Adult Roo Moccasin - Suede Toast

Experience the original comfort shoe! For centuries, people have looked to the moccasin for natural, flexible, and functional fit, and our customers have found just that in our Roo mocs…for over 30 years! Better get your feet on the right side of history ;)

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Price $75.00
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We love innovation. But in some cases, the best way to move forward, is to take a step back. The Roo moccasin is footwear uninvented. Made with natural materials that are high in quality and few in number, these shoes are built to let you fully experience the world through which you move.

Toast brown suede uppers wrap your foot in rich, breathable leather. The traditional suede soles are flexible and soft, well-suited to both indoor and dry outdoor use. Suede is naturally durable and initially non-skid, wearing into a smoother, moisture-resistant surface over time. Don’t worry, you can always restore the soles’ non-skid properties by gently rubbing the sole with a wire brush!

Inside the shoe, luxurious sheepskin innersoles embrace your feet and keep them protected, dry, and oh-so-comfortable. Genuine sheepskin is nature's heat regulator—it keeps feet dry in the summer and cozy in the winter! Inner elastic hugs the ankle for a secure fit that’s easy on, easy off…that is, if you ever decide to take them off!

  • Genuine sheepskin innersoles keep feet dry in summer & warm in winter while providing comfort and cushioning
  • Indoor / dry outdoor shoe
  • Elastic ankle closure—easy on and off
  • Can be worn with or without socks
  • Handcrafted in USA from premium, responsibly-sourced leathers

Customer Reviews

My Happy Slippers! Review by Catherine
I love wearing these around the home. They really do make me smile when I put them on. All that gentle softness wrapping around my feet. The elastic closure around the leg is the perfect way to keep these on. It is loose enough not to be constricting but keeps them securely on. I had a problem with my first pair and a hole appeared where my big toe is in one shoe after just a few weeks. SSS was super and sent me a new pair with a reinforced toe area. It is just as comfortable as the first pair. They very kindly sent the replacement free of charge in case there had been a hidden defect in the material. Anyway, no holes in this pair. I'm delighted with them and with the great people I have spoken to at SSS. (Posted on 4/4/17)
Great for comfy feet Review by Diana
These Mocs are awesome. They fit well without binding your feet. I plan on ordering some for my husband! (Posted on 2/9/17)
chocolate moccasins and smooth moccasins Review by Gilbert
excellent choice. had to send one pair back due to elastic. no biggy was fixed n shipped no problems. love wearing my soft stars. wife really likes hers as well. first time on was a great feeling. comfy for sure. with weather we are having in ohio I can't wear as often as I would like. walked across stone driveways no issues, it softens the stones for sure. great purchase. someday I want to get the moc3. (Posted on 2/8/17)
Omg!! Review by Kai
So. I ordered a seven but the tag inside says six lol. But they fit like a glove and I'm so in love. Being as barefoot as possible is how I like to wear my shoes, I have to say, I've never had shoes so comfortable. I got off work and immediately put them on. They are lovely and I'll be buying more in different colors! Shout out to the elves for the love and care that went into my pair. (Posted on 1/31/17)
Awesome Slippers! Review by Kevin
Roo moccasins make great slippers! I've ordered a pair for myself and pairs for several other family members too. We all love them!

One minor complaint is that outdoor use easily stains the sole. I'd like to own a pair made with the bullhide sole which is available as an option on the RunAmoc Dash shoes. (Posted on 1/16/17)
I'm happy! Review by Jessie
I'm very happy with my Roo Moccasin, and not only because my granddaughter's nickname is Roo. I like them because they're soft and warm, and best of all they're *quiet*. Most slippers have hard plastic soles and make a lot of noise on my hardwood floors, but my Roo Mocs let me glide almost silently through my house. (Posted on 12/29/16)
excellent all-day slipper Review by Rose
As a Montessori teacher, I wear slippers all day indoors, on a concrete floor. I wanted a slipper that would stay on my foot, offer a bit of protection and cushion without cramping my feet. I really love the Roo Moccasin; it fills those wishes just right. and the Chocolate color is good for not showing too many stains. (Posted on 12/29/16)
Terrific grounding mocs Review by Mary
I tend to carry a lot of energy in my body which gives me terrific static shocks. They really hurt. Then I learned about grounding/ earthing. This has been such a blessing to me. Totally stopped the shocks as long as I have leather soles on. Winter is tough because with regular Mocs I get cold. With my Roos I stay nice & warm because of the sheepskin on the inside. They are very comfy like bare feet. Another thing I love is the elastic around the ankle instead of raw hide ties that always come undone. I wear them outside even in the snow. They do absorb dampness in the rain though. But they dry easy enough if I get caught outside. Thank you Elves. (Posted on 12/27/16)
fabulous Review by m
by far the best shoes i've ever had. wear them all the time. bought a second pair within two weeks to keep at work. can't wait to get out of my snow boots to put them on. (Posted on 12/19/16)
Great earthing/ grounding mocs Review by Cheri in Ct.
I love these Mocs. Great company. I ordered too big a size. I sent them back w/ an outline of my foot. They sent me back the perfect size. So soft & warm. I love that I don't have to mess around with laces that have to be tied every few minutes with regular Mocs, these have a elastic instead. I am into grounding. I get a lot of bad shocks that hurt, during the winter. No shock with these on. As soon as I put on another pair of shoes.... snap, I get shocked. I try to wear these as much as possible. I'm sure I'll be buying more. Thank you elves! (Posted on 12/12/16)
Love Review by Wildrivers
The moment I put these on I loved them. That is hard for me to do with anything, especially shoes. I usually wear a narrow but the regular width was perfect. These are so comfortable. I purchased them as house slippers but I am sure these will make it outside. They are just too comfortable to want to put soled shoes back on! (Posted on 12/12/16)
So Comfy! Review by Kim
I am loving these as do I enjoy all of the moccasins that I have gotten from Soft Shoes over the years. Thanks guys! (Posted on 12/5/16)
The One And Only Review by Stone
I love these. I've had them for about a month now. I'm wearing them in a slightly-cool house in New England in December. They're perfectly comfortable and wonderfully warm. In short, they're the one and only "slipper" I'll ever own. I'll just keep buying additional pairs, as needed. Thank you, elves! (Posted on 12/2/16)
High quality Review by Carolyn
I am very chemically sensitive, but have no problem at all with wearing these shoes barefoot, all day long. This tells me the cleanest, highest quality materials possible were sourced to make this product. Wish I had found your company years ago! (Posted on 11/17/16)
sooo comfy! Review by Alisa
I love these shoes! I use them for work, and my feet are so happy in their sheepskin coverings! Such a treat! (Posted on 11/15/16)
What I was looking for Review by Sluggo
I was looking for a comfortable, minimal shoe to wear around the house. These are working out great. At first I was concerned by the seams as they were uncomfortable to walk in but over a week or two they wore in and don't sit under my feet anymore. (Posted on 11/10/16)
Irritated my ankles Review by PS
Nicely made, but the elastic around the ankles is too tight. Would be nice if it were adjustable. Just not comfortable for me, returned them for RunAmocs.

Note from the Elves: Hi Peggy - thanks for your review! Please note we can make elastic bigger for you if you decide to try them again. (Posted on 11/6/16)
Excellent Review by JB
My son has a disability and has difficulty finding shoes to fit. The Moccasin is perfect for him, it is comfortable and flexible. Thanks!! (Posted on 10/4/16)
In love with them! Review by Joliev
Shoes can be a very complicated matter for me. I have juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) and I struggle with a lot of shoes, but these are amazing. Normally my feet swell up by the end of the day, but when I wore these they didn't. I had less pain when walking and I could move much faster in them.
At first I wasn't sure about the fit but I actually really like them. They work great as indoor slippers or walking shoes! It's amazing. (Posted on 5/20/16)
Excellent Review by Rw
Bought them as a gift for my wife and she loves them! I will be ordering a pair for myself soon. (Posted on 5/17/16)
So Comfortable! Review by Sbig
I love these shoes! I could feel the difference in the way I was walking right away. (Posted on 5/2/16)
Love 'em! Review by homesteadmama
Can't say enough about Soft Star! These are super comfortable. I wear them all over, on walks on dirt roads, light hikes in the woods, in the city. I love the feedback from the ground, my balance is better and heel pain from stiff winter shoes is dissolving slowly. My toes are in love! I have stayed dry in these on light rainy days too. Just don't stand in a puddle which I did today...yuck! (Posted on 4/30/16)
Best room shoes ever! Review by SN
I bought this pair of moccasin through the annual sale - and this is the world's most comfortable room shoes. I've tried Tempur-Pedic slippers, wool slippers, Moroccon slippers, etc but this is by far the best. They are warm but soft and keep your feet dry - so happy with the purchase! (Posted on 3/7/16)
No Chemical Smell Review by jenny
These are soft and warm, but breath very well. I have allergies to chemicals and I could wear them right away. It was nice to not have to leave these in the sun for a year first. I am struggling with the seams on the bottom, they are uncomfortable especially in bare feet. I feel the company could do a french covered seam instead? (Posted on 11/13/15)
They work! Review by Mamarivkah
I am so grateful for shoes that I can wear without fear of pain. I have fibromyalgia, lupus, and multiple chemical sensitivities; I have tried many different kinds of shoes; they all have made my feet worse as well as making me feel very sick. I was also in a serious car accident many years ago; my car was hit on the driver’s door by a car going 50 mph; the door had wedged my left foot in and I have been unable to stand anything over the top of my arch. I was concerned with the shape of the shoe and where it would rest on my foot. I am so glad to say that even though it rests exactly where the pain has been worst, I have no problem with these shoes! Thank you for using materials that are safer and for designing shoes that help rather than hurt! (Posted on 3/26/15)
Best with jeans! Review by Megi
I ordered this color combo as a custom last fall and it is the BEST combo for jeans. The mocs just kind of blend in with the bottom of your pants be they light or dark denim. Love them! (Posted on 3/12/13)

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