Earth Day Giveaway: Celebrate Your Favorite Planet with Sustainable Goodies!

Earth Day Giveaway: Celebrate Your Favorite Planet with Sustainable Goodies!

Earth Day Giveaway: Celebrate Your Favorite Planet with Sustainable Goodies!

It's time again to celebrate our favorite planet!

Earth Day is April 22, and it's a good reminder that we only have one planet to use. Being a good citizen of the Earth has always been one of Soft Star's core values, and it's one our shoemaking elves readily embrace. We're proud to have a workplace that places a high value on sustainable practices and coworkers who are always coming up with new ideas to reduce our carbon footprint. Here are a few of the steps we take to make our shop sustainable:

  • Workplace Recycling: we have bins not only for common commingled items, but also materials that are harder to recycle such as metal, soft plastic and Styrofoam. Founder Elf Tim makes regular trips to dispose of these bins at our community recycling center.
  • Upcycled Leather: We carefully monitor our leather scrap output to make sure we're using as much of each hide as we can. The scraps we do produce end up in a trunk in our public showroom, where local customers can take them for craft projects free of charge. We also sell these scraps on our website for only the cost of shipping.


  • Sustainable Materials: We are careful to source non-toxic materials for our shoes, including leather colored with food-grade dye and non-toxic adhesives.
  • Green Energy: Our electricity is sourced entirely from sustainable energy sources, and solar panels on our roof offset our workshop's power usage.
  • Reusable Hand Towels: Elf Cindy turned fabric scraps into stylish hand towels to replace disposable paper towels in our bathroom, complete with a hamper so we can wash them after use.


  • Alternative Transportation: We give our staff incentives to commute to work by bike! 
  • Minimal Shipping: we use minimal packaging to reduce waste when shipping shoes. We also collect and reuse paper packing materials from a local bookstore for padding.
  • Compost: Elf Emily brings in buckets for food composting, which she takes home to her garden.



The Prize...

This Earth Day we're offering a special giveaway of sustainable goodies to one lucky winner. The prize basket includes a $50 Soft Star gift card you can use for our sustainably-made shoes, PLUS a reusable lunch container from Laptop Lunchables! This high-quality insulated carrier features a blue bento lunch box with several inner containers and a stainless fork and spoon set—made in the USA and contains NO lead, BPA, phthalates, or PVC ($47.97 value).


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Earth Day Giveaway: Celebrate Your Favorite Planet with Sustainable Goodies!


  1. Michelle Fifield
    Michelle Fifield
    Love these
  2. Michele
    Love the flower sandals!
  3. MaryJoan Higgins
    MaryJoan Higgins
    I love soft star shoes and the many ways you practice sustainability!

    Hope I'm lucky and win the gift card and bento box

    Keep up the great work!
  4. Sej Morrice
    All of my family loves Soft Stars! My children wear them every day, and we're often questioned about their awesome shoes.
  5. Corinne
    this is confusing. Am I supposed to post a comment to enter?
  6. Elf Martin
    Hi Corinne. No, you don't have to post a comment. All entries are made through the Rafflecopter widget above. If you are having trouble seeing it then you can try entering on this page:
  7. Georgette Hall
    Looks promisingyou guys are awesome
  8. phyllis stanley
    phyllis stanley
    can hardly wait to receive my very first pair of Soft Star shoes. Love the way you - in all ways - are so environmentally friendly.
  9. Granny P
    As a 69 year old late comer to berating and minimal shoes, I've recycled all my heels and replaced them with SoftStars. My feet thank you every day.
  10. Nancy
    Would absolutely love to win these awesome products!
  11. Anita Swift
    I love my Merry Janes (and other Soft Star shoes)!
  12. maria fleishman
    maria fleishman
    I would love another pair of mocs!
    We honour Earth Day year 'round- wear recycled clothing, buy local organic food, compost and use earth-friendly household products.
  13. Raymond Stone
    In it to WIN it! Thank You!
  14. Reeta Harrison
    Nice prize!
  15. Bella S.
    Love the beautiful work. These made a wonderful first pair of shoes for my baby!
  16. jane jakins
  17. Angela
    I love how green you guys are with the recycling, hand towels and composting! You're definitely one of my favorite companies. I just can't stay away from your site.

    Also, Thanks for all the awesome giveaways! I would absolutely love to win the $50 gift card because I have some shoes in mind for my next purchase but I could totally use the laptop lunch set as well. I have a laptop lunch case but don't have the containers yet. :)
    LOVE it
  19. Vicki Burton
    I'm impressed with your use of scraps. Very good idea. I hope someone got a bonus for that one.
    Love a good bento box!
  21. Geraldine
    Nice prize
  22. Sheryl Hesseltine
    Sheryl Hesseltine
    I think the bundle item most useful to me will be the natural remedies and the blogging without giving up your soul.
  23. kimberley cartwright
    kimberley cartwright
    I would like to have some leather scraps. I use leather in my fabric post cards. What can I do to get some?
  24. Elf Martin
    Hi Kimberley. You can purchase our leather scraps here for just the cost of shipping:
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