Soft Star Caption Contest – Win a Free DVD of Barefoot Running, the Movie!

Soft Star Caption Contest – Win a Free DVD of Barefoot Running, the Movie!

Caption Contest Photo


Do you have a great caption idea for this picture? If so, we want to hear it!

Submit your captions in the comments section below. We'll narrow it down to the few we like best and then let our viewers vote on their favorites. Whoever receives the most votes will win bragging rights and a free DVD copy of Barefoot Running, the Movie!


Barefoot Running Movie DVD Cover

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  • Only captions entered below will be eligible to win. Facebook submissions are not eligible due to Facebook's terms of use.
  • We must have your email address to contact the winner. This is only for the contest—we won't send spam or add your address to any list. Your email will not be visible to the public.
  • Please, no adult language. There are kids here!
  • We will collect caption submissions through Wednesday, October 3. On Thursday morning, October 4, we'll post our favorites and open the polls. Whichever caption has the most votes by Monday morning, October 8, will be the winner!


  1. Stephanie
    Don't look at me! Not only do these shoes feel better than regular shoes, they taste better too!
  2. Melissa
    Barefeetz shoez mean less nomz for meh.
  3. Molly
    You must REALLY love me...
  4. Alicia
    I only tasted this one, but I pooped in your crocs.
  5. Jesi
    WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT!?! The star's the best part!
  6. Dawn
    Honest Mom, there WAS and elf in there! I could smell him!
  7. ali
    i know, i know. but in my defense the star on the shoe looked exactly like my doggie treats.
  8. shane o'neill
    What? It's not like it is a real shoe.
  9. Alan Burton
    New improved - we've kept the sheepskin for warmth but with our new ventilation area at the top of the shoe your feet can breathe better than ever. Your feet will smell so fresh even your dog will love them!
  10. Jeff Gallup
    Seriously dude.. you know you should be running barefoot anyway...
  11. Emily
    I'm trying to protect your shoes. That cat is just to fast for me.
  12. Kelly Koschmeder
    Kelly Koschmeder
    You can really taste the high quality of the leather, the food grade dyes really make a difference. Oh, and don't worry, the elves at Soft Star can make a new moc to replace this one.
  13. Crystal
    I'm doing you a favor... Now you can get the new Moc3!
  14. tova
    Can you blame me for being jealous? You loved the shoes more than you love me!
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