    I live in your shoes and would live to win. I spent the last year and a half unable to walk and in a wheelchair chair due from tendon damage from the antibiotic Cipro. Recently I started walking and doing physical theraphy. I am hoping I will heal enough to get back to my athletics self within the year. I've been supporting soft star shoes for 7 years. Wearing your shoes has been a part of my recovery as they actually support my body naturally instead of causing physical issues.
  28. Heather
    Thanks for the post HOLIDAY goodies! These will be fun to use.
  29. Sam
    Winning this would be the best thing ever! I live your shoes and tell everyone about them!
  30. Wendy
    I would love to win this package for my daughter. Every year for Xmas we buy her soft star shoes as she can not afford them. She has been wearing your shoes for years!
  31. Wendy
    I would love to win this package for my daughter. Every year for Xmas we buy her soft star shoes as she can not afford them. She has been wearing your shoes for years!
  32. Joseph Fleming
    Good things to stay healthy. All are nice prizes. Way to go.
  33. Mickie
    love it!!!
  34. Nocona
    I feel lucky I'm going to win this contest. Nobody else should sign up. LOL!

    Best shoes in the world.
  35. sheri
    I have never been able to afford a pair yet, and I would love to so much esp to run in them, also the fit bit and everything else would be so very amazing!!!!!
  36. Stacy Giacosa-Bauer
    Stacy Giacosa-Bauer
    I love Softstar Shoes! Fabulous Giveaway! Thank You & Happy New Year!!
  37. Jonathan
    I want it.....
  38. Cheryl B
    Perfect way to start the New Year on healthy feet.
  39. Olivia clow
    I hoping to have better health i has been sick from Halloween to now.I have to eat more fruit and vegetables. I walk all the time. I love to have good shoes .Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.
  40. jiawei
    love the items in this giveaway, cannot wait
  41. Jill
    What a generous giveaway !
  42. Laura Figueroa
    LOVE this giveaway! And LOVE LOVE LOVE softstar shoes! :)
  43. Teva
    Amazing package of goodies.
  44. Sheila Fiske
    Thanks for this great giveaway! I have been eating healthier and exercising regularly for a year. These prizes would definitely be beneficial in helping me continue to do so. Thanks for the chance to win.
  45. Marsha Hettman
    Awesome contest! Thank you Softstar and the elves for the opportunity to win some amazing prizes all in the quest for getting healthier in 2018. Love all my Softstar shoes. Thank you!
  46. Donna Myers
    Thank you for your generosity!
  47. Irena
    Amazing giveaway! I need these in next year!
  48. Anon
    I wish they let us share our contest link by email for those without facebook etc accounts
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