Elves Seeing Stars

Elves Seeing Stars

Our leather cutting elves had some excitement last week when a new shipment arrived at the shop. Soft Star founder Tim was able to source some very decorative hides, and we are now happy to announce the addition of star leather to our selection.

Star leather consists of regular suede leather covered with small shiny or glossy stars. The two colors we have now added to our inventory are black suede with glossy white stars and cream suede with shiny gold stars. The black/white star leather is now available for all kids’ moccasins and adult RunAmocs. Cream/gold star leather, on the other hand, is a very thin grade that we feel is suitable only for for baby Buttercup moccasins, Original RunAmoc saddles and Dash RunAmoc sides.

Star Leather

One of the elves in the shop couldn’t resist designing a pair of RunAmoc Dashes using a combination of a shiny gold front, shiny platinum back and cream/gold star leather sides:

Star Leather Barefoot Shoe

We can’t wait to see the combinations you come up with!


  1. Nan Lee
    Very stylish!
    1. LiveBare
      Thanks Nan!
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