Introducing SUPER SWATCHES for Local Soft Star Customers

Introducing SUPER SWATCHES for Local Soft Star Customers

Introducing SUPER SWATCHES for Local Soft Star Customers

Customer service elf Dina has been hard at work on a new project for the showroom in our Corvallis, Oregon workshop.

As our company has grown, so has our product line and leather selection. When we were a smaller company, our leathers were divided into simply smooth or suede varieties. Now, however, we have thin suede for kids' shoes, thicker suede for adult shoes and our smooth leather comes in many grades for thickness, softness and durability that we label as Nova, Sublime, Plonge, Shiny, Lite and Vegetable-Tanned.

As you can imagine, that can be confusing when showing possible color swatches to a local customer. When you design your own shoe online, you only see the colors available for the style you are viewing, but people visiting our shop can quickly become befuddled when we try to explain which leathers can be used for the different parts of each shoe.

Dina to the rescue!

Our clever young elf took over an empty wall space and filled her slow afternoons at work developing what we've dubbed "Super Swatches." Dina created a clipboard for every DYO shoe we carry to display all the variable options for it as well as attached swatches of all the available leather colors for each part.


Super Swatch for our child sandals.

This was a huge task to take on, but as soon as the Super Swatches were completed we immediately noticed how much easier they made shopping for our local customers.

If you're ever in the Corvallis, Oregon area, we hope you'll swing by to meet us and have fun with Dina's Super Swatches yourself!

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