Blast From the Past: A Shoe for All Generations

Blast From the Past: A Shoe for All Generations

We were very excited this week to receive a special submission to our monthly fan photo drawing. Rhonda from Umatillo, Florida has a son who was raised in Soft Star shoes and he is soon expecting his first son... who already has his first pair of Soft Stars!

Rhonda is not only a long-time Soft Star customer and fan, but she actually still had her son's first pair of Soft Star Classics from 1986, and they still look great. Here's the photo she sent showing them alongside her soon-to-be grandson's first pair:

Blast From the Past: A Shoe for All Generations

Rhonda writes: "This is a picture of my son's first Soft Stars from 1986 beside his son's (due May 24th) new Soft Stars."

Click here to see our current selection of child Classic shoes!

The Classic was one of Tim's very first handcrafted shoe designs when he founded Soft Star in 1985, which means this shoe was bought in his first year of business! The design has barely changed over the past 30 years—really, the only changes has been tweaks to our sizing scale and the addition of new colors and motifs. It's still one of our most popular children's shoes today, which just goes to show that Tim did something right back in those old days of denim jackets and Rubik's cubes.

Like my grandpa used to say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

We hope the next generation enjoys them, too!

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