Cozy Up to Our New ‘Sparky’ Children’s Sheepskin Slippers

Cozy Up to Our New ‘Sparky’ Children’s Sheepskin Slippers

We have some warm, fuzzy news for you, friends. Just in time for fall and winter, we’re now making our ultra-cozy Fireside slippers in kids' sizes!

Our kids’ version, appropriately called the “Sparky,” is available in two colors for both child sizes and youth sizes. Choose from chocolate brown with red trim or a lighter stonytip brown with darker chocolate trim.

Our adult Fireside slippers have been popular indoor shoes that feel like a “hug for your feet,” as one of our customers described. This Fireside fan went on to say, “I love how lightweight and flexible these are! They keep my feet warm without hindering their movement, and the soft, snuggly interior is about the most decadent thing I've ever felt.” Now all members of the family can enjoy this snuggly foot hug while they hang out together on chilly evenings in their matching handmade slippers.



Youth and child Sparky slippers with a pair of Adult Fireside slippers.

What’s Special About Our Kids’ Slippers?

In the world of children’s and youth slippers, we couldn’t find anyone else out there offering the kind of high-quality, handcrafted slippers we envisioned for the Sparky. So, we decided to set to work creating something really special and one-of-a-kind for kids. Here are some of the new slipper’s features:

  • Made with incredibly soft, flexible suede soles.
  • Fully lined with ultra-comfy genuine sheepskin, which is a natural temperature regulator.
  • Breathable materials.
  • Option to get replacement innersoles, meaning you can pass the slippers on from kid to kid!
  • Feather-light design, offering that classic barefoot feel that’s healthy for growing feet.
  • Can be worn cuff up to cover the ankle or down as a more traditional slipper.
  • Each pair is handcrafted by our small crew here in Oregon.

We think kids are going to absolutely love the feel of these soft slippers. Plus, they’re made to last—so we’re especially excited to be able to offer the replacement sheepskin innersoles. If one kid outgrows the slippers, they can be passed between siblings, relatives or friends! Just add cozy new innersoles and they’ll be good as new—ready to get more miles on them.



Great Gift Idea for Kids

As the holidays approach and kids’ birthdays come up, keep the Sparky slippers in mind for a special gift. What kid wouldn’t be thrilled to play and lounge in something so cozy and sweet? I can just imagine creating a gift pack with some Sparky slippers, cocoa mix, and a couple of great kids’ books.

If you get some slippers for a child in your life, please feel free to report back here. We’re always thrilled to hear your feedback!

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