Earthing and Grounding Shoes

What is Grounding?

With the publication of the book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever, we have had many customers contacting us interested in shoes that allow conductivity with the Earth. The theory behind earthing, commonly called grounding, is that energy from the Earth is a vital part of a healthy life. Separation from the earth through synthetic materials such as rubber or vinyl can lead to a multitude of health problems, including chronic pain, fatigue, and poor sleep.

Since our products are made from natural materials, many people ask if we offer shoes that will provide the benefits of earthing. Softstar makes beautiful, all-leather shoes that will allow grounding after they have been worn enough to absorb moisture from the environment. We do not make shoes with copper grounding strips and are not experts in grounding, but many customers have been happy with our shoes for this purpose.

We have also had customers test our leather-soled shoes for conductivity and report that they did allow grounding—not as much as a bare foot or a copper-lugged shoe, but sufficient. The conductivity increased with wear, as the shoes absorbed more moisture over time. This applies to two kinds of soles we offer: the bullhide leather sole available as a Design-Your-Own option for our Dash RunAmocs, Original RunAmocs and the soft suede sole that comes standard on our cozy Roo moccasins.

Shop for Grounding Shoes

For a complete list of our shoes that offer grounding conductivity, please visit our grounding category page.

Please note that these shoes are not designed for clean room applications or laboratory environments that require electro-static discharge (ESD) straps.

Michael Sandler, bestselling author of Barefoot Running and Barefoot Walking, is a strong proponent of grounding and mentions our shoes in each of his books. He even helped us test and develop our leather sole option!

So what's Michael Sandler's favorite Softstar grounding shoe? A Dash RunAmoc with the bullhide leather sole. He features this style at his workshops and on his DVD, Barefoot Running, the Movie.