Strong From the Ground Up SWEEPSTAKES: Win a Heart Rate Monitor and RunAmocs!

Strong From the Ground Up SWEEPSTAKES: Win a Heart Rate Monitor and RunAmocs!


Did you (like us) overload on cookies this holiday season? Feeling a bit sluggish after marathoning the complete Star Wars saga last week? Are you entering the new year with resolutions to get active and undo some fruitcake damage?

We know the feeling, and we want to help you bring out your best. Before you drop hundreds of dollars on a gym membership you'll only use for the first half of January, consider our latest offer...

For our first giveaway in 2016, you can enter to win a FREE fitness package! One lucky winner will receive a $300 gift set to inspire some serious health.


Prizes include the following:

  • 1 Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor
  • 1 pair of Custom RunAmocs from Soft Star Shoes
  • 1 copy of Natural Born Heroes, by Christopher McDougall
  • 1 copy of The Endurance Handbook, by Dr. Phil Maffetone

More about the gifts:

These gifts were hand-picked by our staff because they work so well together to encourage a natural fitness philosophy...

Natural Born Heroes
is the latest book by author Christopher McDougall (of Born to Run fame). Retracing the steps of an unprecedented Allied mission from WWII, McDougall questions why some people turn into heroes while exploring how images of health and fitness have changed over the years. This captivating tale will challenge your idea of what it means to be "in shape" and motivate you to pursue a workout that is truly fun and effective. Hardcover Value: $26.95 USD.

Acclaimed running guru Dr. Phil Maffetone has mentored countless athletes over the past four decades with his tried and tested Maffetone Method. This incredibly simple system uses heart rate training to maximize fat burning and endurance while keeping injuries at bay. In his recently released Endurance Handbook, Maffetone sums up his findings and lays the groundwork to help you become the best YOU ever! Paperback Value: $17.99 USD.

If these books inspire you like we think they will, then you'll definitely want a heart rate monitor to build a fat-burning aerobic base. The Mio Alpha is our pick for it's ease of use, rechargeable battery and snazzy style. Best of all, it's one of the few monitors on the market that accurately measure your active heart rate without a chest strap! This device can sync with most smartphones for additional fitness tracking features. Value: $139.00 USD.

Of course, once you're ready to start moving you'll need the right shoes, and what could be better than a brand new pair of RunAmocs? Our Dash, Original and Moc3 RunAmoc designs are all lightweight, versatile and comfortable for a wide range of activities. The zero-drop sole and flexible design will help your feet move naturally (as Maffetone recommends) and you can even pick your own custom colors! Value: starts at $120.00 USD.

There you have it... everything you need to start the New Year on the right foot. Entering is super easy—just choose from any of the options below. Select multiple options to gain more entries and increase your chances of winning!


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Contest open worldwide to anyone 18 years of age or older. Void where prohibited by law. Entries close at midnight on January 10, 2016. Winner will be announced on January 11.

Win a fitness prize package, including heart rate monitor and handmade shoes!


  1. maria fleishman
    I need this!!!
  2. Lillian Muir
    This is awesome! Thank you for the opportunity, Soft Star!
  3. Marcee
    Prtty please ;)
  4. Kimm Nightingale
    Love to Run Amoc on my bike in the trails.
  5. michele
    Nice prize! I would love to win it
  6. Steven
    As TinyTim says, “God bless us, everyone.”

    May each day bring fulfillment of your wishes and hopes.
  7. Virginia Merlini
    I love the shoes!
  8. Corinne curtis
    Getting started on myself after single parenting young twins. So excited to have my body back. These would be so useful!
  9. Stephanie Silva
    Happy New Year!!
  10. Janina bloch
    Happy new year!
  11. Barb
    Love Softstar shoes.
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    Just started wearing your shoes this year!
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    Thank you.
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    nice design possibilities
  16. harvey
    nice design possibilities
  17. Sarah
    I'd love to try the Run Amocs! Soft Star are the only shoes we buy for our toddler.
  18. Virginia
    Great contest!
  19. Mole
    I need this too. But I don't need to give my information to some unknown Raffle Copter website that does not even put up a Privacy Policy. I don't need more spam.
  20. joleen Dudek
    what if you do not have twitter?
  21. teva
    The perfect way to run into the new year!
    i would really love this
  23. Jen efting
    Thank you! Your shoes are lovely
  24. Dina
    I tried to enter but it won't log me in.
  25. Bridget Lee
    What a Brill way to start the New Year!
  26. Cheryl
    I love my shoes! Would be great to own another!
  27. Rosalind Moller
    This is such a generous & welcomed prize.
    I love your shoes and great service.
  28. Amy Hahn
    I love your shoes!
  29. Piper
    Awesome giveaway!!!!!!!!1 :-)
  30. Andrew
    What Maria said!
  31. Megan Washut
    I don't have/do any of the social networking programs, but I have a son who wears only SoftStar shoes
  32. Sharon Katzenbach
    Sharon Katzenbach
    what great prizes! happy 2016!
  33. Niki
    Great gift to start the year off on the right foot!
  34. Cindy
    I love Soft Star Shoes! Your customer service is second to none, and your creations are beyond amazing! I would love to win this amazing prize!!!
  35. Wey McLeod
    A great way to start 2016!
  36. sagine damas
    I really wish i win, as this falls right into this year's resolution
  37. Ellie Zucchiatti
    2016 is a good time to finally get in shape.
  38. Bruce Murray
    Love the shoes
  39. Timothy Hatcher
    perfect prize to start the new year off right!
  40. Jacquelyn Ramsden
    Jacquelyn Ramsden
    What great prizes- sign me up and I hope I win!!!
  41. Justin
    Best fitness package ever!!!
  42. Julia
    Sounds like some useful items to try - especially as it's harder to find shoes that fit. Doubtless walking & running "barefoot" or at least grounding shoes would help improve my overall health.
  43. Wanda Tracey
    This is a very generous and thoughtful giveaway!! It is the one I would love to win! Thank you for sponsoring these amazing products.All my fingers are crossed.
    Happy New Year!!! :)
  44. Sherry Allebach
    My family loves soft star shoes!
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  46. Lee Reynolds
    Trying to train for a marathon and an ultra all in the same year with no experience.
  47. Mark heydon
    I think this prize will change my life!!
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    The shoes sound fantastic. I would surely love to win those.
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