Wholesale information

Softstar does not offer wholesale or dropship services at this time.

Our desire to manufacture and source materials locally in the USA is what drives our direct-to-customer strategy. Our labor costs are 10-25x that of the average footwear manufacturer and our environmentally responsible material costs are 3-5x. The only way Softstar could participate in the wholesale market while locally sourcing our labor and materials would be to greatly increase our current prices. As devoted shoemakers, we do not want to make shoes that we ourselves could never afford. In order to offer reasonable retail prices, Softstar shoes are only sold directly from our workshop via our webstore or in our local showroom. We also enjoy working directly with our customers so we can continue to offer our high standards of customer service and customization.

Happily for us, Softstar is not just about a bottom line—it is our lives' work and as such we want it to embody our values. When we looked at exporting our manufacturing or using cheaper materials, we saw how it would compromise our values by participating in markets which exploit workforces, ignore cultures, degrade environments and spiral increases in inequality. We are proud to handcraft a product that is rooted in fair trade and green initiatives. Read more information on our core values and the people behind our workshop.